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  1. No need to protest, just exercise your rights! Cringe-worthy, to say the least
  2. When they chant "don't build the wall, don't build the wall" - hahahaha wow
  3. Thanks for the link - great album!
  4. Just reading up on Ativan. One possible side effect is thoughts of suicide or hurting yourself. I know it is speculation at this point, but damn
  5. ...Or continue being a dick - so edgy! You sure told me! Whatever, I'm done contributing to your drama.
  6. No need to be a dick I recognize and acknowledged that it was likely a joke. But it was in poor taste and it was too soon, and so I commented (rather mildly, imo). I'm a pretty laid back guy, but don't tell me how to "take shit".
  7. Pretty insensitive to even joke that these two things are remotely in the same category of bad news.
  8. So many obvious songs that we all know well that I could post to celebrate his legacy , but instead I wanted to share a live performance that I didn't know existed until a friend shared it with me earlier.
  9. Agree with everything said here so far. Such a shock. So sad
  10. I'd be more concerned with his Poli Sci grades.
  11. Oh My God - please tell me you aren't actually this stupid.
  12. Thanks for posting that - one of my favs! Damn I would love to see them live.