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  1. That stinks. Did you trim them? I only ask bcuz i had to trim my MoFi sleeves on the top to get them into the special box edition booklet that houses the records.
  2. But the question is: is this an SRC release or a global, indie exclusive, etc. ?? I'm done with SRC if theyre pressing'll be Summer 2018 b4 we get it if so..
  3. Same. Was super busy today at work and didn't get to check the boards at lunch as I usually do. Fortunately MN still had LN up, so snagged one. Hoping this ships next week considering they have them in hand..
  4. New song/video jus released. Really digging it. Love all three singles so far.
  5. TBS posted couple videos of them "testing" the exclusive variants of Self-Titled & Louder Now (above). Caption says they'll be available on tour and online next week
  6. So I work in the resource supply chain dept of the company I work for. There are a handful of vendors that we order material from that have long lead times. That said, when ordering the material we usually try and communicate OUR DESIRED need-by date, yet more than likely the vendor will then communicate upon receipt of order, that the desired need-by will not be met and then provide with an estimated ship date based upon their current demand. So does SRC simply throw out their DESIRED need by date? Not even taking into account current lead time at the pressing plant(s)? And doesn't the pressing plant let them know upon receipt of order what their current backlog is with estimated ship dates? Or is the whole damn system screwed and no one communicates anything anymore, jus turns in record order and "hopes for the best!"
  7. I love @tug
  8. Enjoyed La Dee Da. Had a very different FF feel that I couldn't put my finger on, but liked it.
  9. Never paid $60 for something faster in my life. Great Vault package. Since everything is being pressed at Third Man in Detroit does that mean this will be shipping on-time without delays lol Screw United Pressing!
  10. Saw this on twitter yesterday evening. Seems New Radical's Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too album is getting pressed. According to the Amazon pre-order link below, pressing is 2xLP on Translucent Gold - Out Aug 4th : Kinda on the fence about this. But will probably cave and grab it.
  11. What about all the exclusive band webstore variants? Has anyone seen an update about these?
  12. Are these still available?