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  1. The Third Man Records Thread

    That’s true. My bad. I can’t always have the right logic! Silly me! Gonna go try an be better at life now. Cheers!
  2. The Third Man Records Thread

    Upset? Yea I guess a little. Really over the principle of it more than anything. I honestly DONT CARE about the variant. And obviously living in Oklahoma I know I’m not EVER going to drive to fucking Detroit for any record release. But do those two facts eliminate me from feeling a tinge of anger at the fact that people are trying to sell 7” of wax with two songs for $175-$300? I think not
  3. The Third Man Records Thread

    Here you go everybody! For those of us who dont live near Detroit and didnt get a chance to pickup the tri-color of the new 7", discogs already has a few for sale for only a minimum of $175! What a steal!!!!!

    Yes! @wiretap tell Corey to make this happen!!!!
  5. Record Store Day 2018

    So many people are going to attack you on the basis of this sentence lol There's no official list yet for RSD. Parts of the list dont normally leak until March or so. And official list is like a few weeks before I think. So still a good amount of time before anything either unofficial or official. As for what we know now, seems Car Seat Headrest is releasing the 2011 version of Twin Fantasy on RSD..
  6. Love this. Really stoked for the album. Noticed yesterday the closing track is the title track...hoping for the most epic SF song ever there.
  7. The Third Man Records Thread

    Agreed. 'Connected' is definitely a grower for me. 'Respect' was out of left field and I loved it..almost Ty Segall-esque?
  8. Sweet. Assuming this will be a fairly large release, may wait to pick up at my local shop.
  9. WTB : The Swellers - My Everest


    Also, hoping Target starts stocking records too. I live in a smaller town east of OKC and the Walmart here stocks vinyl, so c'mon Target - its 2018! Join the REVOLUTION bahahaha

    Same. Hoping Target begins to do more exclusives like this. So many artist already do CD exclusives with them..
  12. PO Now:NSYNC-S/T

    Dummmmmmmmmmmmmmb. U S A ! U S A!.....jk obviously this country is trash and even most US pressings stink compared to EU ones. But hey! at least we'll always look back at this album cover and be proud that our art rules more than Europe's...