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  1. No, I'm not Guy Fieri I'm looking for people's recommendations on places to eat and record stores I'm aware what a road trip is. This is not a typical one though. I will rent a car in San Francisco and drop it off in Miami I'm from Portugal
  2. In September I'll be spending 3 weeks in the US roadtrippin' from San Francisco to Miami. We want to go through San Francisco, Las Vegas, Austin and New Orleans but want to visit mostly countryside. We're coming up with a proper plan but I'm interested in knowing what places (record stores, restaurants, dives, diners, bars, etc) you guys would recommend.
  3. Yeah me too please. I'm all in for a place where you can share new bands and speak about the actual music and not random bonkers bullshit
  4. Pretty solid stuff. Having a good time listening to this. Thanks!
  5. Here you go (in order): First EP Lady Cobra Homem Elefante
  6. Ahah yeah it's great stuff! I have been listening to it quite a lot recently as well as their back catalog. Was it the post of their previous record you saw on Instagram?That was probably me.
  7. In other news, and to get back on topic: Cool new album by Lithuanian band called Autism (I know... weird choice of name). They've also released this on vinyl. If you don't know them, they're on the darker side of Post Rock/Metal. Autism - Film Noir
  8. Set and Setting is really good. Took me a few listens to get there. Think I'm going to pull the trigger on the Dunk variant. The Junius track was also good but I don't feel confident enough to pre-order. Still waiting for a few more tracks to be released. On another note, what are your guys' take on the Malammar album? It didn't really get my attention last year when it was released but got to listen to this bad boy a few times during this weekend and find it pretty good. Lots of sludgy and doomy riffs if you're into that kind of stuff.
  9. This is good
  10. Here's some stuff that I'm anticipating in the post-whatever world. Some of these don't really have a confirmed release date: Pijn Set and Setting Glories Legendary Skies Town Portal Baulta Toundra Ranges Sisters Of This Patch of Sky Astralia Fourteen Nights at Sea Rocket Miner Junius Cloudkicker Riding Pânico Glasir BLAK
  11. This is really good stuff. You were right... completely under the radar! No Facebook page and nothing really came up on most post rock groups.
  12. Sorry this came out wrong. Meant to say that this record was actually released on vinyl Link
  13. This was released on vinyl (Glasgow Coma Scale)