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  1. Totally happened to a buddy of mine when he was 17 or 18. We gave him major shit for it, told him he got them from the sketchy chick he had been hanging around.
  2. My target never stocks the exclusives. I didn't even try to get the Vader Tie Fighter because it was a lost cause.
  3. Guestroom Records is where it's at now. Incredible selection. If you're into good pizza, Mellow Mushroom on Bardstown is fucking fantastic. I believe it's a chain but I've never seen another one. Gourmet ingredients and tons of good beers and ciders. If you want some local New York style pie, Spinelli's is pretty alright for slice pie, and they'll probably have a good show happening as well. Hope you enjoy Louisville. It's my favorite place I've been, besides Seattle.
  4. My local shop said the 3LP got bumped to 6/30 and the box 7/7 so we'll see when they get it. They're also really lenient on release dates for reissues. If someone preorders a reissue, they usually tell you to come in and buy it whenever since the music is already out there.
  5. Hyped to see an Indiana band get some love
  6. Would've preferred Sincerity but I'm definitely not complaining about Wolfbiker. Hopefully this sells well and someone will press Sincerity and Writer's Block. Also, some fucking Casey Jones needs pressed too.
  7. This sounds like CKY became a bar rock band.
  8. Definitely a regional thing. All the younger people around here were hyping them up back then, but I wasn't into those first two albums. Then I saw them play with Defeater, and the entire crowd was there for Counterparts. Completely changed my opinion after seeing them.
  9. I'd say their first two records were really overrated but that last one was incredible, so I kinda agree with you. There was a lot of hype around them where I live for some reason, but that all stopped after they signed with Pure Noise (local scene is ran by someone who's obsessed with victory. Victory bands play here like once a month)
  10. Nice. Their last album (along with their love show) made me a fan. Definitely interested in this.
  11. I'm with OP. Would love a copy with the peel and a variant would be cool too, but my copy was hella cheap. This is my favorite pre-70s album.
  12. FF7 remake is hardly even in the works. Squeenix is still hiring for that game. Everyone is joking about it being a PS5 launch title at this point. Death Stranding probably won't be coming until 2019, if we're lucky. Here's an article about KH3 and FF7 remake. Both are expected in the next three years according to this. I'll go back to having my own opinion. Thanks.
  13. Fuck those Team ICO games. They've been overrated since ICO was first announced. Also, there is a true 4k machine coming out but it ain't coming from Sony Anthem and Super Lucky's Tales are the games I'm most excited about. I'm also curious about Days Gone and Hellblade. I've had my eye on the latter for awhile. Days Gone looks good but it also looks like the sum of its parts.
  14. He lives overseas. I cancelled my Amazon UK order a few days ago and it said it was shipping soon.
  15. I saw that. Unfortunately I already own or played everything they marked down. And if you're GCU, they're even cheaper.