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  1. A Cosmic Gift - Kombu Tuxedo Funeral for a Friend - The Young and Defenceless Let me know if you're looking to sell! Thanks!
  2. New album from Outrun the Sunlight. Definitely a change of pace from their last album. 150 - 180g Clear/Red Splatter 150- 180g Black
  3. Updated with a couple new things I'm looking for.
  4. Oh Hiroshima - In Silence We Yearn God is an Astronaut - The End of the Beginning God is an Astronaut - All is Violent, All is Bright God is an Astronaut - S/T God is an Astronaut - Origins God is an Astronaut - Helios / Erebus God is an Astronaut - A Moment of Stillness Still trying to find Far From Refuge and Age of the Fifth Sun for a reasonable price.
  5. I'm going to preface this by saying that the pre-order is $34.95... (Edit: $34.95 AUD...) Links to buy: Official Store JB Hi-Fi Sanity 180g black LP with colour-printed inner lyric sleeve Ten years into a stellar and storied career that started with their exceptional debut EP, Dead Letter Circus unveil The Endless Mile album - an eleven-track LP that features alternative-universe versions of that 6-track debut EP, as well as a selection of re-imagined tracks from two of their LPs - This is the Warning and Aesthesis. Vinyl tracklisting: Side A 1. The Mile 2. Lines 3. Disconnect and Apply 4. Are We Closer 5. This Life Awake 6. Alien Side B 7. Here We Divide 8. The Space On The Wall 9. While You Wait 10. Silence 11. One Step One Step (Re-imagined)
  6. Now looking for "A Cosmic Gift - Kombu Tuxedo" lathe cut. Will spend a fair amount for this, just not the current asking prices on Discogs.
  7. It's showing as $44.98 for me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Discogs
  9. If I remember correctly, the very end of side B and side C had LOTS of surface noise and pops, and that's after I cleaned it with my record doctor.
  10. Just so everyone knows, this new press sounds absolutely Wavering Radi...
  11. Tug logic at it's finest...
  12. I got shipping notification as well. Ordered from Hydra Head.
  14. Did these go up anywhere else besides Banquet? I couldn't find any other place carrying them. (Mostly curious at this point, since my order from Banquet shipped on the 9th.)
  15. I want this since it was remastered, but I have the 2009 Ipecac pressing on black which sounds just fine to me. Is this going to sound that much better to justify buying a second copy?
  16. I got that message too when I went to check out, and it removed it from my cart. Then I re-added it to my cart, and checked out. Maybe just refresh and try again?
  17. In case anyone was wondering, minimum buy in for this is $300. I figured I would inquire. Got a good laugh out of it at least.