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  1. That poster for The Thing is excellent.
  2. About time we have some new Gorillaz. Curious to see if they do anything fun for the physical release
  3. They really should have made the covers look like that. Way cooler and more unique and just the standard cover screen printed
  4. Well I'll be damned. Thanks for showing me this. I don't follow a ton of vinyl only DJs but I've never seen a setup like this before. Very cool
  5. $20 for a 7" shipped? I'll pass for now.
  6. They don't actually expect anyone to DJ with these. They're for the novelty and ebay.
  7. Can't go wrong when he's playing live. I'll probably wait until this hits my local store to save on the shipping.
  8. They would probably make more money selling their domain than what they'll get for this.
  9. Link? That show was incredible and I love playing the various soundtracks on Spotify. I'd be curious to know which songs they will be pressing.
  10. Would have loved that for $10 shipped
  11. What? Also, this exists here: