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  1. Cool, this way here you can disregard me not taking the time to look back a page and you can just use the bullmoose link or not use the bullmoose link to order the record.
  2. I don't think this has been mentioned but MOV will be releasing it as well according to this listing on bullmoose
  3. Shortly after I made that post I received a shipping notification. I'm sure it'll arrive sometime next week.
  4. Sold out now. Any idea when this ships?
  5. The original lp is being repressed by priority
  6. Is the retail evil dead 2 record on standard black vinyl? I haven't been following it, I know they have a yellow variant but I feel like a brown with red swirl would've been fitting
  7. You lucky bastard :/ Enjoy that.
  8. FYE has an exclusive Red Shell variant of this
  9. I really have to check out that location. I just hate shopping in Taxachusetts, I mainly buy from NH. Thanks for the heads up though
  10. I snagged a copy of this with the sale today as well along with ultramega OK loser edition. Paid about $48 for the two
  11. The same people playing with fidget spinners and wearing romphims are buying these
  12. Crazy - he performed in Detroit last night and shortly after he was found dead, possible suicide. I definitely shed a tear. Will be listening to SG and Temple of the Dog all day. Never got into audioslave but will have to check them out.
  13. I fuckin had a feeling that was gonna happen when I saw some people getting their copy then it being delayed. Whatever. Im not paying an extra $10 for a vinyl color. I bet the yellow makes the chocolate taste terrible anyway.
  14. Nah I got the og cover. But on discogs there's a black pressing for 2017. Bullmoose changed their description to black vinyl. The old bait and switch - would've been nice if they notified their customers they aren't getting yellow.