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  1. Video Game OSTs v2.0

    I love the Uncharted games and while I appreciate iam8bit's efforts, they always seem to slightly miss the mark with their cover art designs for their Uncharted soundtracks. That being said, I'll still probably pick this up because I hate myself and....the hobby. Ugh. Hoping it becomes available in North America as well. With the exchange, it's already $85 CAD before shipping. Still gotta pick up the complete edition of the game with the new DLC campaign too.
  2. Some people take this hobby too seriously and should probably go outside more often.
  3. For new stuff there isn't really anywhere I would recommend going out of your way to that would be cheaper than the west end places. Circus is a neat shop, I met the owner once at a house party and he seemed like a nice guy. Kops has an outlet near Danforth/Coxwell that seems more geared the used collector market. Discovery and In The Groove are pretty close to each other in Leslieville and worth a visit if you're into older used stuff. Tiny Record Shop sells new stuff, but you can usually find it cheaper at Sonic or Rotate. I actually just started up my own shop at Queen/Parliament called Voltage Drop Records if you're ever in the area as well.
  4. Yeah, I find the turnover of used stuff is more frequent as SB, but I find Rotate has generally better prices. Even their collector wall is more reasonably priced most of the time. June doesn't typically stock the stuff I'm looking for, so I don't go there as much but I find their new stuff is usually priced in line with SB and Kops. I live on the east side, so I don't get out that way as often, but I'd go to Rotate over SB.
  5. Sonic Boom, but I'd rather not support them too much. Gonna try and find the tour variant somewhere.
  6. I bought one and all the others I have seen from the show are black (held up to the light for sure). I got there pretty early, like 20 mins before doors opened and there had to have been at least a couple hundred people already in line. I guess it's possible the VIP meet-and-greet people could have gotten variants, but from what I was seeing after I got in, all the signed copies were black and those were the only ones they had for sale. A local store has a bunch of the red version for $30, but I really like the tour version. EDIT: photo I found of the Toronto merch booth before doors opened:
  7. Anyone have an extra John Carpenter Anthology tour variant they want to sell (doesn't have to be signed)? They didn't have any in Toronto and all the signed ones were black ($60 and without the 7").
  8. I'm going Sunday as well, thanks for asking before I could lol.
  9. Red sold out, blue still available. There's also an Amazon exclusive with a signed print and 3D glasses (ltd. to 100): https://www.amazon.com/Ghoulish-Gary-Pullin-Amazon-Exclusive/dp/1948221004
  10. PO: Pearl Jam reissues

    Gotta be a boot. Pretty much all the European coloured pressings are boots.
  11. The Weezer Thread

    They already toured together in 2005 (I was at the Toronto show). Not as excited 12 years later...
  12. If anyone can grab an extra autographed Loving Vincent and/or Terminator soundtrack I would make it worth your while!