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  1. My amazon copy finally shipped overnight while I was asleep. At like midnight it still said it would be delivered by 8pm yesterday haha.
  2. So helpful...
  3. So I canceled my web store order the day they went up, but I continue to get the new tracks emailed to me. This happening to anyone else?
  4. That's the fuckin' spirit
  5. Has anyone's amazon order for New Again shipped yet? Doesn't look like mine is gonna show up tomorrow.
  6. Tight, that's how Smuggler's Bounty was. I'll be probably be signing up next month.
  7. Man, weed is awesome. This thread was perfect to read while stoned.
  8. I'm thinking about signing up when my Loot Crate subs expire. I get Smuggler's Bounty and dig it so I figured the Marvel one would be just as good. I've been trying all the different geek boxes lately to see which is better, but I plan to keep the Funko ones indefinitely.
  9. I know you're an idiot but let's be real. Everything Feldman touches sounds the same.
  10. Set Your Goals- Reset EP is some of the best 10" packaging I've seen. It opens like a chest. I've got like 30 10"s which is absurd since most shops don't even keep that many in stock haha.
  11. Bullmoose said themselves that a black pressing was coming. There may be copies out there are retail but there can't be many. We have two participating shops here, and only 4 copies were stocked between the two places. Tons of copies of other sought after shit though. I'm not surprised at the price on that eBay auction because Coheed fans are fuckin' insane. They fall in the area of punk rock/comic book/science fiction fandom that has bred a ridiculous type of super fan.
  12. We told you months ago that this was one of the most coveted records by them, but your stubborn ass was hung up on the Afterman releases. It's not surprising in the least that these are selling for $200+. I just wish I had the (lack of) heart to put my copy up for that kinda money. Almost $200 profit would be great.
  13. That's fuckin' tight @shadowkid33 who did it? A guy I'm trying to book an appointment with was at that convention, Nate Hudak.