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  1. Any sound quality reviews yet?
  2. 1000% That's just straight BS. Hey man, Pony Express was a great band, you should be grateful.
  3. New Stuff in the DW Estore

    At least listen to the new one, it's one of the best things to happen this year.
  4. I initially was in the same ballpark as you guys when I first saw it, but he later added a note to each saying exactly where the money goes. In this case to TWDY recording a new album, other cases it goes to a named charity, etc. So whatever.
  5. So.... since people have confirmed that they've received notifications for orders in the second batch one of three things has happened: They're preloading shipping, but nothing has actually shipped or will ship until early 2018 (possible, but unlikely that they'd do it this early, the shipping labels do expire if you don't use them) There are a few lucky people who ordered in the second batch but are getting from the the first batch because of overrun/cancelled orders/etc Sandbag has already screwed the pooch. EDIT: I should add, I ordered in the first batch and have not received any notification of shipping.
  6. Picture of the old pressing? Why?
  7. Those of you that ordered the "Second" batch and have now received notification, did you order the first day the second batch went up? If so it could definitely be that there are a few people at the beginning of the line lucky enough to grab a few leftovers of cancelled orders/overrun/etc from the first batch. But I'm just playing devil's advocate, I was on the NIN/Sandbag journey too :|
  8. The Walking Dead

    I am, only one episode behind. Not sure what everyone is whinging about, this season is leaps and bounds better than it has been. It felt like it might loose steam for a minute there but I'm still digging it.
  9. They talked about that? I'd be so down.
  10. Small bump, two things: This song is fucking amazing: In a recent podcast Daveed dropped that clipping. is working on a HORROR THEMED ALBUM. Beyond stoked. oh, and this song came out recently too, probably the most harsh noise they've done so far for those yearning for the Midcity sound:
  11. Recent purchases

    Nice! How much? I've been keeping an eye out for that for a long time
  12. Amazon OOS Waiting....

    Yeah I've received stuff after a year. Since it doesn't charge you until it ships I usually just leave it to Amazon to cancel unless I end up picking it up elsewhere. I think I had one that was waiting for three years before Amazon cancelled it themselves.
  13. PO SOON : Rosetta - UTOPIOID

    Hoping it lasts till friday, I dig the variant with the cover.
  14. There are tons of pressings like that, "First whatever amount hand numbered". It's not an unusual thing to not number the whole pressing.