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  1. Wow, absolutely beautiful song... I'm in love with 'honest life', i just keep coming back to that record, so happy i could get a white copy back then. Just ordered the desert rose vinyl, the bandcamp page by mama bird says that it's limited to 300 copies worldwide There is also a gold vinyl release https://courtneymarieandrews.tmstor.es/cart/product.php?id=36196 Haven't seen any numbers but another page says it's indie exclusive
  2. Hopefully: Dredg Rammstein Angels & Airwaves Bruce Springsteen Hazel English Courtney Marie Andrews Kacey Musgraves
  3. The STAR WARS Thread

    Btw: disney has put up the entire last jedi score for free as a download. You can access the zip file in this article: https://www.starwars-union.de/nachrichten/19015/Disney-veroeffentlicht-kostenlos-67-minuetigen-Soundtrack-von-Die-letzten-Jedi/
  4. The CD sold out as well a year ago, it's possible they'll put up more of the vinyl but at the time i preordered they had around 1700 in stock
  5. If you put a certain amount into your cart and its more than they have in stock it shows you how much are left, currently 34
  6. Only 36 left now for everyone who still wants to get one Edit: Ups wrong thread, i meant don't waste your wishes: https://shop.thekillersmusic.com/collections/music/products/dont-waste-your-wishes-180-gram-vinyl
  7. Yeah i was asking myself anyway why they wouldn't just release better footage other than this if they are in possession of such, but still curious on how this continues, the fact that it's an official declassification by the department of defense is pretty cool, even if it's fake...interesting times There is a youtuber who looks at videos of people and judges their body language, she looked at a part of the joe rogan interview and said that tom was at most times genuinely honest but at other points obviously making something up, don't know man... i know it's a really naive standpoint but tom before was always one of the guys saying 'the government hides stuff from us' etc and now he could be telling lies in public about the same stuff together with the government? I would really love to know how he's actually doing, like if he's happy with this...if these accusations are true of course.
  8. So yesterday the pentagon admitted having a secret UFO investigation program and toms company released this video, seems that they're really starting to release things (fake or not fake)
  9. various download codes

    Grabbed the deer hunter act! Thanks!!
  10. We have lowered the prices for both the cassette (now 4€) and cd (now 3€) versions in our christmas promotion until January 1st!
  11. Of course they are, i meant first press authentic. I was lucky enough to get it for around 30 bucks sealed a few years ago but there are people who paid 90+ dollars for this, to just produce more of the exact same product down to somethng nitpicky as the barcode would have been a shame imo.
  12. Yes same here with direct hits, really excited to get this. I'm glad that day & age has another barcode than the original pressing though... would have been really bummed to see the originals lose their "authenticity" completely like they did it with u2s how to dismantle an atomic bomb
  13. Ordered one just in case...the shipping is fucking ridiculous, will cancel if this gets available in europe
  14. Original Blade Runner Vangelis Soundtrack up for pre order, hope this hasn't been posted yet, didn't know they were making a bigger pressing of this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Blade-Runner-Music-Original-Soundtrack/dp/B00VN7OHDA/ref=sr_1_2_twi_lp__1?ie=UTF8&qid=1512498710&sr=8-2&keywords=blade+runner+vinyl https://www.amazon.de/Blade-Runner-Vinyl-LP-Ost/dp/B00VN7OHDA/ref=sr_1_4_twi_lp__3?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1512498618&sr=1-4&keywords=blade+runner+2049+soundtrack
  15. Arcade Fire- Everything Now

    'Creature Comfort' and 'Put Your Money On Me' 12" singles now up for pre order: https://store.everythingnow.com/