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  1. Vaporwave Vinyl Releases & Info

    Saw the bump. Was expecting another group buy. Kinda disappointed.
  2. I really wished that Horizons tour came through the states. I haven't gotten into anything since that album. It's just been a generic, downward spiral after that album.
  3. Vaporwave Vinyl Releases & Info

    One of my favorite albums... Love Potion - XXX
  4. Been meaning to get around to posting this. My Vow collection. Only thing missing is a TP of the 7", which the band members have but understandably aren't willing to sell.
  5. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    I just got shipping notification yesterday.
  6. Got the HD6XX in from Massdrop. I will be pretty much only using it with my computer and wanted to give it a shot without buying an amp and dac. Definitely lacking the punch I was expecting. Ordered a Schiit Magni 3 and Modi 2. Excited to hear what these sound like when they're properly powered.
  7. First Sianvar, now this? Christmas came early this year.