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  1. Record Store Day 2018

    Damn it I want that UK pressing of the Sucker Punch soundtrack, it's actually a pretty rad soundtrack.
  2. Burial/The Bug - Flame 1

    It's The Bug's. My question was more that since apparently the "artist" is called 'Flame 1', are we going to see more of The Bug + Burial working together? Or perhaps maybe Flame 1 will be The Bug + Whoever as him home base for the collabs he does?
  3. Burial/The Bug - Flame 1

    Wait, so Flame 1 is the name of a project consisting of Burial and The Bug?
  4. Interested Not interested Okay interested again. Posting to remind me to check these guys out.
  5. Mostly, though some portable devices have general storage setups that can impact playback. For instance, some of the older iPhones you could make play FLAC, but due to how it dealt with files it didn't recognize as audio files it sounded like shit.
  6. I ran a similar test myself years ago with shitty earbuds, I could tell the difference in some instances dropping from 256 to 192, and in nearly all cases to 128. I decided at that time that my go-to bitrate would be V1. Since getting better equipment and larger hardrives I just upped it to 320. I haven't done a doubleblind test myself since, but I do think I can tell the difference between running 320 mp3s off my iPhone with a USB cable vs a CD (in the same playback device/speaker setup). I could be biasing for sure. And people forget that bitrate is only one of a plethora of factors that would impact your playback quality. From a dozen factors of where the audio was sourced from, how it was mastered, and how it was ripped, to how it's digitally stored and recalled, the hardware on the storage device, the hardware on the playback device, the grounding of all of these things, to the speakers themselves.
  7. Record Store Day 2018

    ICP are bad, Disturbed are bad and you should feel bad for liking them. That's the difference Faces as picture discs. I'd buy that porno album if it was a picture disc of Ron Jeremy's dick.
  8. Just paid way too much money to grab the Gold LP shirt bundle and Untitled, but whatever these guys are spectacular.
  9. The Walking Dead