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  1. If it's a duplicate white hit me up please
  2. Happen to have Silent Alarm too? Need that in the worst kind of way hahaha
  3. Dude is a solid seller, totally hit him up
  4. The fact that I missed out on 90s era deals just bums me out. Maybe I'll clean my room and post my setup at some point. Given my age and that I am currently not working I am pretty goddamn satisfied with it. 90s 100wpc stereo amp, Polk TSi400s, and a Pro-Ject Carbon Debut.
  5. No, he helped me run the deal because I am not legally allowed to sign. He was just a dumbass about doing it and apparently couldn't be fucked to do it properly. I'd have taken it to a mechanic myself if I knew he wouldn't bother. I mean, it's a used car of course you do that before buying jesus fucking christ. On the bright side I just got a test back I was 99% sure I failed and I got an 85% on it so that's not shitty today I guess.
  6. That Alchemy Index though :money: :money: :money:
  7. I'm 17. Be my parent instead? I'm currently a few years in and rocking somewhere around 400-450 albums. or just let me listen on that like once <3
  8. Yeah, but it's such a pain in the ass and I'll probably get my ass kicked from five different directions but I am just about done giving a shit. We'll see what the day holds.
  9. Woohoo, day is off to a great start. Go to leave for school today and the car sputters starting and my check engine light comes on. Park on campus and the engine fan is still going for a solid ten minutes. Smelled like it was burning more gas than it should have been too. Of fucking course I can't find the engine temperature gauge because there isn't one physically on the car and I have no clue where it is in the menu. Made a call to have it fixed and of course ended up late to first hour. Sat down in first hour and realized I left my headphones in the car. I basically have four study hall block periods today. Texted my dad, after some back and forth we got "didn't you have this USED CAR checked out by an independent mechanic before we bought it? You didn't let me be there for the deal so I just assumed you did" "why would I do that?" "this. this is why you would do that" he sold cars for ten fucking years what the actual fuck. If anything else goes wrong this period I am legit just leaving campus and going home no fucks given.
  10. What's up with all the shill sellers on Amazon? New sellers with shit dirt cheap. Seems bizarre. Even the obscure tshirt I was going to order has a bunch of similar looking accounts. Take a look at these Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue - PlayStation 4 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B015HAL2OA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_De40yb5TG9V3X
  11. To be fair I have had some pretty crazy ass luck here. Snagged the entire Mars Volta discog minus Frances for $80 (MoV silver Deloused too). Frances cost me $60, killer trade on a copy of Killing Time, all my EEIWALE stuff way under cost ($25 on the Fest 10"), and all kinds of other ridiculous nonsense. Good rule of thumb but sometimes you can feel the deal out and know. As soon as I started dealing with the guy I got a bad feeling and bailed.
  12. I did notice that the bass seems really buried and the drums aren't really popping.
  13. I think I was told like $45 or something on Jude Law. Jumped it like 2min after posting and dude replied really quickly. Radio silence after I asked for a picture because rare item + new user + retard price.