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  1. PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    thanks but it wont let me visit the link b/c i'm not in that specific group. Is it posted anywhere else? I keep googling but coming up empty
  2. PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    hey so whatever happened with the one of a kind records that were slipped into the Prisoner Box set? were those ever found? I'd love to hear someone post some of those sounds onto youtube so we can hear the rare recordings!
  3. The Vinyl Bootleg Thread

    I went through a huge bootleg phase that lasted a few years. I still listen to a lot of live material that I would purchase in a heartbeat if it went up for sale. But when the artist doesn’t sell it and I’ve purchased all the studio albums I don’t see the harm in bootlegging Live unreleased concerts. I have seveal tom petty and Van Morrison vinyl bootlegs that are some of my favorite records to listen to. I have others but those two artists are my favorite artists to hear Live material from.
  4. One in sense I’m glad there is an opportunity for other people to pick this up but had I known that it wasn’t limited to 300 I might wait it out and see if the shipping cost goes down on a future release. I paid a hefty price for this and eclipse thinking it was a super rare deal...
  5. PO: Listener Discography Represses (GERMANY)

    Lol I’m behind too. Time to catch up!
  6. As Tall As Lions - LAFCADIO

    I saw them at Stubbs in Austin right before they broke up. One of the best shows I’ve ever seen and hardly anybody was there. Deff picking this up
  7. agreed... and i wish i could add to discogs but my account was recently put on hold b/c my entries lacked detail? This shocks me because I entered tons of entries with very little corrections... ugh.
  8. I just received my box set in the mail today. I haven't listened yet but now i see what all the complaints were about when it comes to the packaging. It defffffinitly could have been made much better. That said, given everything I know, I would still buy it again since its limited to 200 with the demo's LP. My demo vinyl is hand numbered 31/200 so in a way thats worth it to me. I'll listen to the records over the next few days and post my thoughts on the pressing quality.
  9. Thank you for posting! I just saw this and ordered right away. I’m thankful it wasn’t sold out but also surpised since it’s only 200 pressings?
  10. this album is amazing!!! So far i think this already album of the year for me... the deluxe is well priced for everything you get IMO
  11. PO LIVE: MUTEMATH - Play Dead

    damn that really sucks to hear.... maybe they're still warming up?
  12. Post Your Record Storage Area

    dang those white shelves against the dark wall color look sweet... i might have to change mine out!
  13. Thanks for posting, just picked up a copy myself! I loved her first EP and have been waiting for this release for some time now