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  1. Ordered the red splatter. Now considering the Pumpkin one too. Hmmmmm. How do you work out how many pressings are left?
  2. Still waiting on my copy
  3. I've actually forgotten which variants I ordered now, lol. Oh well, I'm sure I'll get an email if and when they ship.
  4. Still thinking about doing my own press. 10 years ago or so I owned a media company called Mr Wolf Productions, so it would most likely be under that label. 500 copies. Probably clear vinyl with another colour marbled through. Individually numbered. Pressed at GZ. Problem is, there are so many different pressings now, could I even sell 500? Even if I ordered now, they wouldn't be available until April-ish.
  5. I'll probably buy a new variant... but can't decide which one.
  6. Yep, I've got the Kickstarter page open and waiting. 12 mins!
  7. Nup didn’t work. I changed the country to UK, which then had the correct shipping cost, then back to Australia, and it’s still 100 bucks. Tried refreshing etc.... no good.
  8. @ethereal I tried to re order, shipping to Australia is still 100 smackaroos.
  9. I'm actually considering doing a pressing and donating the proceeds to charity, inspired by that Kickstarter. What charity, I have no idea. One that doesn't get a lot of publicity. Maybe something to do with animals. I reckon it would be a fun and worthwhile exercise. But how to make it different from the other gazillion pressings out there? Maybe make it...... black!
  10. Ughhhh do I buy the lathe cut or not I probably should edit- I bought it
  11. Yeah was about to order the VC until I saw the $100 shipping to Australia and nearly choked on my coffee. I wanna wait for it to be updated before ordering but I don’t want to miss out!! Gahhh