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  1. This album is really filling the Swellers/Pentimento void that has been in my life for quite some time now.
  2. Albums you once wrote off

    MewithoutYou - I Never Said I Was Brave.
  3. I agree with you about the first 2 EPs. Those songs have a very "urgent" and angsty sound and that energy just wasn't present on the following LPs. The full lengths just have a weird paint-by-numbers feel to them. Great live band though. Maybe I'm missing something and should revisit the last couple albums.
  4. That Island of Misfit Toys album is really good. I have the tape but should probably grab an LP copy while I can.
  5. So, what do you guys think this Companion 12" is gonna be? http://lemuriapop.storenvy.com/collections/61754-all-products/products/23340327-companion-12-little-bundle-pre-order
  6. PO: Reggie and the Full Effect - 41

    REGGIE YOU LOOK TIRED YOU SHOULD DO SOME SNIFFY Jaramiah Pauly's (Pentimento) guests vocals on this album are killer.
  7. Potential mail fraud - paypal questions

    The only time I've ever been burned in a sale is when I've sold to someone overseas. Has happened to me with both electronics and records. This has nothing to do with fees or anything, I'm just not looking to get ripped off. Like I said, I'll sell to them if they have good feedback, if they don't then tough fluff.
  8. Potential mail fraud - paypal questions

    I misread the OP. NBD.
  9. Potential mail fraud - paypal questions

    This type of shit is why I refuse to sell to anyone outside the US unless they have a history of positive feedback. Suppose some jerkoff in the states could pull the same stunt, but scam aside clearly this guy is a douche for even thinking a seam split matters at all. Also screw PayPal for backing his wack ass claim in the first place. If I were you I'd call them and rip a representative's ass, and keep calling until they refund you. Report him to Discogs too. Get his ass banned. Dude sucks.
  10. Maybe I'm in the minority here but I didn't think this band really stood out until they ditched the post hardcore/screamo sound (with Hiding and going forward). Not that their older stuff is bad, but it never dug it's claws into me. In fact I sold all my old PBTT records because I never listened to them. Dig the new album, and new direction. You can tell these dudes really like The National haha.
  11. PO : Sorority Noise - YNAAYT 12"

    I gotta agree. These songs aren't really "rearrangmemts," just super stripped down versions of the original songs without good bass lines and a ton of vocal effects and piano. Will pick it up some day if it goes on sale, maybe.