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  1. I've easily spent more time lurking this thread then I have spent listening to the album. This is hands down the least ridiculous BN thread I've seen (so far).
  2. *thumbs up emoji* I was drunk when I posted my rant. "Conceptually, Voluntaryism is a very simple moral philosophy – it is the basic proposition that all human interaction should be directly consensual. Voluntaryism rejects the initiation of force in all its various forms including physical violence, threats of violence, theft, bullying, slavery, rape, murder, etc."
  3. This. I'd be happy with just the red/blue variant and that's all I'm aiming for. Worst case scenario I'll pick up a black copy on the cheap during a holiday sale this winter.
  4. So where's there cheapest place to PO a copy of this, coke bottle via SRC?
  5. They're gonna Stranger Things the shit out of this and make like 7 wacky variants that all cost $27+ a pop.
  6. Totally agree with you about Cantwell. He's a bucket of shit and a fucking coward. Jason Stapleton assesses his character well on his show ( Makes me fucking sick that at a point Cantwell identified as an AnCap Libetarian and has now completely detached himself from the social and moral values we hold dear. I won't lie, the LP is fucked, inconsistent, and garbage. We ran Gary Johnson's old stoner ass and blew it (should've been Austin Petersen, and is who I supported in the primary). I've more or less denounced the LP and identify simply as a volunarist at this point. ANYWAYS, how about that fuckin war on Afghanistan? Setting a world record for the longest war ever fought.
  7. I don't think we're on completely different pages here. I just found it distasteful that various websites and people were patting them on the back for it. Dont get me wrong, if bigoted assholes like Christopher Cantwell got their way I'd be one of the first people to go. It just seems like buisnesses and people are going far out of their way to prove they're not racist like everyone is questioning their morals in the first place.
  8. @Sunshine I'm not getting "up in arms" about anything, I only mentioned it because sometimes we talk about music related stuff here... Sometimes. I'm well aware that it's their platform, I wasn't questioning that in the first place so pointing that out repeatedly doesn't change the fact that they're pretty much using this like a marketing scheme. "Subscribe today, we don't let nazis put their songs on here!" as if anyone was wondering that in the first place.
  9. Who the hell is going to McDonald's for their roaches? Besides, if not like you'll catch a disease or have a serious health risk by hearing a song that offends you. Bad comparison bud. Do you honestly think there was some white power mother fucker who got a Spotify membership because they were facilitating his evil music? Hahaha. I'm not convinced this was even a legitimate issue for anyone. Applauding censorship, especially when it has to do with art or music, is lame. Then again it's what's hot right now. It's not like Spotify is going to start pulling hip-hop songs that encourage people to murder cops and treat women like property, they're virtue signaling at best.
  10. Looks like Spotify has taken it upon themselves to decide what people are allowed to listen to.
  11. /200 white /300 clear Includes instant download.
  12. Gonna wait untill I hear the entire album. The last one was a giant snooze.
  13. Been a minute since Brand New has done some Brand New fuckery haha. Use the $50 this record costs to go see some local shows/buy t-shirts from touring bands.
  14. Since these types of threads keep popping up like weeds- First thing is first, new users, check first! 9 times out of 10 you can find more precise and accurate information there. Can't identify an album? Look for a serial number on the jacket or for one etched into the record towards the label. Curious as to what a record is worth? We probably have no idea here. Seriously. The value of any record is determined by the after market. What might be worth $300 to a dude in Nova Scotia might be found in every $.10 thrift store record bin here in the US. If this information can't be found on Discogs or eBay then you're kind of out of luck.