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  1. the canyon hardcover books from the album pre-order have shipped and are arriving at homes now.
  2. It’s the exact same as the reprise release but still cool new colors.
  3. RSD Black Friday 2017 thread

    This was the 2nd rsd the used released a record making it only the 2nd rsd worthy to date.
  4. RSD Black Friday 2017 thread

    nearly* 100 and yes because they were for gifts but the gifts got denied by the people they were for so now hes just sitting on them. its not uncommon... i once try to give a girl a gift in 2nd grade and she denied it and then i was left sitting on this glitter lisa frank sticker book so you know it happens.
  5. the original release of this was a pink record in a jacket with no inserts or anything it was as basic as could be so i wonder if hopeless would of done something extra to it and added picture sleeves of artwork/linear notes/ lyrics or if they would of just matched it exactly... will find out soon enough.
  6. RSD Black Friday 2017 thread

    question, i have a friend that bought about 100 BF RSD vinyl releases for other friends who did not want them... so he decided to sell them on ebay instead of be a dick and return them. and he's not a jerk flipper either, he is listing these records at only $.01 with a reverse of only 2x the retail price of the record instead of some massive $100 buy it now price. is this the proper thread for my friend to post links to those auctions or should he start its own for sale thread?
  7. i read this as 'rosetta stone' when i was browsing thru the forum quickly and thought wow its read to put a language learner on vinyl
  8. i feel like the last 10 years flew by quickly that i barely remember them. with your conception of time you will prob feel like you lived forever.
  9. Could you look back thru this forum and name even one time that I was wrong ?
  10. 13 months is far? It will be a RSD2019 release for its 10th anniversary.
  11. about 30% of each sold so far. but the used have not yet advertise these on their social media for some reason. i think that would cause that number to triple.
  12. I guess so Long Astoria is their only known album but it was a really good gem.
  13. oh ok. i did not realise that. i guess these guys will never do another studio album.
  14. A new ataris album? I loved so long Astoria so much.
  15. He also had lots of stories on MySpace at the time. More was suppose to happen with him but unfortunately it never developed further.