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  1. Thank you! I'm glad I wasn't the only one.
  2. Saw this earlier, Project Essential 2 for £149. UK only but if it encourages just one person to avoid a Crosley then I'm happy: http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/pro-ject-essential-2-turntable-149-richersounds-vip-only-store-telesales-only-2669488
  3. I can't imagine it would be that difficult to sort, but then I don't know anything about creating websites so maybe I'm wrong. I think I'll just take to posting empty quote boxes when it happens. Maybe that will make someone sort it out.
  4. Sorry, stupid quote boxes! Thanks for the info, got my order in on Amazon.com but will keep an eye out for anything in the EU.
  5. Awesome, thank you! Managed to cancel my order with Sumerian via email and have put in a new order via the Periphery store as the shipping is cheaper (and I much prefer their variant). Happy days! Edit: also, why are people saying it's a single LP when the mock ups clearly show it as a 2 LP? Have I missed something somewhere?
  6. I'm still getting this issue on Chrome via Android as well. It honestly impacts on me commenting around here as much because half the time I simply can't get rid of the quote box. I used to chat around here a fair amount before the site upgrade, and then the quote box issue happened and I stopped bothering...
  7. Ordered with $23 just for shipping, but I refuse to miss this one. Feel like I'll be kicking myself in six weeks when they announce a standard black at every Amazon store!
  8. Yes!! At last!! Edit: $23 for shipping to the UK. Wtf!
  9. Yeah having just looked, it's $24 shipped to the UK. I'll hold out for some UK stock, or AMAZON USA to get it in or something.
  10. Yes!!! Finally! I was literally wondering this week if it would ever be pressed. Definitely in for this.
  11. Oh I'm so in for Silent Hill, at last! Still waiting on Super Castlevania IV as well though.
  12. Oh baby! http://nintendowire.com/news/2017/04/06/zelda-symphony-goddesses-finally-getting-cd-release/
  13. That was my concern also, I really happy the overall package and pressing quality continues to be of the same standard at least! I do feel like there's been a heavy push to reissue the entire PT catalogue lately, maybe Deadwing is on the horizon at last...