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  1. Everything is so backed up this may not happen for another year if at all.
  2. Bump
  3. Hey all. I am looking for any vinyl by the flake music. They also went by flake as well. This was the shins before they changed their name to the shins. They had several 7"s, split 7"s a 10" called spork and a full length. I only own the repress of the full length so I am looking for the original 1st press of that as well. Many help would be great! Thanks jim
  4. Highly recommended!! Fast shipping, packed well and priced right!!! Ty
  5. Suggestion. If you can't find him stratosphere then pick him up some of Helvetia's records. They feature two of the former duster members and are closer to that sound than the others. There is Parton kooper planetarium as well. Great lp that features a member and sounds similar. Ps: contemporary movement is better than stratosphere anyway
  6. I second that. $50 for a great record that is limited works for me.
  7. I wonder if the limited to 200 pressed is true? If it was limited to that amount it would have sold out by now. I have a funny feeling they pressed more?
  8. Hey all. Huge sale! Any record with a bolded $ sign next to it is for sale. Please send me offers for anything you are interested in. I am in the states so shipping is cheap. I will ship worldwide so message me for rates. Cheers. https://deadformat.com/collection/Jtm1967
  9. Now that she more like it!! Glad it all worked out for you
  10. $80 to ship a 7" from abroad is about $60 too much. Don't pay that bill
  11. A member hooked me up. Thanks everyone
  12. I see. Have you tried messaging the sellers there with an offer? I do It all of the time and usually end up settling at a price for what I need or want. Try it. Cheers
  13. https://www.discogs.com/Travis-The-Invisible-Band/release/685134