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  1. Possible two ways depending on if/how the website allows it: Type 9999 into the stock requested box or Look at the source code and you can see inventory left
  2. Seems like they worked out the exchange rates through the store (speaking from the US point of view). I ordered from the UK store and mine came out to $380 for the super deluxe which sounds the same as the US store. Still in a daze about scrambling to spend that kind of money but we'll see how I feel tomorrow. New songs are great though! Between this and VMP Demon Days I'm pretty excited.
  3. Having issues ordering the super deluxe from Amazon UK...telling me bad parameters when I check out. Anyone else have this issue?
  4. Debating about going hard in the paint and ordering the super deluxe...
  5. Is the art book and vinyl still in stock somewhere?
  6. I missed out on the art book and deluxe :-/ Anyone happen to pick up an extra copy?
  7. I've never sent out a referral link before. Guess now is as good a time as any:
  8. One in the US and one in Europe. That person should feel pretty lucky! I have to say the new album was fairly hit and miss speaking from somebody who's a fairly new listener to Spoon. I have "they Want My Soul" and really enjoy that album. Any recommendations on past releases I should listen to? I know Ga x5 has always been hyped...
  9. Based off this I don't feel like my wallet is going to take a huge hit. I definitely want the Cinematic Orchestra release if confirmed I've been wanting that album for a long time. Guess I'll be standing in line outside Amoeba again this year...
  10. Listened to the single on my way to work and proceeded to listen to his debut when I got to the office. Definitely in for this release. Vocals like Gary Clark and backing band like Alabama shakes.
  11. I'm from CO and already flying back for Odesza in May....mighty tempting to fly back for this one too.
  12. I'm in San Francisco and ordered through this link. Expected to arrive on 3/16. We'll see what happens. Will report back once it arrives.
  13. Excited for the new album! Heard them play a few of the songs off it last October and they were great!
  14. New variant up on their bandcamp. Yellow wax with alternate yellow and red album cover: