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  1. Dope, the first stop is in Worcester, MA and it's the Rock and Shock convention that they are playing at. Last time I went to that I saw the Black Dahlia Murder back in like 2008/09. Thanks for the heads up. I wonder how long tix will last for
  2. I'm glad I wanted this album but never bought it because I realized I don't need everything on vinyl. That sucks though, src is poop
  3. Same, I picked my red copy up in an ebay lot last year for $25 with an original Americana lp by offspring. I'm just posting so other people can maybe get it but also hoping those other two albums get a release
  5. I have a bunch of tapes I want to sell, Just don't want to take the time and list each one on discogs
  6. The album 1996 by Dece was fire but now he's not that great imo - I'm waiting on another Propr Boyz tape to drop. To address the previous posts. I need to hear more Nick Grant and Angel Haze for sure. I remember seeing Sno tha Product during commercials when watching wrestling for a show called Queen of the South I think it is. She isn't bad
  7. Got all this for $35
  8. There's a lot of good music coming out these days. I feel like ever since Odd Future came out and did their own thing in 2011/2012- more and more people are doing what they want to do with a lot of alt-rock, emo, and metal influences. I've been listening to a lot of Ghostemane, $uicideboy$, and nothing, nowhere. Starting to get into Lil Peep as of recent. What are some of your favorite artists right now? I want to find some new people to listen to. Here are some tracks by them: GHOSTEMANE x Clams Casino - KALI YUGA $UICIDEBOY$ - NEW CHAINS, SAME SHACKLES nothing, nowhere. - i've been doing well lil peep x lil tracy - white wine
  9. Cool, this way here you can disregard me not taking the time to look back a page and you can just use the bullmoose link or not use the bullmoose link to order the record.
  10. I don't think this has been mentioned but MOV will be releasing it as well according to this listing on bullmoose
  11. Shortly after I made that post I received a shipping notification. I'm sure it'll arrive sometime next week.
  12. Sold out now. Any idea when this ships?
  13. The original lp is being repressed by priority
  14. Is the retail evil dead 2 record on standard black vinyl? I haven't been following it, I know they have a yellow variant but I feel like a brown with red swirl would've been fitting