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  1. Record Store Day 2018

    Yeah man! Apparently they are not limited to "only" 3000 but to 10000, so i wouldn't worry about not getting one. Saw a few pictures online where the individual number is +7000 etc.
  2. Record Store Day 2018

    Got the last arcade fire copy in my store, so happy about that. And ordered the planet terror soundtrack on ebay a few days ago so i've got all i wanted this year!
  3. Probably won't be getting this, if they announced they were calling it quits i would get it but it's just too expensive to buy it just for the hell of it. I would really love a singles 7" box set though!!
  4. The Walking Dead

    Jeffrey dean morgan has grown a beard and they are beginning shooting soon so a time jump would make sense. I thought they might explore the helicoper in ftwd since they made the crossover in episode 4x1 but they probably won't and just deal with it in season 9
  5. The Walking Dead

    I actually thought that 7 was the worst, to wait every week just to see how these guys are being slammed down mentally without chances for retaliation wasn't great to watch. I'm glad this seems to be over now! Yeah I also thought that the whole letter reading thing felt like a really great ending for the whole show. I actually always thought it would be great to see them trying to build a civilized society again and it seems thats where they're going, even though chances are high that might be almost impossible at this point and will take forever to do. But against my expectations i'm really looking forward to the next season!
  6. The Walking Dead

    Episode 8x16 was great! I feel like the series is going to get better again in Season 9 with the hinted conflicts.
  7. Just got mine from amazon us as well...it's almost a wonder it survived the way it did, they just packed it in the shipping box almost losely, i turned the package around and it was able to slide through almost the whole (much longer) box but the edges of the cover look fine, really can't believe the damage isn't bigger. The 'book-pages' part is completely split at one edge, other than that i'm glad i got it for only 108 dollars instead of what they're selling it for over here! Will listen to this later, have heard in a vinyl rip on youtube that it may pop quite a bit though
  8. In germany it's actually almost double, the epic retails for 34 euros here, the new lp costs 63 Euros. But i'm still willing to pay that much if it's as good as the epic!
  9. Funny how they doubled the price in comparison to The Epic just for 1 LP more and as it reads not even a box but a gatefold. Still really excited for this!!
  10. Just finished listening for the first time… It’s not that i expected something good after the released singles, but damn…this record is worse than I expected, and I went into this with an open mind. But all that said, they managed to bury probably one of the if not even the best song (imo) they have ever recorded between these mostly steril and lifeless songs - ‚Great Wide Open‘ is a fucking masterpiece, so beautiful and colossal. An absolute masterwork not deserving to be included on a record like this. I couldn’t believe what i was hearing when this came on after the Halsey-piece-of-shit-song. Also pretty cool to hear Shannon sing on ‚Remedy’! (I think it’s him, sounds like it) It’s quite sad as a fan of their previous stuff because I probably won’t buy this record now i’ve heard it, but to not own ‚Great Wide Open‘ on vinyl is a real shame. Edit: 'Live Like A Dream' is pretty cool as well!
  11. Man that sucks... i got a shipping confirmation by amazon US a few hours ago, really eager to see how it turned out
  12. 'Suck it and see' is actually my favourite of them but i know that i'm probably alone with that opinion haha
  13. Didn't really expect something better at this point...
  14. Yeah, but they have not been alt rock since 2013 imo, the moment they completely buried shannons drums under a layer of drum machines and clipped samples and didn't really bother arranging the songs for the guitar on llf+d they became pretty much straight pop to me, so the new two features actually don't surprise me
  15. Official Cover Art for the cassette https://shop.thirtysecondstomars.com/ Tracklist: 1. Walk On Water 2. Dangerous Night 3. Rescue Me 4. One Track Mind (ft. A$AP Rocky) 5. Monolith 6. Love Is Madness (ft. Halsey) 7. Great Wide Open 8. Hail To The Victor 9. Dawn Will Rise 10. Remedy 11. Live Like A Dream 12. Rider