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  1. look 4 posts above this one friend.
  2. Trading Used vinyl for Brand New vinyl?
  3. ok so the rumors were true. looks like they are wrapping up an "amazing" career at this time this year now.
  4. sunshine you are on a roll in this thread lighting everyone up, dishing out 3rd degree burns left and right. you are shining like the sun!
  5. tour is suppose to start in 4 days, we will see very soon if the rumors of it going to be cancelled are true. do you think they will send a 2017 sticker to cover up the 2018 on the shirts that say 'brand new 2000-2018'?
  6. Ok I have been skimming over a few music forums to get the full scoop and putting all the pieces together and what I got so far is that most people believe all tour dates will be announced canceled soon followed by a disbanding announcement shortly after. I guess if true this would happen in the near future?
  7. would you display them next to your lostprophets records?
  8. think about it, the 'inner jacket' only cost $1 per jacket to protect your record in a sturdy great sleeve and make it easy to put it in and out of the outer jacket. how are you guys not excited about this discovery?!?!
  9. 2 years of hating on me will just never end huh? why cant you realise i am super serious and i think anyone who loves their records would be interested in these.
  10. the taunting i received turned out to be good because i would of been stuck with something that i did not want anymore... my desired inner sleeve has now changed. please see the first post in this topic to see my update. thanks.
  11. i read on another forum that their upcoming final tour got cancelled because of this.
  12. I guess they will look nice sitting next to your lostprophets collection.
  13. Did you have anything to do with my sleeve post being deleted this morning? It seems like something you might do but it was a real serious thread that was open to great discussion if people actual checked the links and were serious about vinyl collecting.
  14. Most vinylls get damaged in mail. I just accept that it will have some dings and dents and deal with it.
  15. UPDATE some are back in stock that we thought sold out but not many... *black w/ blue swirl ( 500, merchnow exclusive) http://theused.merchnow.com/products/v2/259792/the-canyon-blacklight-blue-swirl LESS THAN 200 left *transparent blue w/ blue splatter (1000, merchnow exclusive) http://theused.merchnow.com/products/v2/259793/the-canyon-transparent-blue-w-light-blue-splatter LESS THAN 25 left *transparent blue w/ blue swirl (500-1000?, fye exclusive) http://www.fye.com/s/product/4804867/#.WcxtKGhSzDc LESS THAN 100 left *black (available through most retailers) https://www.amazon.com/Canyon-Used/dp/B075LDRSB7/ref=pd_rhf_gw_p_img_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=AT31KFJNC3KG0GE3GBKN i got all 4 of mine, 3 came perfect, 1 came a bit banged up sadly but thats for the USPS thread huh lol. still happy with all them.