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  1. nice work. what program did you use to make this mockup?
  2. not really a purchase but a gift i received. my friend made me this as a gag gift since we both thought it should be made in real life when we saw it on the tv show.
  3. this should be a pic only thread. yes?
  4. I don't think it's weird to see records in a record store :/ ...maybe a weird place to see a record store but not a weird place to see record.
  5. i think the HT coupon codes never work on records :/
  6. american idol - side a, the best of / side b, the worst of
  7. nah thats what they mean by the beyond part.
  8. dude you copy and pasted my exact line from the HT thread. wtf broh!
  9. a couple years ago Spencers Gifts sold records too but they were not exclusive colors like with hot topic. so they said no one knew they were there or bought them and they were super cheap on clearance plus bogo$1 and i got a couple records for under 10 bucks as gifts.
  10. vinyl is the trend so companies will try to make $$$ off it. this is good for people who love big collections but most people would just buy the record they want without trying to get it in a mystery box.
  11. i may buy some KORN vinyl as they were my favorite band in the 90s aka my the time before the used.
  12. Think of it this way... 15 years ago the used released their first album. At the time they were on unknown/barely known band. Now 15 years later they are one of the most well-known revolutionary sounds of rock and one of the most influential bands of our era and one of the best bands in rock 'n' roll history and it all started with this one album that's considered one of the most important albums in rock history. P.s. Awesome avatar.