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  1. I'm glad someone else in here is a jamband fan But yes! Toundra is incredible. I am seeing them in a few weeks in Belgium and am so excited. III took me a little bit to get into, but II and IV are tops. I am really excited about the new album because "Cobra" is a great song. I actually forgot to check out the other new track, and will be doing that once "Presence" by Shy, Low finishes playing. You can't interrupt that song. It is sacred. Speaking of, if you haven't checked out Shy, Low... you need to do that too. Never thought about the similarity to ITTCT but yeah, you're right... i can see that. Very riff-oriented. You'd probably also like Pray For Sound if you haven't checked them out yet, although they lie more on the happy side of the riff spectrum. Shy, Low is more in the heavy riff post-rock arena, so I think you'd like them as well. "Presence" however is straight religious-chill post-rock glory. It gets heavy/intense at the end, but it's not riffy like a lot of their other work.
  2. (PO) NOW! - Spurv "Myra"

    Hey guys! Just waiting to hear back from @forgivemyfailures and then we're all set to go! Thankfully we still have some time before the album is released, but your cash is just sitting patiently in my Paypal balance. If anybody else wants to join in, I can still take a couple more orders. The band has graciously given us a huge break on shipping, but if any of us drop out, they said they cannot adjust their shipping price accordingly, and we would then have to cover about $1.75 more a piece to make up the difference. Let's hope we don't have to do that!
  3. So, I saw Shy, Low last night in Salem, MA. 3 hour drive. And then 2 exams and 3 classes today. They busted out "Presence" for me last night, the first time they've played it in a few years. It was fucking transcendent. They also busted out Light Feet as well, which was a trip! I wish I had more memories of that song, aside from tapping my buddy because we've been laughing about how similar it is to "A Gallant Gentleman". Their set last night was as follows: Dialectics, Light Feet > Presence, Dissension. And man.... Dissension is a fucking beast on stage. The last half is just pure brilliance. But I tell you.... hearing Presence live is the stuff of dreams. This band should be as big as Caspian. They streamed their show tonight from the Meatlocker (video is available on Facebook) and they played Dialectics, Saudade, Absence, Dissension.
  4. It's very good, but if Tertia and Waking Season are 100/100, I'd say Four Trees is like a 92 and Dust is like a 96. The material translates much better live than on record in my view. Moksha from Larcom is absolutely legit. I agree, but I'm pretty sure that dude was trolling Tri-color looks super cool, I'm just tired of buying half/halfs and not being totally psyched on it because one of the colors always always has a noticeably higher noisefloor, even after cleaning. Maybe I suck at cleaning, but if I'm able to get other records silent, it stands to reason that my method is sound. So who knows! Really curious to hear the remaster, though. Hopefully some info comes out as to whether its an entirely new remaster, or just a repressing of the remaster done for the compilation.
  5. So, Jeffk just dropped their first single from the new album. It didn't move me much at first; they've changed their sound a bit, but they get into the stuff I like about 2/3 of the way through. Hoping it grows on me; curious to hear what the rest of the album sounds like. Seems like a bold move by Dunk to sign and release a new album from a band that hasn't put anything out in 6 years and nobody in the USA has heard of lol. Check it out!
  6. The Mylene Sheath are legit, but often slow as balls. You must be new to this; they have been around forever. They have Caspian. Relax, you'll get your record.
  7. Yeah.... gonna pass on that, I have such bad luck with half-half records always being so noisy on one color, I'm not going to risk that at all. After picking up the Wander/Young Lovers split half-half record and it having the same issue as my Rosetta TGS boxset, no more half-half records for me ever again! Curious if they're going to have these on tour next month in Europe... I'd like to just pick one up from them then. Probably in for the red... I just want to have a gatefold copy with this artwork variant. Price is very reasonable!
  8. Going to have to find time to check this out at some point!
  9. (PO) NOW! - Spurv "Myra"

    Hey guys, just a quick little update. I've gotten money from most of you, so thank you! I am just waiting on two more people! I've heard from the band, and the record is set to drop June 1st but if we get the money all over to them ASAP, we can probably get our copies much earlier If anybody else wants to jump on board, I may have some additional spots too!
  10. Yeah.... I'd totally pick it up if I didn't have Dunk coming up soon, the Spurv group buy, and my moment of weakness where i bought the coke bottle green/bone splatter Depature Songs. I have the album, but without a jacket and it's rather noisy but I just don't have an extra $40 laying around right now, and I don't love it as much as the WYAINE. Unless one of you wants to get it for me and hold it until my summer job starts In other news, Coastlands just released a new track/video and this thing is pretty fucking great, I must say. Crushing peak. http://hmmagazine.com/blog/hm-exclusives/hm-premiere-coastlands-premieres-new-aggressively-ambient-quiet-beneath-the-yangtze-river/
  11. Whoever wants it.... first Athletics LP for $40. Probably the cheapest you will ever find it! https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/663576758
  12. They have showers on-site! It's a wonderful setup, you'll see! Also, in other news.... it seems that Tetsuya Fukugawa is BACK with Envy, but it seems that 2 other people have left This is the new lineup, as per Facebook: _Tetsuya Fukagawa _Nobukata Kawai _Manabu Nakagawa _yOshi (killie) (this guy sings and plays bass in Killie from what I can tell...) _Yoshimitsu Taki (9mm Parabellum Bullet) (he plays guitar, piano and sings in this band) _Hiroki Watanabe (Heaven In Her Arms) (he plays drums) So, they lost Masahiro Tobita (guitar) and Dairoku Seki (Drums). Which is curious because now they have 6 members. So maybe Envy has two vocalists now, or Tetsuya is not back permanently? I am stumped here!
  13. It's in Ghent, which is like.... 25 mins away? It's not very far at all, but it's not like.... RIGHT there. Send me a PM with your details, maybe we can figure something out
  14. I'm flying in Wednesday to Amsterdam because we are driving down to see Toundra in Ghent that night before Dunk starts. We may have some extra space at the house if you need a place to crash, I can talk to CJ!
  15. Hey guys! Update time! Ranges just quietly dropped a new EP this morning on cassette. 3 new songs, and apparently this is another mystery clue teaser for an upcoming full-length. CJ is very cryptic and cagey with the details It's /33 and nearly sold out now. For only $5, go grab yours quickly!!!! https://athousandarms.store/collections/ranges/products/ranges-cassette