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  1. Any word on how limited these are? Food & Liquor has already gotten hard to find. Finances are tight this month and I'm wondering if it's safe to hold off for a bit....
  2. Wait, so they are suddenly only pressing 4,000? This makes me think that this is gonna see a wide release as a picture disc but that the pre-order will be autographed.... Why is always hip-hop releases that move the goal posts?
  3. This rise is price of vinyl is fucking absurd. A normal retail black should not be going for over 30 bucks. To Pimp a Butterlfy @ 25 was perfectly reasonable. Damn is easily my favorite album of the the year, but Im waiting for a price drop.
  4. Thanks for the response. I used to collect autographed underground hip-hop CD's last decade. I even have signed old school Macklemore LP/EP's laying around (don't judge) from when he opened for Zion I. These singles are banging and Summertime 06' borders on my hip-hop top 10... so guess I'm finally gonna own a picture disc. Hopefully it's not an intern's scribble like it was with Kendrick.
  5. Very disappointed that this is on picture disc. Has anyone had a picture disc that didn't sound like ass?
  6. Is there consensus yet on whether these are going to be sold outside of Reznor's store?
  7. Fair I suppose, but my point is more that they used the MoFi plates while adding slick packaging and one of the prettiest pressings I've come across. Once again, I have no problem with somebody saying a music curation service isn't for them. I just find it absurd that people claim that A) VMP's target audience is people who need someone to tell them what to listen to (their forums are far superior to this one as it pertains to music discussion for a reason, their target audience is music junkies) and B. When people try and argue that VMP has shitty taste in music. And I did, indeed, forget about Person Pitch because that album does nothing for me. Yet, I readily acknowledge it's importance in the historical trajectory of indie rock and that it was also an excellent pick on behalf of the staff.
  8. A. Their pressing's sound quality is almost always top notch as is the packaging. There are numerous instances of their version sounding better than the readily available one. See Weezer and the Fugees. B. Their taste in music is vaired and top rate. Have there been some questionable new release picks over the years? Sure. But in the past 1 1/2 years there have only been 3 or so AotM that I straight up don't like. C) Fiona and Gorillaz are not the only example of them pressing something out of print. See The Books and Menomena (two of my favorite indie albums of the 00's), Wells Fargo amd Beck (though that did see a black varient released at the same time). D. They do 5 or so exclusive pressings every month. Most of which quickly increase in value. You are given the choice to swap for some of these if you dont like the AotM. All this bitching is fucking ridiculous. I let my membership lapse here and there when finances are tight, but Vinyl Me Please is about as well run of a small business as I can think of. If it's not for you, thats fine. But if your collection isnt 500+ albums deep and you're complaining about their choice in music chances are your have narrow and/or shitty taste... And for the record, I swapped Morby for Beck, was ecstatic when Demon Days was announced and have no fucking trouble tracking down new music to listen to on my own.
  9. The Back and Black version is definitely an amazing pressing. Does anybody have a recommendation on which version of PHM I should buy? I've heard certain pressings are a disaster. Would like a copy I can jam out to before FYF when I'll be seeing NIN for the first time since Red Rocks 06'. Also, has it become clear whether these re-masters are going to be widely available? I need to add Broken and Fragile to my collection but I'm hoping not have to pay the insane prices the NIN website is demanding.
  10. Way to be ass about it. Not everyone has the finances to drop 600ish dollars on a wet vacuum. I regularly batch clean via a spin doctor and then use the discwasher brush before each playback. I had no problems for nearly 2 years with such a setup. Do you have legimate concerns about the discwasher brush (such as static buildup) as opposed to simple snark and the predictable buy a wet vacuum retort? I'll gladly tale suggestions on better brushes and the such. Thanksnfor the sincere response. Gonna start saving for the blue it seems. Thoughts on whether an acryillic platter will help? I think there is actual damage to some of the records but that static (and excess dust) may actually be a problem in the new home. Do you have suggestions on brushes?
  11. Hey guys,Wanted to run a story by you guys and see if anybody had thoughts on what the problem might be and/or what my next step should be...I bought my original Pro-Ject Debut Carbon during the Christmas of 14'. It proceeded to treat me well and play perfectly for the next year and a half. I could play a record dozens of times without any noticeable ware(pop, clicks, ext) and the vast majority of my vinyl was dead silent.Last summer, I began to get a touch of sibilance during playback and so I replaced the stylus (which probably had 700-800 hours of wear on it). That's about the time that things went sour. Suddenly, records that I spun multiple times began to show signs of inner groove distortion and static/pops/ticks became frequent. Thinking that it must be a faulty stylus, I again swapped it out and then I stuck to playing the same 5 or so records so that I could monitor ware and tear.When it became clear that there was still a problem, I sent the table off to Sumiko Audio (the US distributor for Pro-Ject). They spent about 2 weeks working on the table and then sent it back my way claiming no problems. When I got the table back, there was a noticable pull on the tonearm via the anti-skate weight when trying to line the needle up for a drop. For example, if I lined the needle up with a song in the center of the record, there was a good chance the needle would drift a touch towards the outside of the record. I reported the problem to Sumiko but they implied such things were normal and suggested dropping the tracking force. Since the records were playing quietly again (minus the few that had been previously damaged), I ignored my intuition and went about playing all but my most expensive records. A couple weeks later, the pops, clicks and occasional distortion returned.I sent the turntable back a second time to Sumiko and they worked on it while I traveled abroad. When I received it back in February, Sumiko claimed that the cartridge had needed re-allignment (which they had done) and that my problems should be solved. However, sometime during their possession of the table (or during it's shipment to them), the table itself had gotten chipped up in several places (including the horn of the tonearm breaking off)-- something that they failed to tell me until the table was back in my possession. Furthermore, the noise returned to playback within a week or so of using the table... at which point, I demanded they give me a new turntable... because that's what they had promised to do if they couldn't solve the problem and because they had failed to properly report the damage to my table.Near the end of March I finally received that new table-- one that was clearly refurbished based on the way it was packaged. Since then I have been slowly going through my collection and seeing which vinyl was permanently damaged during this whole ordeal. For example, those 5 or so records that were on repeat when the problem initially surfaced are choke full of surface noise (much of which couldn't be heard on the old table) and will need to be replaced. However, the tricky part is that I am not completely convinced that the "new" table is tracking properly and so I have some questions.1) Certain records have been giving me distortion during highs and or lows. But that distortion is not consistent. For example, I was playing a QotSA album last night and one of the songs was distorting on the bass line. I played the song back 3-4 times and each time the distortion became less frequent. This morning it only happened twice over the course of the song (as opposed to the 10 or so times last night).2) I'm getting pops, clicks, ext on records that I was pretty certain I had left alone during this whole ordeal. Granted, it's been a whole year now so who knows how many records I played once or twice during the periods where I thought the table was fixed. But what confuses me is that the amount of noise I'm getting on these records completely varies during playback. It's always worse on the outer portion of the record and seems to lessen each time I play the record back (so similar to the situation described above). For example, I was playing Outkast's Aquemini last night and was getting a shit ton of surface noise on the beginning of side A. I played the opening songs 3-4 times and each time the surface noise grew fainter (though it's still there and seemingly permanent). These are records that used to be super quiet and, in many cases, have only been played a handful of times.Could it be that these records were damaged via the old table and this is just the needle re-orienting itself inside of a damaged groove? And with each playback the needle is retracing the proper path and so the noise lessens? Could it be that the cartridge on this reurbished table is old and needs to be replaced? (At this point I don't trust Sumiko what-so-ever). I've also moved since the initial problems started. And my new place is noticable dustier than the old spot. I've always kept my records clean and wiped them down with some solution and an old school dishwasher brush before playback... but perhaps the new spot requires an adjustment to this process? Do you guys have an anti-static brush you recommend? Any thoughts as to whether the acyrilic platter is a worthy upgrade?FYI I've used a scale to check the tracking force of the table and it's set at the proper 1.75g for the Red. I also have double checked that the platter is level.Sorry that this post is so long winded and thanks in advance for any responses
  12. Demon Days is a straight-up classic that deeply impacted the youth of that era. It sounded unlike anything my friends and I had heard and quickly turned into THE album of that pivotal summer seperating my last year of high school and the beginning of college. It's singles were plastered across Denver's FM in the moment just before radio's dying days. It introduced countless suburban youth to underground hip-hop and was (along with the first Gorillaz album) one of the first albums to blend rock, rap and electronica seemlessly. (Nearly every white hip-hop junkie I've been friends with over the years lists either Demon Days or the self-titled album as a touchstone that served to springboard their love of the genre.) Oddly, I was a part of this exact conversation months ago on the VMP forums and it continues to surprise me how many people underestimate just how iconic this album is. Perhaps its a generational thing...
  13. That's really odd as I just renewed my subscription about an hour ago. Chose the 3 month since it now has unlimited swaps, but the one month was there. Maybe they are getting flooded with 1 month sign-ups...