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  1. Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

    If that second spare is still up for grabs, please let me know - thanks
  2. hahaha, maybe you didn't notice the thread title, eh?
  3. So excited for this! love the new single. Still waiting for circle of trees to ship - has anyone heard anything?
  4. Hey Canadians, I need a favor

    If that doesn't work, hit me up
  5. Yeah, I got the impression that isn't happening. Maybe it was on facebook or something, but I read some complains from people about that series falling through. Then the band commented on it being up in the air whether there would be a physical release. . . Oddly, I was looking so forward to this, but haven't had time to listen to more than a song or two, and even then I wasn't very focused on the music. Need to remedy this.
  6. P.O. NOW: Slowdive S/T (05/05/17)

    If it had the bonus song on vinyl, I'd have to get this, but since it doesn't, I'm good with my clear.
  7. P.O. NOW: Slowdive S/T (05/05/17)

    does that japanese version have the extra track?
  8. looks like that bookmat is sold out now - had it in my cart too, so I just missed it. Found it here too, unfortunately more expensive (way higher shipping too). http://www.resident-music.com/productdetails&product_id=52251
  9. Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

    Saw King Buffalo and All Them Witches this weekend, both for the first time. Solid show, definitely worth the trek to Toronto.
  10. Track 1 - title track. First heard it on a sunny morning. I like it because it perfectly set the mood for the day.