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  1. Been listening to the track a lot today and really into it. Really want to hit up their Hollywood Bowl show in June.
  2. Delivery date was just changed from end of the month to "Not Yet Available." Looks like it was too good to be true
  3. Phoenix have announced their sixth studio album called Ti Amo out June 9 via Glassnote Records. Preorder the album here:
  4. Can confirm. This shop is the best. Was able to pick up a few items online I wasn't able to get in-store on RSD.
  5. Mine says the same. I'm not going to believe it until I see it sitting on my doorstep and it's opened though
  6. Anyone able to snag one of these? Already sold out...
  7. Anyone going to the concert at the Fillmore tomorrow night and willing to pick me up a shirt? To answer @OldKentuckyShark above, I think the Altered Beast and Vomit Coffin color schemes go best with the album art. So I ordered those two. I'm a simple man.
  8. Their instagram post says preorders go live on April 11th.
  9. I'm diggin' ALL of the remixes that came out today. On heavy rotation over here.
  10. My body is ready for some QOTSA. This means new songs at OSL this August!
  11. Yeah I think the repress has been up for a month or so and already been fulfilling orders. I believe their debut album only had signed versions in the UK store. Nonetheless, didn't want to take the chance...
  12. Preorders are live here: Can buy the standalone record or a variety of different bundles. Currently can buy a signed version of the album but don't know how long that will last for. P.S. be forewarned that the shipping on this is ludicrous. Mine came out to $11.25.
  13. Up on Amazon for you. Up on Amazon for you.
  14. I sprung for it. Fingers crossed. Would be a pleasant surprise if this actually went through!
  15. Always hate NC prices but I still didn't own this gem on vinyl so decided to grab the splatter.