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  1. Spinning my gold variant as I type this. Was able to get it for a pretty reasonable price on Reddit. Sounds amazing so far!
  2. If anyone is in the NYC or LA area and is willing to grab me a Gold variant of the new album at the pop-up shop, let me know and I'll PayPal you! Thanks in advance!
  3. I actually canceled my BullMoose order. After a few listens, this really isn't for me.
  4. I'll give my two cents. I'm an old school Monkeys fan. Their early stuff Eps, big fan of their first four albums. A few tracks off of AM were good, but overall, I wasn't a giant fan of that record. Not to mention, their fan base took a real turn for the worst. Now when you see them, it's just a bunch of fangirls on their phones taking pictures of Alex. After the first two listens of this album, I'm again, not really a fan of where they're going. Lyrically, it's not strong (that right off the bat lyric about The Strokes is extremely cringeworthy. Not to mention "kiss me underneath the moon's side boob"... Come on AT. As many have mentioned, it feels like this album shouldn't be an Arctic Monkeys record, but more so an Alex Turner featuring the Arctic Monkeys release. I wouldn't be surprised if they break up or go on an indefinite hiatus after this album cycle. I know he's trying to showcase his Bowie influence, but it doesn't really work here. I do feel like over time, this has potential to grow on me a bit more, but for right now, I'm not a fan.
  5. AdamJNovak

    Husker Du - Savage Young Du

    Sorry guys, I posted about it in the RSD leftovers thread (because I got mine at the Numero pop up shop in Chicago on RSD). They did say they had 36 left when they put them up on their website and that they would be bringing the remaining copies to their pop up store in NYC which started today.
  6. No tax. It was $80 flat at the pop up shop yesterday. Shocked it didn't sell out quick. By the time it was opened, there were maybe 20 people in line. First guy and his wife got there at 6:30 in the morning. My buddy and I were second and third in line and got there around 8:45ish.
  7. AdamJNovak

    Record Store Day 2018

    Put this in the online sales thread, but thought I would also drop it in here. Yesterday, Numero Group released a limited to 100 pressing on "skittles" colored vinyl of their Savage Young Du boxset at their Chicago pop up shop. I was able to snag one, but their remaining stock is now online.
  8. Numero Group released their Savage Young Du boxset on "Skittles" colored vinyl limited to 100 yesterday at their pop up shop in Chicago. I was able to snag one, but if anyone's interested, they released their remaining stock online. It was $80 at the pop up and their selling it for $100 online... https://twitter.com/numerogroup/status/988123355365683203
  9. AdamJNovak

    Record Store Day 2018

    I'm looking for A sea of Split Peas picture disc. Sadly 1234 doesn't seem to have it in stock anymore.
  10. AdamJNovak

    Record Store Day 2018

    Any Courtney Barnett picture discs at cost? I purchased one on Ebay, but it was $37 shipped. Seems like it was going for about $10-$15 less.
  11. AdamJNovak

    Record Store Day 2018

    Looks like they already did....
  12. AdamJNovak

    Record Store Day 2018

    If anyone comes across a Courtney Barnett picture disc, let me know.
  13. AdamJNovak

    Record Store Day 2018

    If anyone can snag me Ben Kweller, I’d really appreciate it. My local didn’t have it...