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  1. Hate to plug my insta but that's the only place I have pictures handy right now so here it is. Hit The Cure motherload at one of my locals. Everyone seems to sandbag the great used stuff and put it out along RSD stuff. They're all UK originals, and Wish cost only $50.
  2. my first show was Against Me in a 700cap. Was really bummed that the next thing they did here was Green Day.
  3. Yeah, no big deal though, I am probably swinging by anyhow. I really need that damn acoustic stuff hahaha. The better part of my RSD was a used haul locally that was their UK original presses. Now my discography is complete through Wish. The acoustic takes are all pretty damn solid.
  4. Hey, I'll go by my locals today and see if I can find one. Really need that The Cure so it'd be great if we can work something out. I'll shoot you a PM after I get out of my classes for the day. @KingTacoMunster <3
  5. Damn, was really hoping to grab that The Cure today and then try to forget about RSD in its entirety.
  6. No, but that The Used live thing they did for RSD did.
  7. I thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink I may have seen that at the Zia near my house. I can take a look this evening.
  8. Cool, I'll give them a ring after class for sure but it sounds like it'll be gone by then or already is. It was the only thing I wasn't able to snag locally.
  9. Shit, I'm in class until 3 but I'll call as soon as 7th period ends. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. Missed out on The Cure Acoustic, guess I'll try bullmoose or something and hope i get lucky
  11. Anyone have The Cure acoustic at their local still?
  12. Who needs what I'm out now and van look. Shoot me a text since I probably won't be in here much. Pretty much everyone has my number I think? Or insta? That'd shoot a notification directly on my phone too so that's also easy. Anyway, good look hunting.
  13. Damn, got excited because I have been hunting the old one that has the Holland 1945 cover on it.
  14. One of the local record store owners legit didn't believe me when I said how much music was on each side. It's the epitome of Plain Recordings