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  1. Shipping is $3 Half Japanese - Greatest Hits - Blue Vinyl, Trifold Jacket - $40 Nothing - Guilty of Everything - Deluxe black & white with o-card jacket and logo slipmat - $60 (has a scuff on side B, between two songs, that causes a little clicking but goes away after 30 seconds or so) Sonic Youth - Goo - early EU press, not sure of year. Either first pressing or first reissue from what I can tell. - $20 SOLD Coldplay - X&Y - $18 Britney Spears - ... Baby One More Time 12" single - $666
  2. I'm sure there are plenty like me who didn't sign up in time. If anyone doesn't want theirs or isn't really into the band, I'd happily pay nicely for it, just PM me.
  3. Beautiful! Hoping mine looks similar. How's the sound?
  4. For anyone whose copy hasn't moved yet, here's the response I got from TR: "Apologies for the delay. This has shipped out and the delay is because of the storm. I've set up an alert for your package but it should scan soon. This also happens sometimes with huge volumes of pick ups. I don't think you need to worry yet, let's give it a few more days to watch out for any movements. I can send a download to you if you'd like."
  5. Last year I think I bought 14 items on RSD. Most were worth it, a few were fun gimmicks, and one was something I'd been wanting reissued for a while (Pinback). This year I'm buying zero. Zero things. I'll probably just go in and buy a non-RSD title from a few stores and watch whatever local bands are playing.
  6. I've had luck buying gaming stuff on here before so if anyone has a steam controller they'd be willing to sell, let me know.
  7. So only Iha is confirmed then. D'arcy hasn't exactly given the green light yet.
  8. Literally just watched that video because it's the first thing jorts made me think of, besides Tobias. Love that little shuffle at the end.