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  1. This band kicks ass, loved negative qualities. Apparently the singer's family are gold miners in Alaska or something, and when he's not touring or recording he goes and does that lol
  2. If anyone knows where I can still get a blue copy, let me know....
  3. It's a KL. Who cares if it's "lazy", that's his signature. I'd say it's unique in its simplicity. That being said, I accidentally slept on this, and if anyone happens to have ordered two, I'd happily buy one from ya.
  4. goddamn $40 for an album is ridiculous but my dumb ass is ordering anyway. red looks good and hopefully the signature is an improvement over UU... although that would mean one of them wasn't KL.
  5. You need to have a serious conversation with your gf. Everyone knows Breakout was her best album.
  6. Shipping is $3. Tigers Jaw - S/T - cream /400 - $25 Incubus - If Not Now, When? - $45 Wilco - Schmilco - 180g, signed by band - $55 Third Eye Blind - Out of the Vein - green vinyl - offer SOLD
  7. PO SOON: entire Tool catalog
  8. Just a couple things I don't really need. This: and this: which is autographed by the band. PM your offers or your first born children.
  9. Took mine like 3 weeks to arrive. Hang in there.
  10. FYI, this is back in stock:
  11. Should've updated this sooner, but I already have it worked out with someone. Thanks y'all.
  12. I'm actually quite a fan of INNW? Nice chill vibe great for weekend spins.
  13. I'd highly recommend, the folks over there are tapedeck enthusiasts and will give some good recommendations. A lot of people over there are fans of Nakamichi decks -- Japanese company that made high end decks that can usually be found at very affordable prices now due to lack of interest from the masses. I have one of their entry level decks and it sounds great, would highly recommend looking into them. Maybe check your local craigslist or ebay.