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  1. PO NOW: Bon Iver - Emma, Forever Ago (ltd reissue)

    No idea, but if you had buyer's remorse, I'm sure someone here would take it for cost, especially when they're gone.
  2. PO NOW: Bon Iver - Emma, Forever Ago (ltd reissue)

    Ah, they had been as of yesterday. They probably took it off the website to see how many got purchased at the show, and leftovers are back up now. I have a feeling these won't last super long.
  3. Link for the lazy:
  4. Prices include shipping in US. All these are NM unless otherwise noted. I believe all of these are priced under Discogs/Ebay prices. Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American - 150g black - Signed by band in silver paintpen (looks awesome) - $120 Photo: * Note the little dotted-line at the top, the print was torn off weirdly in that spot because an album in one of those sleeves with the sticky flap was pressed up against it then moved. I bet you could color it in a bit with the right blue marker, but I'll leave as is for now. The Sundays - Blind - RSD 2017 pressing, brown vinyl - $90 (note: no off-center label or warping as some others had. Sounds great.) Tigers Jaw - S/T - cream colored - $25 Spritualized - Ladies And Gentlemen... - 180g black - $27 Jackson C. Frank - S/T - 4 Men With Beards pressing - $60 Half-Japanese - Greatest Hits - 3xLP blue vinyl - $40 (this one is actually not NM. It is cosmetically, but has some light crackling throughout. I'd say it doesn't overpower the music, though.) Radiohead - The King of Limbs - 2x10" Limited deluxe/newspaper edition - $50 Placebo - Without You I'm Nothing - ltd. yellow vinyl - $40
  5. Anyone listen to his most recent appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast? Fascinating dude. A lot of really insightful conversation, and it was funny to hear him make drool sounds when talking about cheese and wine (he owns a vineyard) and discuss taking his Yorkie puppy on airplanes as an emotional support dog because he doesn't want to pay extra for it, lol.
  6. PO NOW: Bon Iver - Emma, Forever Ago (ltd reissue)

    The mix sounds the same. However my copy is nearly dead-silent as far as surface noise, it's a joy to listen to. However it looks like they've been taken off their website, or sold out at their 10th anniversary For Emma show last weekend. I was there and every other person I walked by was carrying a copy. Shame that half of them will be spun on Crosleys then framed and hung on a wall.
  7. I'll buy it off you if you don't want it. Would be quicker than ordering one from the band's site.
  8. Ah, a simple misunderstanding, burn me at the stake! Well I hope you all get copies for decent prices. I wonder why they upped it so much.
  9. I paid 35 shipped to MN the day POs went up.
  10. Didn't say they can't have an opinion, I'm just sharing my own opinion. The album is $24 and the quality of the jacket and pressing is perfect. Shipping overseas is $12. I'm not sure how people think those prices are unfair, or are expecting lower unless they show up on USA Amazon or in stores. I was mostly posting for those on the fence about ordering it, letting them know it's done very nicely. I happily paid $35 for one of my all time favorite albums because it was done right and sounds great.
  11. That's exactly what I meant.
  12. I'm in love with this pressing. It. Sounds. Amazing. People whining about $35 shipped for an album from the UK are goofy, especially when it's a quality product, trust me this thing is worth it.
  13. I ordered as soon as they went up for sale last year and got it today in MN. Spinning now, sounds fantastic. Was a bit scared when I saw the mailer was one of those thin dent-able flimsy cardboard ones, but no damage was done.
  14. https://www.trackyourparcel.eu Enter your order # and zip code, and it'll tell you when the package was actually shipped. My MBV account says shipped 1/15, but this says 1/23. I'm just antsy because I want to be the first to get a nice vinyl rip of it up on Redacted
  15. Cool! I'm in. Nevermind didn't know it cost $
  16. All prices include media mail shipping within the US. Paypal or local pickup in St Paul, MN. Spiritualized - Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space - Mint - standard black - discogs - $21 Sleep Party People - Lingering - Mint - clear & pink Joyful Noise VIP pressing - discogs - $32 Sound of Ceres - The Twin - Mint - oxblood and bone Joyful Noise VIP pressing - discogs - $40 Toots & The Maytals - Unplugged on Strawberry Hill - Mint - numbered, sun colored, /1500 - discogs - $20 Tigers Jaw - Tigers Jaw - Mint - cream /400 - discogs - $25
  17. Can offer PayPal, or a trade: https://www.discogs.com/user/electric_dolphin/collection Been enthralled with this album lately. I've heard the 2010 reissues don't do the originals justice. Let me know if you got one.
  18. Anyone overseas pick up Loveless today? Dying to know how it sounds. Mine says it was dispatched on the 15th.
  19. Is there really no official thread for this yet? The band has been hinting about news coming out today. https://instagram.com/p/BBKzrb7i5w6/
  20. I've wanted an album or poster signed by these guys for a while, and I think my chances are slim to get one in the future given the circumstances. Let me know if you're interested.