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  1. That was fantastic. I'll have to watch it a few more times today.
  2. Looks like the repress is finally happening!
  3. Second this! Was able to grab some Mezzanine seats in Oakland! Typically I like to be on the floor but Slowdive seems like the type I'll want to be back a bit and relax and just take the show in.
  4. Odesza have announced the release of their second album A Moment Apart out September 8th. Preorder bundles are live on their website here: They're also pressing their earlier EPs Summer's Gone and My Friends Never Die which I'm beyond excited about. A Moment Apart: 01 Intro 02 A Moment Apart 03 Higher Ground [ft. Naomi Wild] 04 Boy 05 Line of Sight [ft. WYNNE and Mansionair] 06 Late Night 07 Across the Room [ft. Leon Bridges] 08 Meridian 09 Everything at Your Feet [ft. The Chamanas] 10 Just a Memory [ft. Regina Spektor] 11 Divide [ft. Kelsey Bulkin] 12 Thin Floors and Tall Ceilings 13 La Ciudad 14 Falls [ft. Sasha Sloan] 15 Show Me 16 Corners of the Earth [ft. RY X]
  5. You can grab this from Asthmatic Kitty for $25.50 shipped using the coupon code "ORACLE-GHOST." On a side note, the album was a decent listen the first time through but seems like one that needs to grow on me.
  6. Just received shipping confirmation on the gold! Seems like forever ago I ordered this...
  7. Liking the first single a lot. Preordered
  8. Great to wake up to some new Sam Beam! In for the deluxe on this one
  9. I received this info from Fat Beats earlier this week.
  10. Bought this with no hesitation. Interesting concept for the album art. Would be interesting to see the breakdown when all is said and done
  11. Was able to get an order in so hopefully it doesn't get cancelled. Thanks for the heads up on the restock!
  12. Anyone that grabbed either and wants to trade scope my discogs in my footer. want this really bad...
  13. You haven't been part of the King Gizz hype yet apparently. Flightless releases are almost always $40. Expensive but you gotta pay to rip to these Aussie boys. Worth it imo
  14. The Murlocs newest album "Old Locomotive" is up for preorder over at Flightless Records: Limited to 3000 black/gold split records
  15. RAC has announced his second full-length album out via Counter Records title EGO. Available in limited edition clear vinyl as well as the standard black here: Tracklist is as follows: 1. Fever (feat. KNA) 2. I Still Wanna Know (feat. Rivers Cuomo) 3. Nobody (feat. Chaos Chaos) 4. Unusual (feat. MNDR) 5. This Song (feat. Rostam) 6. No One Has to Know (feat. Joywave) 7. The Beautiful Game (feat. St. Lucia) 8. Johnny Cash (feat. Scavenger Hunt) 9. It's a Shame (feat. Pink Feathers) 10. Be (feat. Jordan Corey) 11. Heartbreak Summer (feat. K.Flay) 12. Find a Way (feat. ALICE MK) 13. Heavy (feat. Karl Kling) 14. End