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  1. Guys, he listens to 7 new albums a week. He doesn't have time for that shit. Even though one new album a day really isn't that much considering how stacked some release weeks are. I'd love to see this dude tackle a daunting video game backlog.
  2. I wanna say the RSD variant ( and black from most places) was over $30 so you got a good deal regardless. The shop I got mine from just has a VIP thing where you save 10-20% on the majority of their stock. That's why I got it for what I did.
  3. That's crazy. It was repressed for RSD a few years back, then kept in print on black forever.
  4. The link isn't working for me. Is it a variant or something? Because black copies of this album aren't expensive at all. I got mine for like $25 sometime in the past year.
  5. Not trying to sound like one of those elitist dicks, but you CANNOT form an opinion on your favorite Coheed record without hearing the first three albums. Seriously, the fuck kinda shit is that? I'm a big fan of everything they've done besides YOTBR, and a HUGE fan of the latest album, but I wouldn't give a shit about them if I had to choose between post-2007 or pre-2007.
  6. Someone report this asshat. eBay will take it down because the description is flat out wrong.
  7. Dude, I wish they would press The Life I Know. I used to go see them all the fucking time since their main home venue is an hour away. Funny story: I bought a pair of Osiris skate shoes from Cole Wallace at a Journey's in Indianapolis, shortly after he left the bands. Dude was super cool.
  8. I've had multiple copies of the years. I found two sealed ones at a half price books and only opened one of them. Same for the first Gwen Stacy full-length and Symphony In Peril's "The Whore's Trophy". I've got open and sealed copies of them all from half price books.
  9. I checked Amazon as soon as I got the SRC email. Fucking pumped on these. I have a sealed copy of the Heroine CD still. That record was criminally underrated.
  10. This game was pretty dope but I don't recall the music in the least bit. Next it'll be a 7" of the fuckin' Jetpack Joyride song.
  11. Well I was six days too late on subscribing to the Smuggler's Bounty box to get the Darth Maul pop. Dammit.
  12. Coheed, B&C, DEP, possibly the Cure pic discs if the prices are dumb. But Coral Fang. CORAL. FUCKING. FANG.
  13. I don't give a shit where i buy it or what color it is as long as I get it for a decent price. I'm still so fucking stoked that this is getting pressed.
  14. Been waiting for a PO somewhere besides SRC, they mentioned it in an email last week. Here's the Amazon US listing