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  1. ethanpricington

    The Weezer Thread

    As whole albums, this is still true. But true fans know there are obviously so many song(s) from the later albums (sans-Raditude) that are great. Plus White album is legitimately right behind Pinkerton & Blue for me. Totes understand bruh. Them Yuhtub vid notes are the wooooooooorst. Ami right?!
  2. ethanpricington

    The Weezer Thread

    When a band covers another bands song, and then makes the artwork mimic the style and aesthetic of the original bands artwork, then yes....at that point you can definitely have an expectation as to what the song will sound like...considering its already a song and all..
  3. ethanpricington

    The Weezer Thread

  4. ethanpricington

    FS: Collection Purge

    Hey guys, Going through a bit of financial rough times right now, so selling off a pretty good amount of my collection via my discogs stores (see below link). Message me before you buy that you're from VC and I'll knock off 10%. Thanks for the help! A lot more will be added over the next few days as well. https://www.discogs.com/seller/atomicrecordshop/profile
  5. ethanpricington

    The Official 'Vinyl Me, Please' thread.

    *takes a deep breath* We all live in the Opinionated Renaissance: 'How dare you make a statement I don't agree with!' - 'How dare you not agree with my statement, for my opinion is the correct one' - 'How dare you assume I don't agree with your opinion just because of my comment! You twist my words!' Its all mute. Its all menial. There's no superior credibility given to anyone. Its all subjective. Its all relative. If someone expects something (a gatefold) and is not satisfied, then whether that's upsetting is really dependent on that person and their expectations. If you personally don't expect the gatefold, then of course you're not upset when there's no gatefold. But does your lack of expectation of a gatefold make someone else's expectation of it less credible? I would think not. Here's a famous saying by a profound philospher that I always rely on in these difficult times: "Don't ever, for any reason, do anything, to anyone, for any reason, ever, no matter what, no matter where, or who, or who you are with, or where you are going, or where you've been, ever, for any reason whatsoever." K. bye.
  6. ethanpricington

    PO Now:NSYNC-S/T

    Same. Looks and sounds great. I really want those UO Exclusives....but I know how much UO loves a good old CD sourcing press. I want that US Release s/t cover tho
  7. ethanpricington

    PO Now:NSYNC-S/T

    Same. Hoping it arrives in one piece
  8. ethanpricington

    The Official 'Vinyl Me, Please' thread.

    Jus got this email from VMP to try and guess Mays AOTM:
  9. ethanpricington

    PO Now! Underoath - “Erase Me” (Out April 6th)

    With the 20% off promo code as well as free ship to store option - this ended up being $17. Not bad.
  10. Substream posted update on the SN scandal: https://substreammagazine.com/2018/04/sorority-noise-cancel-u-k-tour-following-sexual-assault-allegations/ Looks like a past girlfriend talks about her relationship with Cam and how he was emotional abusive. Also documents how SN guitarist Adam tried to get her to take down a comment to Cams statement. My thoughts: Rape is a criminal offense. Its very serious and anyone who does it should face the consequences. Also, Cam seems to have some major issues with control within relationships. Heck as a husband, I have to work on never trying to belittle my wife. Its a fine line, and some of the stuff in this article makes you wonder how men in the society view their relationships/women in general. Very unfortunate for all in involved, especially the victims.
  11. ethanpricington

    PO Now! Underoath - “Erase Me” (Out April 6th)

    Just finished the 'making of' doc. Few notes: 1) As previously mentioned - Grant & James not there. No creative input whatsoever. As well as not even them playing on the record. That just seems....very...odd. I don't understand how they're cool with this? It almost makes you wonder how on-board they were with Matt producing and the direction the other 4 wanted to take. 2) A constantly repeated line throughout is the fact that them making heavy music would have sounded stale. That making even one song that sounded like DTGL or LITSOS would've been weak and no one would like it. This depresses me. I would've loved to hear at least 2-3 songs that were heavier, riffed out and a couple decent breakdowns. That with the other 9 songs that explore/experiment would've done it for me. I'd been satisfied for sure. Dan from The Wonder Years (who've been evolving/maturing on each respective album ) said it best in an interview recently: "As music fans, we know what it feels like when a band leaves us behind. I remember hearing records when I was younger and saying 'wow, what happened to the band that I liked?' But I also remember what it felt like to get a record and be like 'Damn, this is just the last record they made all over again!' I think because we’ve taken those incremental steps and moved forward thoughtfully with each release, this feels like a natural move for us to make." At the end of the day, I'm done with this whole convo about the album. It is what it is. Decent rock album. And pretty good when not taken in any kind of sonic context.
  12. ethanpricington

    The Wonder Years - Sister Cities

    Too many people caught up with an Underoath record in 2018 I guess. As for this album? As previously previously mentioned. Absolute masterpiece. My favorite so far. Can't wait to get the booklet/vinyl this afternoon
  13. ethanpricington

    PO Now! Underoath - “Erase Me” (Out April 6th)

    I think the emphasis here should be on “sounding”. Very produced “hard rock” I.e. Skillet. Think this is what was meant ??
  14. ethanpricington

    PO Now! Underoath - “Erase Me” (Out April 6th)

    Exactly. One thing those bands don't have though? MAJOR mainstream success....makes you wonder about the intentions/motivations behind "Erase Me".