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  1. PO SOON: Snot - Get Some

  2. RSD Black Friday 2017 thread

    I'm interested in the Live Benjamin Booker 10" and the repress of The Kills Black Rooster.
  3. Should probably mention that it sounds great too...
  4. Hot Fuzz arrived today and it's beautiful. Hope everyone gets theirs soon.
  5. Both Broken and The Fragile arrived in good health which is great news. Had a standard mailer with a big ding on the outside but thankfully no harm done. What a ride just to get some damn music!
  6. I really like the direction of the newer Mondo releases. The Latest Fight Club release and the pop up designs make the whole experience a lot more fun. Curious to see what this means.
  7. My tracking number still says pre-shipment. It says info was sent on 8/12. Part of me still wants to blame USPS' typical tracking never updating but the other part wouldn't be surprised if the package hasn't left the warehouse.
  8. Southern Lord Summer Sale

    I'm digging the cheap Black Breath and Earth. Might be an excuse to pick them up.
  9. Turns out I have no idea how to format or use images. The point is I hope you guys get your music soon.
  10. Got my shipping confirmation for Broken and The Fragile. USPS media mail so I probably won't see an update until after I receive it.