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  1. You asked for an opinion and gave 2 options: good or bad. How is it 'cool by being a jerk' to choose the second option? Why do we need to research to decide that we don't like what we hear? The music is repetitive and boring. It's bad. you are in the wrong place if you want a different opinion. If this is #30 in the world, why are you coming here? What are you hoping to prove?
  2. I actually responded to this email telling him what a fucking joke he was, not that I expect a reply...but seriously, this is more than a year after the original pre-order. Weird that I already cancelled my order and I am still getting these emails.
  3. This is bad. Because it is bad.
  4. ditto. cover is pretty beat up, but i ain't even mad. vinyl looks good. #noregerts
  5. I would think that median discogs prices would be fairly accurate, eh?
  6. Yeah, that wasn't a complaint - sounds amazing, but total Mastodon vibe.
  7. where's the option to order like 500 of these so I can display all my best vinylz?
  8. Looks nice. Also, holy shit that Hyborian sounds like Mastodon. I want to order stuff from the company, but (my constant complaint) 3 lps to Canada is $36. I just can't do that anymore.
  9. I did eventually get a shipping notification - I can deal with a bent corner for a buck, as long as the vinyl is in tact.
  10. Yeah, I dig it. Here's their bandcamp for the full album:
  11. There's still hope yet, I guess.
  12. hmmm, crickets here. No love for shipping free to Canada, Nomads?
  13. Yep, keep expecting a cancellation email.