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  1. Not entirely sure. I think two people were fighting over a bag of coke. Moved from the pit to the bathroom after security made them leave the pit (they didn't see the coke at the time) and I guess they went to "cool off" in the bathroom. No idea, I gave them some room to do whateverthefuck they felt the need to. Funny part is that the head police station downtown is literally not even a full block away. It's { ^ v } like the ^ and the venue is the v on that same block. Got dealt with pretty quickly.
  2. I'll take a look, thanks for the heads up. Yeah it was something else. Police tazed them and that finally dropped them. Periphery was a lot of fun besides the bullshit though.
  3. There's a venue downtown I refuse to go to because the parking is retarded. They charge $5 parking in the lot any time other than when there's a show but up it to $15. At the Marquee at least they note that parking is $10 night of the show on the ticket. I got down and didn't have cash so I had to go by the bank and then was way back in line. There isn't even anywhere else to park and walk. And of course during Chon's set a fight in the pit starts over some dude's bag of coke. Then they went after random people and security guys. Takes entire security staff qnd some other big dudes to hold the fuckers down until the police came. It was a fucking mess.
  4. I KNOW YOU'RE COOLER THAN ME KEVIN JUST LET ME HAVE MY MOMENT <3 Eww that sucks. Longest regular venue in town drive is like 45min for me
  5. I saw them at the same place American Nightmare played and it was not the best live set but by no means was bad That sucks, but can't blame you. I turned down protest the hero and ETID for that drive which bums me the fuck out. What size shoe? I wear a men's 12 hahaha
  6. That blows, are you at least making it this time (hopefully)? Last time I caught them they were opening for Say Anything with Teen Suicide and someone else. They were by far the most solid set. I really enjoy Teen Suicide's first album (actually randomly got the original press really cheap not too long ago) but just couldn't dig the new one very much at all. Poor @DOMAN127 is coming out over spring break in April and missing all of the cool shit by a few days.
  7. >mentions the show >doesn't mention Circa icri Turnover and mwY have been great the past time I saw them, so I'm excited. I actually missed the Juturna tour back when that was a thing because The Fall of Troy was doing a Doppelganger 10 year on the same night and the tickets were cheaper at a smaller venue. mwY should be playing some older material since that EP was a thing, so if I get anything off of A>B there's a fair chance I die before Circa comes on. Also got a Give Up the Ghost old shirt from the We're Down Till We're Underground tour that will be here in time for the show so that automatically makes me the coolest fucker in the venue.
  8. I'm not wearing anything crazy, just some regular sneakers. I have a pair of flat shoes they just don't get much wear for that reason.
  9. right now it's this motherfucker https://www.discogs.com/椎名-林檎-加爾基精液栗ノ花/release/5822287 Seriously, give the third track (starts @ 9:20) a listen and tell me this album isn't golden
  10. I told my friend not to wear Vans to the AFI show on Friday and he did anyway. We were standing from about 45min before doors until a little before midnight and he proceeded to bitch about it in the car home. Flat shoes will fuck your shit up. I told him though "you're either going to listen to my advice or learn the hard way. I learned all this shit on my own over the past year or two." so at least he prefaced with "well, I learned the hard way..." hahaha. Bit of a weird motherfucker but a cool dude. He's my buddy for the Circa/mwY/Turnover on Sunday too
  11. Steins;Gate is top 3 material for me. So fucking great.
  12. @DOMAN127 get that aphex if thereso another
  13. Someone should totally unload some original presses to me