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  1. Yeah, that was my thinking - put a reminder in my phone, but haven't signed up yet.
  2. Hell, yeah -soooo good Hawkeyes have a new split:
  3. hahaha, no. The website, which had been expired, is active again however. Also, the website (which is surely true and accurate) says they are on schedule for a spring 2017 release - I think that ship has sailed again. I'm having the strangest sense of deja vu. Thankfully this time around I don't have any money invested in the outcome.
  4. This makes me itchy just coming to this thread. Don't know what I expected.
  5. .

    I can see this ending well
  6. Didn't want to start a new thread, so here's to bumping an old thread!
  7. No doubt! Gross - and $22.50 to ship to Canada - no thanks.
  8. Maybe change your name to Cap'n Obvious? Thanks Derek
  9. Nope - not gonna do any good - look back through this thread, there were a whole batch that came that way.
  10. Anyway, what the hell is a squatty potty? Sounds like a crappy product.