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  1. I wasn't being passive at all, I was busting your balls because it's silly for you to lean into disenfranchising a conversation you're not even participating in. As far as your pro military peers go, are they joining because they want to, "kill radical Muslims,"? Because the last time we had a Republican in office I was around your age and that was the underlying reason my peers wanted to join the army, but with Iraq. I can't imagine kids these days think they same way or would feel a nationalistic drive to 'defend their country' especially when an event like 9/11 hasn't taken place to fuel that fire.
  2. That's not how drafts work. The state doesn't care if you're pro-war or anti-war. You either go fight or get thrown in a military prison, which is probably worse than dying in a ditch in the middle east. Are your peers voluntarily signing up for the military after school? I'm genuinely curious.
  3. Bladewillis actually makes arguments that are worth hearing, not sure what the deal is this time. I've muted the couple dumb assholes that come here just to talk shit already
  4. You had no problem being outraged by way less significant problems, and even though you're going to insist this thread is garbage you still keep coming back. It seems like you're more upset by my comment(s) then what I was commenting about.
  5. Nah dude, you guys just don't have strong feelings about mass murder because no-no words are a bigger deal to you. To the left it's.... Unrealistic: Men under the age of 26 who literally signed a Selective Service contract are forced to fight in wars with 3 other countries because nobody is voluntarily signing up to join Trump's army. Realistic: There's a Nazi uprising in America because +46% of the citizens here are white supremacists or whatever. Very petty though, not worth discussing in the least.
  6. Lol, yet you go out of your way to voluntarily lurk it (notice I didn't mention you or tag you). You do you do fella, at least let us know how boot camp is treating you when the time comes.
  7. Oh word? Well damn, one of the two people who liked this reply legally can't vote/buy cigarettes/porn/spray paint/keyboard cleaner/cough syrup/m-rated video games/etc. Curious to hear what Jr.'s feelings regarding war subsidation are, given he'll be drafted long before you or I would be.
  8. I love a cold Cuban and a tuna sandwich, but I don't think I can turn my back on cheese steaks.
  9. It's time for the ultimate debate: Hot Sandwiches Vs. Cold Sanwiches You have to give up one forever. Which do you keep? (Just to muddy the waters, hamburgers are considered hot sandwiches and PB&Js are considered cold sandwiches. Burritos are not sandwiches. Hot dogs are not burritos or sandwiches.)
  10. Any of you bleeding heart lefties care to express any outrage? Bueller?
  11. ^Not wasting my time reading any of this drivel. You're so full of your own shit it's ridiculous. Take that goofy ass response you made in $40's thread about parenting for example. "You should never be too tired or sick to play with your kid," you don't even talk like a real human being. Get bent dude.
  12. I never signed your social contract. I'll wipe my ass with it too. And you got a PM because you were being an outright dick. Maybe you should try talking to others like you're an adult and they'll do the same for you.
  13. Point out exact examples of his overt bigotry. I'm a person of color and I'm oblivious to it, or this overwhelming rise of it that people insist is happening. In fact, the only people I see consistently bitching about racism is white people, even though America is the most open minded it's ever been in recorded human history. "Well he encourages it," give me a fucking break. That likes saying skimpy clothing encourages sexual assault. You guys who back statism should be ashamed of yourselves. That's the most glaring example of blind following. You support violence and force being used against anyone who doesn't agree with/want to pay for your bullshit, and you're too big of cowards to rob your neighbor yourself so you beg the goverment to do it instead.
  14. People on the far left are under the impression that being a bigot is the worst thing a person can ever be. To them it's far worse than overseeing the mass murder of innocent people or war profiteering. In an effort to be humanitarian they strongly support the most inhumane and immoral collective that exists; the state. Labing all of Trump supporters as stupid or racist just goes to show how deep in their bubble they really are. I work with a lot of extremely smart people of color who supported Donald Trump, whereas I don't agree with them and didn't support him myself it's not beyond my comprehension as to why they did. A lot of these guys have now turned their back on him because he's continuing the Obama strategy of blindly bombing countries, which shows where their principles lay.