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  1. No artwork or release date yet. https://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/failure-lp5?referrer=project_launched&utm_campaign=project19126&utm_medium=email&utm_source=pledgemusic Only artwork for the new ep: https://failurebandmerch.com/?platform=hootsuite
  2. Record is really fuckin' good!
  3. Hum - Downward is Heavenward Reissue

    The 2016 repress I have is full of pops and static, maybe I have to get a 2013 pressing
  4. Hum - Downward is Heavenward Reissue

    I hope they release a decent You'd Prefer an Astronaut repress, because the SRC release sucks
  5. I've got this new response from MerchNow: Looks like the emails worked lol. So, now everyone can be safe of order cancellations? MerchNow is fixing their shit?
  6. I've sent an email to Fearless Records, let's see what they have to say. Also I've sent another email to MerchNow, maybe now I will get a different reply from a different person hahaha.
  7. Really horrible company to deal with.
  8. Response I got from MerchNow: This a like a lottery I guess, I hope no one gets a cancellation.
  9. I think im the only guy with bad luck hahaha
  10. This is what I got, no reason of the cancellation mentioned.
  11. Ordered for $30 plus shipping, I think they noticed the mistake hahaha
  12. Got a refund from merchnow -> Deluxe edition
  13. I ordered the deluxe for 30USD, now it's 35USD, what da fuck