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  1. Sly Releases Not Pictured: Probably 8-10 Richard Houghten records which aren't technically Sly VInyl Records but his releases are always posted here
  2. I'm unable to figure out how to post a picture to this thread... Please have mercy on my soul...
  3. Definitely in. Preordered Life Is Everywhere before and was not disappointed. Solid group. Are we going to get any singles/teasers prior to preorder?
  4. Yeah still haven't heard a word about my order. Will settle for streaming for the time being but hopefully it ships soon
  5. I'll throw my hat in the ring as well for a 7" if another person is going and stopping at the booth. PM me and we can work out payment details
  6. Yeah mine shows that I'll get it by this Friday and I ordered really early on. Amazon defaults to the 1-2 months when they have no idea wtf is going on. Went through it with the King Gizzard Oddments posting and it eventually got cancelled. But best of luck to everyone that has an order placed! We all need some soothing Fleet Foxes in our collection
  7. I'll be ending up with a couple extra copies of the blue and can hook someone up with a copy at cost if you pm me.
  8. Finally spinning OKNOTOK and the pressing sounds pretty great. Will need to do a comparison later but very pleased overall. Not that color carries a lot of weight overall but I'm digging the shade of blue they chose
  9. I got my gold copy 1-2 weeks ago.
  10. Regret not ordering the floating fire. the record itself looks great and the contrast is cool. Stil happy with my flightless orders though this record rocks!
  11. Did anyone else catch their Glastonbury performance tonight? What I would've done to be in the crowd that was an amazing performance. CoS has a replay of a professional stream for those that missed and want to check it out:
  12. That was fantastic. I'll have to watch it a few more times today.
  13. Looks like the repress is finally happening!
  14. Second this! Was able to grab some Mezzanine seats in Oakland! Typically I like to be on the floor but Slowdive seems like the type I'll want to be back a bit and relax and just take the show in.
  15. Odesza have announced the release of their second album A Moment Apart out September 8th. Preorder bundles are live on their website here: They're also pressing their earlier EPs Summer's Gone and My Friends Never Die which I'm beyond excited about. A Moment Apart: 01 Intro 02 A Moment Apart 03 Higher Ground [ft. Naomi Wild] 04 Boy 05 Line of Sight [ft. WYNNE and Mansionair] 06 Late Night 07 Across the Room [ft. Leon Bridges] 08 Meridian 09 Everything at Your Feet [ft. The Chamanas] 10 Just a Memory [ft. Regina Spektor] 11 Divide [ft. Kelsey Bulkin] 12 Thin Floors and Tall Ceilings 13 La Ciudad 14 Falls [ft. Sasha Sloan] 15 Show Me 16 Corners of the Earth [ft. RY X]