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  1. This my main turnoff to the album on vinyl as well. Otherwise the packaging looks great but would love to have seen 2LP instead.
  2. Hey, if you want to give me your email address, I'll PM you a referral code.

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      i was offering a referral code, but if you need one:


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      sorry, I though you needed one.

  3. Gotcha. I saw that the standard Sub Pop LPs were going to include 7" for preorder....didn't know if preorders from other retailers would be this way as well.
  4. Anyone happen to know if the VMP version will include the bonus 7" also?
  5. Me and a friend each got these exact same albums. Only one duplicate for me with the Windhand.
  6. Anyone who ordered from Turntable Labs last week of prior get their album shipped?
  7. Got Day of the Dead today. Perfect condition! Big THANKS to the participants in this forum who kept spotting that deal in the wild and sharing it in this thread. I appreciate it!
  8. Got shipping for Day of the Dead. Will still contain excitement until it arrives.
  9. Was able to grab a Day of the Dead a few min ago for $31.
  10. Try D38W4G56 for a 12% discount. No clue if it's exclusive to me or not but I used it for a copy just a few min ago.
  11. I have the blue splatter and it sounds as quiet as a lamb. Full, rich sounding pressing. Very happy especially hearing that some copies were not so great.
  12. I liked their last album and the single they have for this album sounds badass. Def in.
  13. New pre-orders up on Castle Face. POW! Blank Square
  14. I had an outstanding order for a Sunday deal since mid-January that was not fulfilled on their end. I emailed them twice and finally heard back from them last night to cancel my order saying that it wasn't in stock. Not entirely sure they would have naturally closed the order on their end unless I hadn't been pushing for an update. Three weeks is pretty long for them to figure out they don't have it in stock especially when they have been so reliable in the past.
  15. No kidding, lol. I'm hoping VMP does something. I don't pick up much from Newbury.
  16. That was my thinking as well. Might as well hold off to see if anyone else is going to do a variant.
  17. Bummed they are not doing a loser edition for the standard. Deluxe sounds nice but not at that price point.
  18. Copped a blue.
  19. I got a handwritten note as well. Gotta love the personalized touch.
  20. Anyone who ordered the Vol 2 waffle variant from Light in the Attic records get a shipping notice yet?