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  1. Thanks for the post Caleb! Just missed the Clear/100 Touche, but grabbed one of the (I think) Green/300 (or is it the Clear Green /200). Pumped either way, thanks again!
  2. Same, I saw the link maybe only 45 minutes after they announced it and it was already gone Would have loved to see them at such a small venue like Mercury Lounge.
  3. Nice, I haven't pulled the trigger on one yet, but I agree that the larger acts are definitely placed on the site to entice the potential. My buddy actually ended up not going, so I'm not sure who it turned out to be, sorry.
  4. A few friends of mine have in NYC and I was actually offered a ticket to a sofar show in NY last night but turned it down. I'll find out who/how it was and if it's worth the gamble.
  5. My dad and I used to listen to this CD on early morning drives to go fishing when I was a kid. I loved screaming "We'll kick your asses!" at the end of Get What You Give, thinking I was so cool for cursing. This would have made a great father's day gift if it were out earlier, but there's no question that I'm ordering regardless. Great memories with this album.
  6. I do love PV, but wish younger me did get a chance to see them as a more rowdy group from the S/T or Magnolia days. Definitely excited to see how this comes out.
  7. So far for me (no order in particular) Free Throw - Bear Your Mind Origami Angel - Quiet Hours EP Dryjacket - For Posterity (actually this is my favorite of the year currently) Sorority Noise - Your're Not As ____ As You Think Pet Symmetry - Vision Macseal - Yeah, No, I Know EP Excited for: Perspective, a Lovely Hand to Hold - What Not to Do McCafferty - Thanks. Sorry. Sure. EP
  8. same, thank you!
  9. Same, this is beautiful. Really woke me up on my commute to work. Super excited to see them when they tour!
  10. pm'd
  11. New song: 'Hope Spot' Actually saw them play this live in NYC as a teaser in the fall before they announced the new album.
  12. As an Islander fan, there's nothing more satisfying than a Ranger elimination at home. The air seemed fresher this morning.