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  1. Spinning my green The Beyond now finally! This thing sounds really great! I was expecting the low end to be a bit punchier but it that's a minor detail; it's a little underwhelming vs. what I was anticipating. Either way, it sounds really good! Nice and quiet pressing. Its fun revisiting this older stuff and seeing where the later albums came from and trying to pick out the pieces from this early stuff that would lead them to the later albums.
  2. (PO) Appalaches - Mon vinyl release

    Hang tight guys, it's being worked on There will be a cheaper solution coming soon; it seems there was an error when setting up the tiers via indiegogo. The records are being pressed in Europe, so it looks like they may just get shipped to the USA for those of us here, and to Canada for those in Canada. Wisdom, are you in Canada yourself? Or are you in the states? If you are in Canada, what is a typical domestic shipping rate for 1 LP?
  3. (PO) Appalaches - Mon vinyl release

    Oooof.... shit, you're right. Fuck. I'm going to try to come up with some solution to this; they're just in Montreal so it shouldn't be too much of a hassle to just drive those records across the border and ship them from here for anybody in the USA who bought one. I will report back.
  4. Great news! Link is under the picture; very reasonable prices, and some cool bundles. This band deserves to have this happen. Such great guys who make incredible music. I've never participated in a crowd-funding thing before, so this will be my first time! Taken from Facebook: We asked you if you would be interested in getting Mòn on vinyl. Your response has been tremendous. Now the time has come to realize this project together! Get involved in our crowdfunding campaign to get your hands on this very special edition of our first album. New design and remastered songs. 250 copies available. After that, it's gone...forever! Follow the link below for all the details. And share the good news! Cheers! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/appalaches-mon-vinyl-release--2#/ Listen to the album here:
  5. I can understand that, because that's how I feel about jam bands today basically, even death metal too. So maybe it's just a factor of me still being relatively new to post-rock; it's really been only like 3-4 years for me. For me, the uniformity doesn't matter so much as whether it "gets there" for me and pushes the right buttons. Because it's interesting, there are some bands that I thought were incredible when I first got into the genre which I struggle to enjoy now. Oddly enough, some of the Joy Wants Eternity material is like that for me. I still love them, and some of their stuff is great, but some of it now I listen to now and it seems meandering and doesn't really "go" anywhere. Another example of this is the band Glaciers. I got both of those albums early on and I don't think I've spun them in like 2 years... it seems very basic and uninspiring to me now when you discover the likes of Caspian, Mono, Silent Whale, Of the Vine, etc, etc. Those TSBB tracks still achieve liftoff for me with the climaxes, and I just love his chill guitar melodies. So who knows haha. Just glad you guys listened! Another new act I've been seen thrown around a lot lately is this: https://fbts.bandcamp.com/album/story-of-collapsing-galaxies They sort of make me think of Maserati meets Colaris. Really spacey, heavy-groove post-rock. Some parts are really brilliant and really exciting. Other times the riffs seem very basic and bland. One other new thing I'm fairly confident you guys will dig though is the new A Thousand Arms signing, a band called Girih from New Hampshire. They're kinda like everything. Elements of math, elements of post-rock, some heavy post-metal stuff.... kind of a moody blended mixture of it all. I usually hate math rock too, but they use the elements in a tasteful way, rather than "Here's me tapping at 190bpm with stutters and glitches every other bar" kinda thing lol.
  6. haha i never said it was groundbreaking! It's very traditional and by-the-book, form-wise; I just think it's really well done. I really like the guitar work in it, I think he's very creative in the way he composes his licks/phrases/movements/etc. And yeah, I noticed the songs were all basically the same length, and most of them follow the same trajectory. Usually something like that would turn me off, but for whatever reason with this project, I like the content despite the context being uniform. I know many of you guys appreciate the more.... mmm... avant-garde stuff, I suppose? I really could care less about that usually; it doesn't have to be breaking new ground for me to find value and enjoyment. If I like how it sounds, we're good; form concerns usually come later I suppose.
  7. Dude, you're going to love it. This guy has such a talent for writing catchy guitar stuff. It never gets stale or boring, and the pacing of the songs is perfect. Never too long. I'll check out that Watter stuff now, I've seen them thrown around a bit too.
  8. Coming in early for what is definitely a contender for tops of 2018, a debut project from the UK. This band/album was produced and helped out by dudes from Coastlands. It is *much* better than Coastlands IMO. Definitely give this a spin, this stuff is really fucking good. It mixes the slow-build, low-dynamic style of S/T by TWDY or This Patch of Sky with soaring melodies and crushing guitar peaks, a tactic we have heard many times before. Pretty "traditional" as far as style goes, but man this stuff is really well-done. The sense of melody is very strong and the songs remain interesting, something which is very difficult with this style of slow-burn post-rock. The "chill" parts of these songs are fresh and engaging for me, and they never drag out longer than necessary. I strongly urge all of you to check this out, I think all of us here are going to really dig this. https://thesunburnsbright.bandcamp.com/releases
  9. Just a little update guys, the pressing plant fucked up the holographic slipcase for the BLAK record so they were delayed a week. Will be coming soon! EDIT: I'm glad we got our records when we did because Paypal's exchange rate has dropped even more, it's down to $1usd = .78 Euro so we'd be paying even more. Sheesh.
  10. Black Metal Discussion Thread

    hahaha right on. Check out the whole album on Bandcamp dude. It's fucking incredible. They're so viscious. They also have a new album coming, and you can hear a preview track, which I'll link here: https://grue.bandcamp.com/ These guys are fucking riff masters, and the drummer might be the best underground drummer out there. The ending of this track is huge.
  11. Thanks dude. Yeah this one was a lot haha, it was kind of a frantic last minute thing, and it's a struggle because I can't give accurate shipping quotes until I get confirmations from people so it's a big juggling act. I don't mind doing it though because I love organizing these things so we can all get the things we want, and save a little bit of money in the process It makes it feel more like a community to me, because we're doing things in real life and not just talking to each other on a computer screen. I live for that shit. Also thanks to everybody who has chipped in a few bucks, it's massively appreciated. I've got our shipping materials all procured, so we're set there! You guys are going to get battleships haha.
  12. Black Metal Discussion Thread

    I would at least give the songs "Mother North" and "Nemesis Divina" a second look because those tracks had a lot of good things I liked about them. I rarely listen to metal anymore these days, but this album had me engaged. If I'm listening to black metal today, its either Grue (a local band from New Hampshire that is literally fucking unreal and should be huge), Immortal, or Deafheaven/Show Me A Dinosaur. I still enjoy the medium, but it was all i listened to as a kid so I'm a little bit "over it" i guess you could say. Immortal is still so fucking good though. You guys would really do well to check this track out. As mentioned before, they're from New Hampshire and it blows me away that they don't gain any traction anywhere. Their drummer is a madman, and they have a really unique sound that I don't find in any other bands.
  13. Thank you guys, it's much appreciated. Lesson learned for next time, definitely. It mean it's basically just a couple dollars per person, but I feel awful about it because i fucked up.
  14. I'm going to tag everybody here because it's easier than making a new thread, and I've just learned a valuable lesson haha. I need to calculate prices based on Paypal's exchange rate, and not the Global market rate because they are not the same. I'll end up eating $15 on this because Paypal's exchange rate took us from $435.36, which is what the actual exchange is (361.88 euro is what our total came to) and marked it up to $450.76. I also should have built in some more buffer for fluctuating exchange prices too because I quoted you guys at about $.25 under what it ended up costing per record, based on the global rate today, and we have 12 records so that's $3 right there in difference. I feel like I'm being dishonest if I quote you guys higher than the exchange rate shows at the time I quote you.... but I guess we need to do that, in addition to calculating everyone's share based on the Paypal exchange rate, which I need to do some research on to see if that is always fixed, or how often that changes. I didn't know their's differed that much from the global exchange rate to begin with. In any event, the invoice is paid and the records will be on our way soon! Thanks guys! EDIT: If you guys feel like chipping in another dollar or two each, that'd be appreciated but you don't have to. I calculated everybody's percentages based off of the exchange rate given via Google for what the prices were, rather than Paypal's exchange rate. So i covered the extra $15 we owed. It's not breaking the bank, but after all the time it took coordinating this and then having to pay more, it's like "....really?" lol. The universe is having a laugh right now for sure! @MayCauseDeath @ghost @aellerton @shamrocks @EquinoxDesignLab @ethereal