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  1. DUDES. Take this irrelevant bickering to the PMs. Talking about Jesse Lacey in the Brand New thread is one thing, bringing personal beefs spurred off those conversations into this thread is ridiculous.
  2. I wish I did. Have to settle for a standard white copy that got chemically destroyed by the very plastic sleeve it shipped in.
  3. I kinda hope they do away with all that nonsense and just do a huge black 180g pressing for this album. Shit, it'd be great if they gave that treatment to all their past releases too, but this is just wishful thinking. It'll never happen.
  4. They look like flexi-postcards, not lathes. http://www.piratespress.com/products/flexi-postcards/
  5. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Chill on this this. What does this have to do with race? Those records are property the store owns and they are free to do whatever they want with them. I'm really curious as to how they could've "donated" them. Are you implying they should sell products that they find problematic for profit and donate the money to a charity? They could do that now without making a transaction they're opposing in the first place. They same applies to giving them away. They clearly don't want to be a conduit to Jesse Lacey and listeners and that's their right to do. Freedom of association.
  6. Hopefully not like The Coloring Book.
  7. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    As far as locking this thread goes... This is a pretty big issue in the music scene we all love and support and it needs to be discussed. If users here can't do that without shaming one another that's on them as individuals, I don't think that's reason enough stop the conversation altogether.
  8. Minus the Bear - Planet Of Ice 2xLP Reissue

    That looks awesome.
  9. Not to mention Angels and Airwaves was legitimately boring. Lol, like he was on some next level shit or something. It was as 'deep' as listening to a 15 year old mess with chorus and delay pedals in a Guitar Center.
  10. For real. I've listened to it like 25 times already haha.
  11. Hahaha, my bad, I fuck with Refused on the reg.
  12. Band signed to New Noise, posted a new song, no word on a new album yet! https://youtu.be/Q_bB3LBYG6E
  13. The impression I got from the Joe Rogan episode is that he seems really detached from reality. Can't tell if he's lying about meeting with these various "insider" folks, or if he actually believes he has. It's kinda sad tbh.
  14. Jesus christ that album description is horrendous haha. Anyways, bought one cause that's a killer deal. Thanks for sharing @jaypeap!