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  1. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    I would prefer the 25th or 27th if that works for everyone else?
  2. Riot Fest 2017

    Was great to meet you man. Everyone have a good weekend?
  3. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    Hey guys, got your keepers and stuff. Was at Riot Fest all weekend so ill start getting stuff dialed this week.
  4. PO: Seaway - Vacation

    New song, this record is great.
  5. VC Fantasy Baseball League

    Well that was a rough season.
  6. Vinyl for this is delayed till late September. But you can listen to the EP on Spotify.
  7. PO: Seaway - Vacation

    Merch limited bundle w/ a screen printed jacket and slipmat https://www.merchlimited.com/products/seaway-vacation-bundle
  8. Merch Limited bundle w/ a screen printed jacket and slip mat https://www.merchlimited.com/products/four-year-strong-some-of-you-will-like-this-bundle
  9. Instagram

    No vinyl pics but if you like Landscape and Astrophotography give me a follow https://www.instagram.com/ianrees/
  10. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    Yeah its not possible on the app. Heres the web link https://hockey.fantasysports.yahoo.com/hockey/6495/lastseason
  11. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    I think so, ill confirm w/ past years.
  12. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    Hey guys, start sending me your keepers if you can
  13. http://sharptooth.merchnow.com 100 (PN Webstore Exclusive) - Black / Oxblood Aside Bside w/ Gold splatter 400 (various) - Black / Oxblood