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  1. Cameron was recently on WUEP talking about the album/how he got into music.
  2. If it's cheaper to rent I'd go with that option. Not something you'll watch multiple times.
  3. If someone showed me this song without any context I would have assumed Transit got back together. In fact, the only Tigers Jaw sounding aspect of it are the types of guitar chords they use.
  4. Song is OK. Reminds me of modern day Bayside. Also the bass sounds fine, given this is a YouTube video and that platform isn't really known for providing hi fidelity audio.
  5. Might try and get a copy of AJJ - Decade of Regression, but I don't know if I need another Andrew Jackson Jihad live record I listen to one time then put a way forever. This list stinks.
  6. Nah fam, was just a small break. Check out the Tigers Jaw interview on Washed Emo from a couple months back, all mysteries are uncovered there.
  7. I like it better now, and I decided to not sell my vinyl copy so that's gotta mean something. Also, to add to the YFW discussion, at least Jesse Lacey had a 'go fuck yourself' attitude with those break up songs. Sonically there are definite similarities to the first two Brand New albumd, contextually this album goes to really dark places I think most bands in SN's scene don't touch. All in all it's one hell of a ride.
  8. Sounds swell. Then afterwards I'll take my best gal down to the soda fountain for a phosphate before the sock hop.
  9. Also sports. is better than every other band mentioned ITT
  10. I dunno man, I think this album is great and didn't care for that Hotelier album at all.
  11. Maybe Sorority Noise is copying Joyce Manor's tracking style
  12. Just did. Actually liked it just as much as the first half, especially Second Letter From St. Julien. Cool how it ties to/references When I See You (Timberwolf) which is one of very few good songs on Joy, Departed.
  13. I had very low expectations for this album, but I'm 6 songs in and think this is quite possibly the best Sorority Noise material to exist. The last LP/EP were mediocre at best, so far these songs have been heavy and gloomy and rad as hell. Now I need a vinyl copy.
  14. Wish I could find a copy of Let It Die that didn't cost an arm and a leg :/