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  1. If my bullmoose order isn't in this Friday I might just order from cargo maybe even Amazon. Has someone contacted cargo asking if their stock is readily available? The other day I added 100 to my cart from cargo and it changed to 15. But now I can add a whole lot more. I just want this :/
  2. Bullmoose Rsd sales go live at 10 am so in an hour I'd suggest logging in before that
  3. Got mostly everything I wanted at bullmoose and picked up stuff for some people. I caved and got the Alice in chains 2 x 7" Was about to go to a Flea market then I decided to stop at Newbury comics and they had one last copy of UGK. Didn't get Coheed but not too worried about that. Fucking stoked on UGK, didn't think I was gonna get one especially since they aren't even on sleezebay.
  4. Wow I was so close with this guess. I even got the order right except for Games females play isn't on it. Instead it's Da unexpected flava. Definitely copping this
  5. I guess nowhere will have UGK, bullmoose said there was a manufacturing issue so I'm guessing it'll be available after RSD. Can anyone confirm what the Big L tracklist is?
  6. I really hope bullmoose will get my order. I'll be mildly pissed since I sold my copy already. :/
  7. Well shit I just left bullmoose and they said they aren't getting the UGK release. Looks like I have to go to Newbury comics... I might sit this one out
  8. Good scores. Was this in Massachusetts? Where can I find that DJ??
  9. My girlfriend wants me to get bangerz by Miley. I guess it's that and UGK. All year I haven't been scheduled to work Saturday and of course I was scheduled at 8 am but luckily I was able to give my shift up. Not sure what time I want to line up at though.
  10. It has happened to me too. When Polaris released the music from Pete and Pete on rsd I exchanged it 2 times due to scratches before getting a good copy. When I first starting buying records from bullmoose this happened a lot to the point where I thought they got the shit end of the stick because their prices were so much cheaper than other places. It was just my luck but I don't feel bad exchanging records that have scratches or surface noise because I'm spending money on a new product and I expect it to be in that condition
  11. Them trying not to lose a direct sale. Honestly I won't care if by chance bullmoose cant get these.
  12. It's the same pressing as it says shop radio cast in details maybe a different variant. Idc about variants as long as it's not white. My lost and found lp is clear with black smoke so I'd actually prefer a different variant
  13. Sold more. Will be adding more next week
  14. I'm sure their customer service will respond by 6/2 to cancel it