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  1. I escalated my claim to PayPal. Still no response from Todd Cuckboi. It is what it is. It's too bad stl_bendmeover is a giant turd too otherwise he could've helped some of us out.
  2. Recent purchases

    Picked up an original copy of The Fragile used for $20 over the weekend. Was surprised it wasn't the repress but the barcode is printed on the back of the jacket so that was a dead giveaway
  3. Record Store Day 2018

    Waiting for any Marilyn Manson repress. This year is the 20th anniversary of Mechanical Animals but I doubt it would happen
  4. I started a claim last Monday, I sent a message to Todd thru the PayPal claim and I have to take action before the 17th to escalate it to PayPal especially if he doesn't respond. So I'll wait until maybe the 14th to do that. I still haven't received any tracking number so maybe he saw the claim and said fuck this guy he's just gonna have fun reading about this record.
  5. ORMOLYCKA Love & Hate Thread

    Well, shit... If I can just get unknown death on vinyl that would be tight. I'm not paying the amount I did for lil ugly mane on a yung lean boxset. Can't wait to see what it looks like though
  6. ORMOLYCKA Love & Hate Thread

    Ormoylcka is creating three yung lean tapes. I want but honestly it's hard to support these small labels that can't ship stuff in a timely manner. The Macintosh plus shit has turned me off from buying cool stuff in hopes to maybe get it. Granted I got everything from orm that I ordered but the stress ain't worth it.
  7. I remember reading that it's edited. So if true, probably not
  8. Just opened a case on paypal. Not trying to lose $25. If it doesn't ship and I get refunded then I'll just purchase it again when it's available and go through the whole process again
  9. Lustra - SCOTTY DOESN'T KNOW!!!

    Damn I wish I knew about this before the other variants sold out... My favorite movie by Broken lizard
  10. Fenway Park tickets/Family stuff to do

    Museum of science is cool. Maybe bring them to see the blue man group at Charles playhouse.
  11. After that story of the year album SRC released I'm done buying anything with SRC's name on it. No wonder why it's only $13.
  12. I have an original I'd like to sell or possibly trade... DM me if you missed out on this.
  13. Dope, they're working on Parade of Chaos as well. I just hope I can get my hands on each record they release.