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  1. Oh shit, I didn't even think to search by release name. I was looking under Terraformer and Kokomo haha. Thank you!!!! Going on the list!
  2. So.... did you guys know about this? https://kokomoband.bandcamp.com/album/euryale-terraformer-kokomo Apparently it's a collaboration between Terraformer and Kokomo? There's no info on Bandcamp about it at all... and it's not on Discogs so it was never a physical release it seems. But man, these songs are fucking good!
  3. So my Ranges vinyl came yesterday! This thing is absolutely STUNNING. Great artwork and color concept. The milky clear/bone white variant looks way cool, also. And it sounds AWESOME. I can't wait to see what the Euro variant actually looks like.
  4. Yeah I remember you saying that. Apparently the band wanted to press it to vinyl, but their computer crashed and they lost all of the files. I shot them a quick message, because I was curious about the 10th anniversary advertisements on their page. They said that they recorded the album over because they weren't happy with the sound, and that the new version is more accurate to how they play them live. In fact, they said that the 2nd version features the band playing live in the studio, with just vocal overdubs. So, it seems that it was a combination of factors that lead to them simply doing it all over. I prefer the original because it has a more raw, underground sound that offers a really cool counterpoint to the ethereal music they make. The new version is still good, but a little bit too over-produced and too clean in my opinion. In other news, a new (old) Au Revoir track!!! This is also pretty damn good! https://aurevoirit.bandcamp.com/track/sundowning
  5. I don't think I've ever listened to Dust Moth either.... but MGR should be pretty rocking. You guys check the new Ranges single out yet? Prettttttttty gooooood. http://www.heavyblogisheavy.com/2017/09/15/exclusive-premiere-embark-past-ranges-seven-veils/
  6. fuuuuuuuck, split vinyl is the worst. There is always a difference in the noise floor between the colors. On every half/half i've ever had, you hear when the needle passes over to one of the other colors. But Phish is usually pretty good with their quality control, so I'm hoping it's fine. Either way, if it's an issue, I sell it at cost and make $20 haha. Can't wait to hear this stuff.
  7. EARLY DROP!!! EARLY DROP!!! http://www.npr.org/2017/09/14/550446122/first-listen-godspeed-you-black-emperor-luciferian-towers Bosses Hang is my favorite Godspeed song now. Part 3.... ugh. That is heaven for me. That section could be 20 minutes long and I'd never get sick of it.
  8. So, this is curious. I just realized that the version of "They'll Come, They Come" by Immanu El that i've been listening on Youtube forever is the original mix/recording... and not the version they did when it was finally pressed to vinyl in 2013. I think I prefer the original....
  9. Hmmmm. Maybe. But still.... $3,000? Go fuck yourself, guy.
  10. how the fuck did all these twats get all the colors to sell like this? People are so shitty.
  11. This is why I do this Although maybe I shouldn't, because I could easily go broke very quickly with these guys haha. Did you get the limited Ranges release too? For $60.... I'll take all of that, instantly!
  12. Congratulations, you are now also on the "I hate you. So much. So so much" list XD I think Signal Tree might be my favorite track from the EP. But that whole thing is literally perfect.
  13. Three cheers for you for finding this out! I just spun my tour splatter last night, and it is awful, unfortunately. Total rice crispies. There's one weird part too towards the end of David Shaw where as the music gets more intense, the rice crispy noise also gets more intense, and then subsides once the music dips down. Very strange phenomena. It's a distraction to listen to A Gallant Gentleman, for instance, because the calm of that intro and the pensive suspense is broken by the constant fuzz of clicks and noise. It still sounds fucking incredible once the music comes in, but I wish it were quiet. Hopefully this solves the problem! Do you guys know what causes this to begin with? Is it just a poor molding, or can the stampers get dirty and literally just press a poor-quality noisy record?
  14. Do you remember if they played Signal Tree or anything else besides Malabar Front? I'd also kill to hear From Roots To Needles
  15. Do you not know the story? Their vocalist killed himself. That's why Departure Songs sounds the way it does (instrumental post-rock) and has the theme it does... it's dripping with sadness and tragedy. They needed to exorcise the demons, so-to-speak. Did you pick up that TRNA? I'm waiting for my copy from A1KA but my Elusive Package just shipped in with the other 2 today. Spun the /10 tonight, was great. Crazy splatter against the lights. Very deceptive. Anyway, thanks for the picture! That's what I thought. I always though this was called "blob" or "orb" design. I decided to go with both /200 for these. I'm a sucker for WLTS splatters. That Crimea is next when I get some more cash.... that's /250 and will certainly last a while I'm assuming.