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  1. @jhulud Accidentally posted in Everything Else Board instead of Vinyl Collective Message Board. Can a mod move it pretty plz? If so, thx in advance.
  2. I'm a little worried as well based on this. Not that it's terrible, but just somewhat worried. That said, if their last album is indicative at all of this one, there should be quite a variety of sound/styles mixed throughout the tracks. Even s/t had upbeat poppy/pop-rock tunes (ex. Fast In My Car, Still Into You) along with some acoustic numbers (see all the Interludes) as well as typical Paramore burners (Now, Proof, Part II) Not to mention a great closer in Future. So I'm still holding out hope
  3. Wait is over on new Paramore album announcement/details: After Laughter out May 12th digitally and CD. Pre-order here: Nothing yet about vinyl/deluxe version/exclusive buncles/etc. Also here's video for new single Hard Times:
  4. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand ur point???? Lol Seems they were going for 70s hippie country style to me..
  5. BTW the last time I think I listened to this entire album all the way through was in 03. Had it downloaded off the CD onto my Xbox Hardrive. Pretty sure I listened to it non-stop while playing NFL Street... Those were the days man
  6. x1Billion Super stoked for Page Avenue tho! At least SRC puts out a quality pressing
  7. Looking to get the 10th Anniversary pressing of Cartel's Chroma on White 2XLP. Hit me up if anyone has a copy they're willing to let go. Gracias!
  8. Fews things I'm interested in (Marcy Playground, Thrice 7", Space Jam, Coheed, SRV) but in reality just going to see what the price will be (which obviously I can assume will be stupid) so I'll probably end up just getting Marcy, Space Jam and Coheed and picking up the new Ty Segall album SIDE NOTE: I live in freaking Oklahoma, and the shop I normally go to, although in a big University town, is never that packed for RSD. Usually can get there about 9am (hour before opening) and be like 20th in line.
  9. Lucky. Mine's not showing up until Tuesdee
  10. Also I feel obligated to inform everyone that it is in fact radio-mainstream-pop. Wouldn't even throw in the word "rock" to describe this at all. "Jacked Up" was easily my least fav cut off the White album, for the simply fact that it sounded very poppy. But, at least for a short time, in that track, I heard some guitar and a lil-weezeresque sound. But this? nothing like the Weezer I love.. I mean my wife couldn't even recognize who this was when I played it. She said "at first I thought it was Weezer but then I was like no way this is them." Well, think again!! :/
  11. I see what you did there. Yea they've really built quite the music kingdom for themselves..
  12. Countdown to the official list starts now gents!
  13. Is this some type of SRC praise ?! You better be careful man, some around here don't like your kind!