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  1. Damn that turned out amazing! Looks like the blob is is breaking out of the record! Giving this album a listen now...
  2. I think they're a little disorganized over there so I wouldn't lose hope quite. I placed an order when they originally went up only to get an email saying that they were out of stock and would offer me a refund on my order so I cancelled. Two days later they emailed me again and said they were getting a shipment in so I told them to reopen my order and luckily they were able to. Who knows...
  3. I bought tickets for the SF show using the presale code "RATTLESNAKE" The Warfield is gonna get rowdy!
  4. ATO Records variants are up: https://atorecords.shop.musictoday.com/dept/king-gizzard-amp-the-lizard-wizard--gumboot-soup-pre-order?cp=126_68335_99775
  5. Still haven't received my splatter copies since USPS decided to bypass SF and send my package out to Hawaii for a quick vacation: https://imgur.com/FlzXPiT
  6. PO: Superorganism - Superorganism

    Grabbed the signed off their bandcamp the other day. There two singles they've released are pretty damn catchy. Hva ebeen listening to these guys a lot lately.
  7. I got the same email yesterday. Bummed that happened but would've been extremely lucky to get it in the first place.
  8. PO NOW: Car Seat Headrest - Twin Fantasy

    http://www.bullmoose.com/p/26683488/car-seat-headrest-twin-fantasy Link for Bullmoose preorder
  9. Grabbed one as well. I was on the cusp of buying one last time they were on sale and kicked myself for not pulling the trigger. Thanks!
  10. PO: Velvet Underground - Boxset

    Worth checking your spam folder in your email to confirm if you ordered or not. They sent an email out at the beginning of November saying that they were going to start shipping soon. Still took another month but at least it finally arrived.
  11. PO: Velvet Underground - Boxset

    Just a heads up for those considering this, I ordered the Velvet Underground & Nico release from them way back in June and just received it in the mail on Monday after repeated delays.
  12. There's also going to be a gold variant sold at record stores: Hopefully can track this one down too. And I hope the gold actually turns out the way it looks in the mockup
  13. Just noticed there was an orange variant that was sold at her Tokyo show. If anyone sees a link to buy it/has one to trade let me know!
  14. Got my golds in the mail today and like how the translucent gold looks with "One Day I'll Be On Time." Anyone else's jacket for Orchestrated come in the mail a little beat up? Mine came looking like it had been on the shelf/floor a little bit but maybe it's just the black jacket that's making it stand out. Spinning both tonight!
  15. Whew was able to grab both splatters! Coming off the recent high of seeing her on Tuesday had me indulge myself...