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  1. PO: Sum 41 - Does This Look Infected

    These look cool and this album is good. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Not sure, I believe the sticker said something about a digital copy but can't remember exactly. Just gonna use Google Play Music for the digital stream since I'm already a subscriber.
  3. Got my white copy from Bullmoose yesterday. Nice gatefold packaging, no download card included. Will hopefully get a chance to actually listen to it after work today :/
  4. PO: Red City Radio - SkyTigers

  5. Which one sounds like the first album? Issues is the last Korn LP I ever listened to, so this is quite the info bomb.
  6. PO: Dave Chappelle Live 4xLP

    FFO: People who like hearing a mic get slapped against a knee so they know when to laugh.
  7. Netflix / Amazon Prime original series

    The wife and I just started Mad Dogs on Amazon, starts slow but picks up quickly towards the middle of the season. Looks like Amazon isn't doing a 2nd season, but it's actually a really good watch regardless.
  8. I agree, plus it sounds great so it's whatevs.
  9. Anyone else's copy look as wack as mine does? Lol
  10. The most bizzare part is that he knows I've had him blocked for several years now, so when he does that I don't even see it lol.
  11. Couldn't do it myself. After shipping/taxes I would've been paying $50 for a small handful of unheard tracks and a shirt. If I didn't already own all the other albums on vinyl then maybe.