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  1. Because you clearly don't like them. There is a huge fan base of people who unironically enjoy their output, you not understanding that does not make the hype less real.
  2. Er, no. The repress has nothing to do with it. People were hyped before they even knew a repress of DDs was coming. Gorillaz gets played all over the radio (at least in the cities I visit). People who like Gorillaz did not forget about them, it sounds like you simply don't like Gorillaz. I also find the comments saying that this isn't a departure odd. While obviously there have been changes from album to album, I find that the first three albums do have a very recognizable thread throughout. I did not feel like Plastic Beach was a huge departure, and was not disappointed by it at all. This feels like a huge departure, which is fine, it's just not for me. A lot of people ARE into it and that's cool.
  3. Not sure who this is directed at, but I'd agree that if you're going to get one 10" release this is the one you should get. It's a spectacular package.
  4. Forgot about those! I have the box and each of the 9" that were released, I wish he had continued putting out one or two per album.
  5. I have more than I thought: Alexisonfire - Math Sheets Demo Animosity & Drumcorps ‎– Altered Beast Birds In Row/WAITC Split Burial X Zomby ‎– Sweetz Comeback Kid ‎– Rain City Sessions +1 The Dillinger Escape Plan ‎– Under The Running Board The Glitch Mob - We Can Make The World Stop The Glitch Mob - Piece of the Indestructible How To Destroy Angels - S/T iwrestledabearonce - S/T Mestis ‎– Basal Ganglia (Picture Disc) Neverending White Lights ‎– The Grace Queens Of The Stone Age ‎– Era Vulgaris (3x10") Teargas & Plateglass ‎– Plague Burial / Simplify This Landscape With Darkness Teargas & Plateglass ‎– One Day Across The Valley / Behold A Sea Of Ills So Vast Thrice ‎– The Alchemy Index (4x10") VonBones ‎– It's Only A Flesh Wound (Lathe) Scream For Help! Comp (2x10")
  6. https://www.facebook.com/TranslationLossRecords/posts/1493746544029601?comment_id=1493768927360696 Confirmation that this is NOT dead yet... still no info though.
  7. (sometimes, when they want a single ahead of the album, they fully master one song ahead of mastering the rest of the album)
  8. If anyone is seriously considering this garbage just get Records On Walls instead for a fraction of the price. It won't warp your records by cooking them in a plastic glasshouse either. http://www.recordsonwalls.com/ My local record store ordered in a bunch when I asked about it so I didn't even have to order online, saved a bunch on postage.
  9. Yeah, this is the deluxe https://www.amazon.com/Like-Clockwork-Limited-Deluxe-2xLP/dp/B00C9U9YLA/ref=tmm_vnl_title_1?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=
  10. Damn it! I almost bought it yesterday, they still had two
  11. Let me know, I'm thinking about grabbing it too.
  12. It's wasn't nearly as bad as everyone was making out to be. If you go in not expecting an action movie it's decent. Saying this film was whitewashed is questionable in this case (I'd normally agree), most of the people who I talk to who were fans of the source materials didn't feel that it was.