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  1. Gotta get this. I've always held off because victory pressings are so shoddy, but I'll get this version for sure. Prequel to the Sequel cranked as loud as possible.
  2. I hate this shit. Wanna go to the Louisville date but it's a little early to order tickets.
  3. 3,000 copies of a 7" means I can wait a week, right? I have a tattoo appointment today so I can't spend money on this right now.
  4. I didn't know until i got it during that same sale. Luckily I had played it on Xbox previously so I knew I was starting over anyway.
  5. It has a completely different trophy/achievement list too, so it's essentially a totally different game as far as your console is concerned.
  6. Fucking finally got my hands on a Target exclusive Vader with Tie Fighter. Just randomly saw a single one in a store. Kinda small for $30, considering the Walmart 3-packs are $25 but oh well.
  7. Also on amazon but it's like $24 there. I'm not the biggest fan of the band. My favorite song by them is "The Only Thing You Talk About", which is actually a Chiodos song but the Craig version was never officially released. For the record, Craig is hands down the worst part of this band. Nick, Aaron, and Matt are all so talented.
  8. I like Nier but don't think I'll do all the endings. The gameplay is super fun though. And Crash Bandicoot is absolutely worth the $40. I don't see it going on sale too soon considering it's selling like weed in Colorado.
  9. My buddy at GameStop called me Wednesday to ask which exclusives to set aside for me, so I got flocked cat dog and the holo Leia/R2-D2 pack with ease.
  10. I've been listening since the very beginning and think BSN has some of their best songs. I think Juturna and OLG are better, but I really love BSN. I wasn't into songs like Imaginary Enemy and Get Out, but some of the others are incredible. Highlights being Fever Dreams and I Felt Free.
  11. I agree, it's really dumb. A 7" would've been way better. Glad I'm subbed to New Noise so I didn't have to pay $15 for this
  12. Looks tight. The owner of the shop I frequent most, Colin McClain, will be at Atlas next month. He's the best tattooer in Indiana, imo. Check him out on instagram, it's next level shit.
  13. Stupid shipping prices? Unless you meant to put U.K., you're just wrong. They ship out of California and cost like $6ppd for a single issue.
  14. Or you could order a copy of the latest New Noise Magazine and it comes with one of these. The "label" looks different but it's the same track.