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  1. There's a second press of the red/black split variant to be shipped late December
  2. What the hell did you link us to in the first post lol I pre-ordered this earlier at bullmoose. I think I saw the listing on fat beats this morning but it didn't show planet shrooms tracks on it Mostly getting this for ice age
  3. I thought we were getting a Lil Windex pressing :/
  4. Now that everyone spent $60 on this, there will be a version for $17.97. I'll probably get it this time around http://www.bullmoose.com/p/25597930/childish-gambino-awaken-my-love
  5. Well I can't say I'm surprised at what people are selling this for on eBay. :/ Too crazy, glad I Was able to get one.
  6. I caved one day and bought the S/T for about $70 because it's one of my favorites by them. I have faith it'll be repressed one day. I'd buy S/T again if it had some sort of Neon Green/Black split
  7. I got excited for a second. Still waiting on the non-live version :/
  8. Oh SRC is releasing this... what's the release date? 11/17? 1/24, erm... 3/09.....Maybe 5/11? Release date : eventually
  9. Stoked. I slowed down on buying records but I bought this instantly, glad I didn't miss out
  10. I dropped off a package yesterday morning and it's apparently still sitting at the location I dropped it off at. On the tracking it says usps has possession of your item. Thankfully I bought insurance on that but if it doesn't update by tomorrow afternoon I'm going there to complain. I shouldn't be worried but it's annoying when they don't scan it
  11. Dope, the first stop is in Worcester, MA and it's the Rock and Shock convention that they are playing at. Last time I went to that I saw the Black Dahlia Murder back in like 2008/09. Thanks for the heads up. I wonder how long tix will last for
  12. Story of the year - page avenue?

    I'm glad I wanted this album but never bought it because I realized I don't need everything on vinyl. That sucks though, src is poop
  13. PO: Limp Bizkit - Significant Other

    Same, I picked my red copy up in an ebay lot last year for $25 with an original Americana lp by offspring. I'm just posting so other people can maybe get it but also hoping those other two albums get a release
  14. PO: Limp Bizkit - Significant Other

  15. WTB-Your tapes if you have some

    I have a bunch of tapes I want to sell, Just don't want to take the time and list each one on discogs