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  1. PO: Foo Fighters - Concrete And Gold

    I got a new foo logo sticker
  2. PO: Foo Fighters - Concrete And Gold

    Vinyl hasn't shown up yet, but downloaded the digital version and listened this morning. Here's my thoughts: As previously mentioned by anyone and everyone, this is definitely a very different album from Dave & Co. But that's to be expected when picking the producer they did. There will always be some type of differing opinions, ideas, philosophies, even as small at they may be. I agree with the statements about the Beatlesque feel to several songs. But would like to add another influence I hear: Led Zeppelin. A fair amount of the album has this Led Zeppelin III feel to it. Even shades of their later stuff especially in La Dee Da. I think I felt so reserved and initially off-put by this sound because I was having trouble connecting it to the band I heard on 2011's Wasting Light. I felt the band had reverted to such a young and raw sound with that album. So to now, only 6 years later (and 6 years older) transition to such a mature, albeit eloquent sound, seemed rather hasty. Yet for what it's worth - I like it.
  3. PO: Foo Fighters - Concrete And Gold

    Same. UPS MyChoice shows it scheduled to be at my house by tomorrow..
  4. The Weezer Thread

    Yep. Lacks anything melodically. At least the other two singles I was able to find at least ONE THING i enjoyed...
  5. Sorry this is actually the ole Vanilla Ice ripoff rule. Mean Girls beat has an extra bass hit on the & of 4 that Swifts beat doesnt. Lol
  6. Favourite High-Quality Re-Releases?

    Anything by Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs - especially the MOFI version of Weezer's - Pinkerton (1997). That album sounds so raw and crisp on that press.
  7. WTB : The Swellers - My Everest

  8. PO NOW : PARAMORE - After Laughter

    Ordered pink - got pink. Sorry to those who didnt get what they ordered. Any word from the bands webstore about replacements?
  9. PO NOW : PARAMORE - After Laughter

    I ordered one pink...maybe I'll get TEAL!! Mwuahahahahahahaha jk jk jk
  10. Mine came yesterday. Warped to crap. Going to email and hope I can get a replacement, warped didn't effect playback surprisingly.
  11. Ooooooookkkkaaaaay. That is strange. I got shipping confirmation email Thursday of last week and UPS app shows my package will be here tomorrow or next day. Already is in transit from Cali.....hope they actually sent me the right record
  12. The Weezer Thread

    Good stuff here. Fully agree that although I didn't like "Feels Like Summer" at all, "Mexican Fender" had some likable qualities that hopefully will make it similar to how I felt about TGFG once the entire White Album dropped - a brief detour from the overall albums feel sonically. That said, I'm not encouraged considering we already have two singles that I'm not crazy about. At least when DYWGH was released it gave me a lot of faith.
  13. The Weezer Thread

    Bahaha. SAME. I own almost every variant of every release of theirs except that album. Hopefully, Rivers didnt completely abandon everything that made the White album so good. We can only hope
  14. The Weezer Thread

    If this is garbage and hot garbage....what did you think of everything off Raditude?? Lol
  15. Pre-ordered with swiftness! Been following Nick & Jono since the Swellers broke-up. I dig Jono's project Baggage, but just missed Nick's voice more. So when I heard about The Apology Tour had to jump on it. Also go the lathe cut with their two singles that will hopefully come in soon