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  1. My band put out a 7" a month ago and people should buy it. Me and the guitarist use to play in New Bruises and our singer use to sing for The Knockdown (pre-Timeshares). Put out by Hold Tight! Records in Tampa... 4 songs of jamz. You can check it out and even download it for free here: http://awkwardage.bandcamp.com $6ppd ($4 for the record $2 for shipping) from here: http://awkwardage.bigcartel.com Distros and labels get in touch for wholesale prices or if you want to trade. PARTY!

    yea it is
  3. COLLECTION SALE! 5" to 12" tons of stuff

    all ordered records have been shipped... and the entire rest of the collection has been sold. party til dawn
  4. get em while they're hot! Baroness First Hyperrealist grey "smoke" vinyl $25 Baroness Second Hyperrealist 1st press black, etched b side $25 Baroness / Unpersons A Grey Sigh in a Flower Husk At A Loss $15 party!
  5. COLLECTION SALE! 5" to 12" tons of stuff

    everyone who had 7" only orders... shipping was posted last night (should have gotten an email) and they're being dropped off today.
  6. BTMI / OP!! fest shirt size MD

    who wants it!!!! 12ppd!! (will be sent in a priority flat rate box) in good condition, a few TINY stains on the front, but really you cant see them, and who can really keep a white shirt in perfect condition really?! i can post pics later, but my gf took the camera with her to work.
  7. COLLECTION SALE! 5" to 12" tons of stuff

    list updated after a bunch of sales... GET SOME!
  8. COLLECTION SALE! 5" to 12" tons of stuff

    Going to start throw records up on eBay tomorrow.... get your offers in while ya can!
  9. COLLECTION SALE! 5" to 12" tons of stuff

    Just got tracking for the lp mailers, they'll be here Monday!
  10. WTB: Postmarked Stamps: I need a few

    here's what i have in my sale thread.... A Minor Forest / Sweep the Leg Johnny Post Marked Series No. 8 Tree A-Set / Cobolt Post Marked Series No. 10 Tree no cover Rainer Maria / Hal Al Shedad Post Marked Series No. 9 Tree gray cover Still Live / Cerberus Shoal Post Marked Series No. 2 Tree you already have two of them, but figured i'd throw them all out there.
  11. COLLECTION SALE! 5" to 12" tons of stuff

    sorry dude, replied!
  12. COLLECTION SALE! 5" to 12" tons of stuff

    i gotta update your sale and one other, no worries they're printed out and sitting next to me!!