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  1. What store has the red version? I think that one has the 7"
  2. I was super bummed about this! I bought the signed one anyway. I just wanna hear those songs on the 7" had anyone here made digital copies of those two songs from the 7"? If so I'd you could send them my way I would be forever grateful. Body Bags is my favorite John Carpenter movie (I know it's not his best but I watched it a lot as a kid).
  3. RIP Chuck Mosley

    I'm super bummed about this.
  4. Ah sweet, thanks! I really hope they have a copy of that Sunday in Toronto.
  5. Wow, that is beautiful! Any idea if that came with a 7" @djghost1976? Thanks for the quick replies everyone!
  6. Has anyone went to any of the John Carpenter shows this fall? I'm curious what the merch situation is like. I remember reading about a tour variant of the new Anthology but I can't find anything about it now. I'm going on Sunday and it would be great to know if I should get there early for a tour variant or not.
  7. Looks like the amazon listings are gone, except for a seller in the UK selling Deviations for $71 plus $3.99 shipping.
  8. PO NOW: Jets To Brazil reissues

    I really wish someone would press Terror Sex, it's my favorite JOA album other than Life Like and possibly the newest one. Hopefully there's a repress Joan of Arc, Dick Cheney, Mark Twain sometime soon as well.
  9. I looked for an existing Topic but I couldn't find one, my apologies if there's already a Topic for this album. The Replacements live album comes out this Friday. There are a bunch of Indie Store Exclusives that have bonuses including small cardboard cutouts, bumper stickers, posters, etc. There are also listening parties Sadly it doesn't look like any Canadian stores are getting any of these but I figured I'd post this so other people can attend. If anyone gets any extra promo materials they don't want please let me know. http://www.rhino.com/the-replacements-indie-retail#gwp
  10. PO Soon: TWIN PEAKS

    Was the insert exclusive to Barnes and Noble? Obviously the signed one was. But my Green copy of the soundtrack didn't have an insert or anything.
  11. I'm stoked for these two parts but devastated that this is the end. Hopefully they do another season but who the hell knows.
  12. Fuck.... that would be perfect. He's coming to Toronto November 12th so I'm happy!
  13. I'm very stoked about this! I went all in with the Deluxe limited edition. The band was amazing live and the new recording of In the Mouth of Madness on the bandcamp page is great! https://johncarpentermusic.bandcamp.com/album/anthology-movie-themes-1974-1998 The bandcamp page also says they'll be announcing tour dates after this comes out. Here's hoping for a Toronto show this time so I don't have to drive to the US.
  14. PO Soon: TWIN PEAKS

    I really want a Gordon Cole, and a Deputy Hawk. I'm also tempted to get a scott pilgram and turn it into a Wally Brando.