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  1. I ordered at the very beginning of it being online, and am still waiting for a shipping notification.
  2. Aren't the first 2000 already pressed and shipping soon?
  3. The IG post still says 10am.
  4. Athletics - BFRSD

    I'm taking it @whoa!
  5. Boom, 32, this man is my new hero!
  6. Athletics - BFRSD

    I'm in no matter what it is as well
  7. Man, that Counterparts...
  8. PO: The National - Sleep Well Beast

    I cancelled my order from the eu 4AD store and got my money back. I actually just received the vinyl. Yeah, free vinyl!
  9. PO: The National - Sleep Well Beast

    I contacted B&N about the door hanger. Their answer: "Upon checking, the item you ordered is a signed LP as shown on the website." Still waiting for it though.
  10. New deadhorse https://squareup.com/store/deadhorse
  11. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    I made him an offer, still waiting for his answer.