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  1. Yeah, it's pretty wild to see Jeff Cobb, Chuckie T and Sami Callihan in NJPW. On top of that, they added Scurll, Rhodes and ZSJ to the roster and got Suzuki-gun, Hiromu, RPG 3K and Ibushi back this year, which made so many fantastic match-ups possible (that Ibushi-Tana match from Power Struggle for example, holy shit). I gotta say, since losing Nakamura, three of the most important Bullet Club members and the NOAH partnership last year, the product has actually gotten even better and the match quality has never been higher.
  2. This is so surreal, especially with Jericho always saying he'd only ever wrestle for WWE. I love everything about this. I'm not even mad Omega-Ibushi won't happen just yet. On top of being a dream match, Omega-Jericho is gonna get a lot of attention and hopefully more long-term NJPW fans as well. The WK 12 card is already pretty wild and it's still missing the rest of LIJ and CHAOS, as well as Juice, Elgin, ZSJ and Suzuki: Naito-Okada - IWGP HW Omega-Jericho - US HW Tanahashi-White - IC HW Scurll-Ospreay-Hiromu-KUSHIDA - JR HW Rhodes-Ibushi - ROH HW Bucks-RPG 3K - JR TAG
  3. While that's a shame, that doesn't change my opinion on him as a wrestler. Holy fucking shit at those WWE news though. Styles-Balor is a dream match and Kurt Angle returns to the ring? That's a lot to process. Not to mention that these are two big angles that should have gotten a lot of build-up but oh well. TLC just became must-see and I guess that's all that matters to them.
  4. Ah I see, thanks. That's pretty cool (haven't seen the Columbus show but I've heard good things). Definitely watch the Chicago show - maybe not the full thing (since it's quite long) but there's at least three fantastic matches, plus three absolutely hysterical matches. I don't know where Flip Gordon suddenly came from but I'm really impressed by what I've seen so far. And Ospreay is definitely in the BITW Top 10.
  5. Speaking of the Network, my 90 day free trial is gonna be over next month and does anyone know if I'm obligated to pay the 9,99 even if I cancel before the deadline? Also, has anyone seen King of Pro Wrestling and the last day of Global Wars? So many great matches happened.
  6. Main shows are shit but NXT is pretty great right now (205 as well). Anyway, to those who aren't following Lucha Underground: You're seriously missing out. Ultima Lucha started last week and it had the most brutal match I've seen in a decade. WWE going PG and NJPW sticking to traditional match types made me forget how fucking violent pro wrestling can be.
  7. Yeah, it hasn't been anything particularly mind-blowing so far. Kairi-Tessa, Piper-Santana and Gabert-Laith were the standouts and I enjoyed seeing Candice LeRae, Toni Storm and Shayna Baszler as well. I also expect it to get better though (although I have no hope for commentary, since Lita just isn't made for that and JR is way past his prime unfortunately). Speaking of commentary, JBL is gone. Ideally, they'd call up Nigel but it's probably gonna be Otunga or King.
  8. Game Of Thrones: Season Seven

    Except Stannis lol (and one of the Sand Snakes) I really hope Tormund and Beric survived. Edd too (seems like everyone's forgotten about him).
  9. Game Of Thrones: Season Seven

    This season might be my favorite season of any show, ever.
  10. I hope they keep the title on Asuka as well, especially if she isn't out for too long. I'm not even sure if I want her to lose the title to someone else - Ember is great in the ring but her character (or lack thereof) and promos are hilariously bad. And the others just aren't on the same level. Either wait for Kairi's debut or let her show up on the main shows and have her win one of the Women's Titles, which would force her to vacate the NXT Title (like they did with Paige 3 years ago). I'm scared on how they're gonna use her on the main shows though. Her streak would probably be broken on a random episode, just like it happened to Charlotte, Neville and Nakamura.
  11. True but I liked their last match a lot more than the other ones they've had, where it was just shit finish after shit finish. At least this one was entertaining with the shenanigans involving Shane and had a definite ending. It is kinda baffling that they've barely had a match without any needless controversy though. On a sidenote, is anyone else excited for the Mae Young Classic? I think it's really promising and there's a bunch of great talent there. I think either Best Girl Kairi or Toni Storm win the whole thing.
  12. Main event really was great and so were the two Tag Title matches and the US Championship. Braun is a fucking star and Cesaro destroying the beachball was hilarious. But pretty much everything else was nothing special. I'm so fucking done with Mahal and I can't believe they sacrificed Nakamura like that.
  13. That was easily the best WWE PPV of 2017 and I'm not sure how they can top it because it was so fucking good. The "worst" match was probably the main event, which shows how stacked the card was (MOTN either being the opener or the women). And of course:
  14. Game Of Thrones: Season Seven

    Not sure if this is a spoiler since it's just my reaction but oh well
  15. I think this year's G1 could very well go down as the greatest tournament ever. I mean, there were three 5-star matches in the past three days. Hell, they might've been even higher than 5. Fucking hell.