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  1. That's quite a steal, it's a very impressive package, and the D side is exclusive to the vinyl.
  2. They posted the video on the NIN Facebook (don't read the comments...) Made me really excited for more music from them.
  3. It's been 19 days (June 7th) since I opened my ticket. Took until June 19th to tell me it'd take 7 days to receive my refund. That was today, no refund. I reached out and was nearly instantly replied to... and told to wait another 10 business days. So now I've tweeted at NIN/Trent since that worked for the other dude :| I don't even want a full refund, just the extra shipping charges refunded.
  4. https://neckofthewoods.bandcamp.com/ $10 CAD before shipping, so like $7.50 US. Rad hardcore/metal EP from some Vancouver dudes. https://neckofthewoods.bandcamp.com/track/i-know-where-ill-bury-you
  5. Mine's a $400 order, and I work for a internet retailer as well I definitely ensure we reply in much less than 24 hours, but regardless 24 hours is no where outside of the norm. More than 48 hours? Sure.
  6. 24 hours isn't anything to get uptight about, but they are slow. I've been back and forth regarding my order for almost two weeks now.
  7. That's entirely on Translation Loss Records, a month or so ago I did get them to say that it's still being worked on, but no additional information.
  8. Going to see Converge on Thursday, hoping he'll have some WYW vinyl as I still haven't picked anything up. Let me know if you're looking for something Bannon related, no idea what they'll have with them.
  9. pop ≠ bad No genre or influence is automatically a bad thing, regardless of where a band came from. Well crafted music is genre-less and doesn't give a shit what you sounded like 10 years ago.
  10. I seriously have no idea what goes on in your head that you decide things sound the way you think they do. It's baffling.
  11. I'm not sure what you're implying sir.