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  1. Does Lakeshore not have a storefront? What's the best place to buy their releases?
  2. wasn't the box supposed to be hand poured?
  3. Did you? If so, kudos.
  4. Love the cover! This one is good, but I'm waiting for San Junipero.
  5. Yo, my bad, got imperial versus metric mixed up, haha. Still, yeah, $21-22.
  6. Er, no. Use the USPS calculator to check it out, $13.50 for a standard LP shipped to Germany from the US. US prices are better than most other countries.
  7. I was asking around about this too, can't get an answer. The website that was up even for Black Friday RSD is has been taken down and the Facebook page is silent... Dine Alone (AoF) releases have never been 'RSD Official', but ask your store to order some and I'm sure they can.
  8. Probably in for Gil Mellé - The Andromeda Strain OST and a couple of 7"s. That soundtrack is impossible to find for a reasonable price, and it's wicked that they're redoing it properly with the hexagon and foldout packaging.
  9. Already confirmed they're working on another album (no timeline), but the live lineup has never had any bearing on studio albums and I'd assume that trend continues since he just announced NIN = Trent & Atticus with the release of the EP.
  10. Can anyone hook this Canuck up with a pick copy? Been meaning to grab this and I have a soft spot for pink vinyl!
  11. :| Want, but not as a picture disc. Yes! I'm looking forward to both of these, but this is some of Mansell's best work.
  12. Alright, so let's say your store buys more White Snake albums than it can sell, and years later 90% of the copies are in their bargain bin. Who's fault is it? Your store's fault or White Snakes fault? Distributor pressures and RSD hype aside, the store ultimately decides what to stock. If they make a poor choice that's on them. There are plenty of stores near me that have decided that they're not on the RSD train anymore. There used to be a time where you could pull as many RSD titles as you could into stock and the vast majority will sell the same day. Not so any more. As such many stores have limited what they stock from RSD, or don't bother with getting any. Know your demographic, know what the locals will buy at what price and what they won't. That's on the store to know, if they get it wrong it's no ones fault but their own.
  13. So go talk to the store owners about how to manage their inventory I'm definitely not pro-RSD, but you point has nothing to do with RSD.
  14. It'll go hand in hand.
  15. LOVE the film, but the soundtrack is nothing special. May pick it up some day if I find it for cheap.