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  1. Someone Discogs does https://www.discogs.com/Ryan-Adams-1984/release/6852720
  2. So I've become obsessed with all things novo amor lately. Anyone else on here big fans?
  3. I use these from amazon and I think they work pretty well. BCW Supplies 33 RPM Record Divider https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00VLEZTE6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_FgC5ybBSAS681
  4. darn, i was hoping to buy that same middle cabinet - i love it!
  5. Dude that is a nice cabinet! Where did you find it?
  6. Yeah I'm loving the mt10 right now. The talismann cart actually exceeded my expectations thus far. I'll post some more pics when I get home tonight!
  7. I made a few upgrades over the weekend (mcintosh c2500 and mt10 turntable). Couldnt be happier w/ my new setup and sound!
  8. wow! how did you hear about it?
  9. No doubt. I purchased this set because I'm a vinyl and RA junky but I completely understand that most people could care less about an expensive set of 7" vinyl. Im sure it'll be years before that thing sells out.
  10. 3000 box sets? That's no fun. I thought with the count down and release date was being built up because only 1000 or less would be released. This is also greatly reduces any chance of getting one of the rare vinyl one of a kind pressings randomly inserted :/
  11. I love it! Looks so good I want to redo my room now.
  12. thats odd... it does say on their site to sign up before 12/30/16.... hmm, sounds like the web guy messed up before going on vacation lol
  13. who knows... since sign ups are closed on the website it could be announced 5 minutes from now or 3 weeks... only time will tell :/
  14. Friends of Sound Records is located on south congress and tucked away in a cool back alley. Super local store since many people in Austin don't even know it's there. Waterloo is always great but if you want a unique place that not everyone checks out, Friends of Sound Records is the place to go. They also have a special bin you can ask for that will have rare bootleg vinyl. I've gotten lucky there a few times with rare items you would have a hard time finding anywhere else!