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  1. When they officially announce these, will probably grab them. Dear Diary was pretty good, but very rushed album (Sonny joined them like what? A few days before they were officially recording?). Heroine instrumentally is super underated. There are some amazing riffs, solos, drum beats on there that Ross Robinson pulled out of them. I feel like the album would almost be perfect if ...And We All Have A Hell wasn't on the album. The lyrics still offend me to this day.
  2. Hmmm.... and this is why you wait for the list. Everything rumored didn't interest me, this does. Against Me, Dillinger, The Germs, Greg Graffin?, Sunny Day Real Estate. I'll have to give that Tegan and Sara release a spin too.... never even gone that far back in their catalog.
  3. Hmm.... I've honestly really liked Tigers Jaw enough to want to buy a whole album of theirs. Singles maybe.... will have to their stuff again.
  4. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I could kinda care less about quality on these honestly. There both just short EPs that just happen to be one of the last things in their discography. I honestly don't even notice the difference usually when I'm casually listening while doing work. If it's an album like "Goodness" where I'll sit down nearly every time to just listen to it, then sure quality matters. Otherwise, just no pops or static and I'll call it even.
  5. Yeah....I got my vinyl copy on Thursday. It just happened to be the one year anniversary of one of my friends passing. I used to train for bike races with him, he was hit by a drunk driver on a training ride. So I jammed this album and went on a ride to his 'ghost bike'. I think this album is just for those of us who sometimes feel the same.
  6. Grabbed a /300 of So Young, So Insane, and a /100 for Party for the Grown and Sexy. As expected since there aren't that many people who appreciate this band, copies will be floating around for a while.
  7. After listening to the album, this is sure to make some people happy. Good all around. Update on the lathe though, sound is pretty bad. It's one of the quietest lathes I own and the noisest. Kinda bummed on that.
  8. Got my tri color preorder today, it's pretty great. The lathe in particular exceeded my expectations. It's a blue with haze when the center is completely cut out except for the jumper man logo thing. EDIT:
  9. Pre-order exclusive bundles for Better Vision include an enamel pin and A Sense of Definition, a trade paperback by Boy Rex's Jack Senff with stories, essays, and poems inspired by the thematic elements of the record. These limited-edition packages will be available for purchase only until May 5th — so act fast! Pressing Information 200 Coke Bottle Clear w/ Blue Smoke 300 Black Preorder: First song ("Fortune Tellers"): ------------------------------------------------------ But seriously though, kinda surprised this thread wasn't already started. His EP was pretty darn good and I expect the same from this LP. His style is kind of like an early Death Cab for Cute/Benjamin Gibbard, but it also reminds me of Bishop Allen to some extent. The production value on these songs is also top notch from what I can tell. I'll probably grab a copy with the book once I hear another song.
  10. Really? My Sundae Bloody Sunday is fine. I think it's really just a random toss up on Cartridges really. And It's kinda inevitable at this point. Vinyl just takes to long to make right now. I know a lot of smaller labels that prefer to sell lathes simply because they can't spread their money that thin, waiting 6 months+ to turn a profit on their 'investment'.
  11. Yo so he messaged me on Insta and said these would go on sale PROBABLY next Friday. He also shared the other 3 variants of So Young So Insane with me. He probably will post those but it's the one posted above, a RED/White Smash, an Opaque white with red and yellow splatter, and a really nice Wine red/Clear Half and Half with Yellow and White splatter.
  12. Wondering when he's going to announce these now.... he posted images that he has them all in. Sorry for these being super huge. Just downloaded imgur just for this.... wasn't going to bother learning it. So Young, So Insane: Party for Grown and Sexy Half Red/Half Orange: Party... White Smoke:
  13. I was super confused with what variant matched what picture because it didn't load the image when you selected a variant. Got a "God's Eye" but probably would have gone with Cosmic Vein. Who cares though.... we'll see how they turn out.
  14. Yeah I've loved every track thus far. Can't wait for that shipment notification given that everything is now in....
  15. Didn't want to start a new thread for this but this is potentially cool. Say 10 records will be releasing a 7" of Body Without Organs "…as part of their series."