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  1. Enjoyed La Dee Da. Had a very different FF feel that I couldn't put my finger on, but liked it.
  2. Never paid $60 for something faster in my life. Great Vault package. Since everything is being pressed at Third Man in Detroit does that mean this will be shipping on-time without delays lol Screw United Pressing!
  3. Saw this on twitter yesterday evening. Seems New Radical's Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too album is getting pressed. According to the Amazon pre-order link below, pressing is 2xLP on Translucent Gold - Out Aug 4th : Kinda on the fence about this. But will probably cave and grab it.
  4. What about all the exclusive band webstore variants? Has anyone seen an update about these?
  5. Are these still available?
  6. This times 1 bazilliontrillionquintillion%%%%%%%%%%%% Such a good soundtrack for my favorite movie of the early 2000s..
  7. Sweet. It will only let me add 106 to my cart. So that seems to be whats left.
  8. $40?! Jesus
  9. Damn it! Yes. Yes it is.
  10. I feel ya, just didnt want anyone getting the wrong impression.
  11. To be completely honest. I didn't mean it as a joke. I was sitting there reading his post and thinking back to other posts and everyone who would jump all over him, and thought - "why is this dude the way he is" and looked up those behaviors and thought - "holy shit".