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  1. new tattoo appresh

    Did you not see my original post with the link? Obviously I can fucking copy/paste. None of the links given to my when I uploaded the picture imbedded themselves properly. Not that big of a deal to me but you're hellbent on making me seem dumb.
  2. new tattoo appresh

    It's a nightmare on the mobile site.
  3. new tattoo appresh

    http://i65.tinypic.com/dp8thu.jpg posting photos in this board is the most painful experience I've pushed through. Even worse than the tattoo above.
  4. Some Cheap Vinyl at Amazon

    I second this. It packs a good punch and it's probably the most clear that album could sound.
  5. Skateboarding/Skateboard Collecting

    I checked. Those are all like huge shops. Nowhere within a couple states of me is getting it. Supposedly there will be more in November so fingers crossed.
  6. Skateboarding/Skateboard Collecting

    I don't even know where an element store is, probably a few thousand miles away haha.
  7. Skateboarding/Skateboard Collecting

    Yeah I got fucked today. Kept kicking it out of my cart and it was gone by the time the site stopped dying. I'm pretty salty.
  8. Skateboarding/Skateboard Collecting

    Anyone getting one of those Bam reissues? I'm really wanting the plunger (CKY3) graphic, but since they're so limited I'm gonna try to get whatever one I can.
  9. PO Now: The Story so Far - Out of It 7"

    Probably gonna order this evening. I had assumed they were done, but I'm excited for new music. Parker is a no bullshit kinda dude so I don't think they'd keep going if they weren't into it.
  10. Movie and Video Game Soundtracks

    Fuck video game soundtracks Fuck movie soundtracks Fuck this thread
  11. Lydia - Illuminate

    Just think of a 16 year old who heard Circa Survive the first time they smoked pot and thought they were "transcendent" and that was basically every Volta fan I've ever met in person.
  12. Lydia - Illuminate

    Only people who can top the Volta douchebaggery are their fans. Literally everyone I knew was fucking obsessed with them in the Amputechture/Bedlam days.
  13. What video games have you been playing?

    It's become a chore for me as well. Games start to get so exhausting when you have to set goals while playing. I would set out to get X amount of shrines or something before I turned it off, and it became such a task.
  14. What video games have you been playing?

    If any Switch owners were on the fence about Mario+Rabbids, it's totally worth it. I've played it for multiple hours every day since Tuesday, and don't get sick of it. There's a noticeable difficulty spike in the second world that threw me for a loop, and tons of interesting things to find and unlock. I'd dare to say it's more fun than BOTW.
  15. If this had Konstantine, I'd sell my copy of LTTW, replace it with this, and pocket like a hundo. But it doesn't.