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  1. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Finding the prices on Discogs pretty hilarious rn. There’s the guys who thought they could flip it for $500, and then there’s people who thought it would be so much cooler and just want to make a little change at $80. I wonder who’s will sell first…
  2. Story of the year - page avenue?

    Welcome to the club. This is maybe only my second src purchase and I'll definitely wait for other reviews next time, because for the price, they could have done much better.
  3. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Tried using the wayback machine to August 15, the day it all happened, but nothing crazy hidden in the HTML. https://web.archive.org/web/20170815183216/http://www.procrastinatemusictraitors.com/
  4. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Buzzkill much? Maybe I was looking for a new cult to join. The last one I was in drank too much apple juice.
  5. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    So my only question is are there actually hidden tracks on the Limited version? The back has a bunch of text that makes it seem like it. While the second paragaph sounds like nonsense the first one says "To play this album each listener should refer to The Manual, the four hundred eighteen page text which was transmitted to them after the initial contact. While the base stereo audio tracks should easily be heard through any modern playback device, I.E. analogue tape, Digital Audio Tape, vinyl disc, compact disc, etc. - all underlying audio,and the connected subtext and meaning of these tracks will only be available to listener who are in possession of this specific version of this disc, and then only to those with access to The Manual, and who have read and understand The Manual, and who implement the techniques described. Also, all Key Holders will be able to unlock latent and suppressed "audio" as well as interpretations without interference of the superficial audio from the listed tracks." Sooooo anyone got a 418 page PDF or something in their spam inbox?
  6. Dude.... have to grab these I have so many good memories of these albums. Shadows and Security was one of the first like true metal albums I bought.
  7. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    To sell or not to sell this. TBH I very casually like Brand New, and have literally no other albums from them on vinyl. I basically just ordered the deluxe in case the album was actually good so I wouldn’t regret it. Now that’s very questionable ha.
  8. Grabbed a Red/White Copies. Wonder if there are going to be other variants because there’s a big difference between /250 and /2,000
  9. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Which reminds me, if I turned this thread into a book, would anyone be interested in purchasing it? Good light 200-ish page read by the time this album cycle is done.
  10. Hell yeah. Album is so good. I've been wanting a copy of that on vinyl for a while. Tweet for refference:
  11. As for own opinion, I'd say Discogs for the normal, lazy person like me. You can add things much easier than you could a spreadsheet, the fact that it's standardized certainly does help with Insurance stuff, and you can theoretically export things very easily. And thanks to this thread I might have a new side project to work on. I just thought of how cool it could be to have a middle-man app that uses both the Discogs and Goole Sheets APIs. IE you add something to your collection on Discogs, and then it automatically drops that data into a Google Sheet for you. Bonus for points for if I can get it to be customizable.
  12. It's half there. You'll notice that when you click on the "Marketplace" for a release, it will show if that vendor has other items for sale that are in your want list. Also, you can view a list of every single person who owns a release on Discogs. If you go to the release, and then click on any of the links in the "Statistics" section on the right, it show you a list of everyone who owns it, making it possible to message people that may not have it up for sale, but might be willing to part with it.
  13. EDIT: removed reference to religious comment out of request of others, even though it was simply a reference to lyrics from this band.
  14. lol what do you mean by that? 31% of the world is Christian. You don't hold the two messages of hope of equal value?
  15. PO Soon: Moose Blood - TBD

    Forgot this. I just noticed that on the BBC radio one link above it says No Sleep for them, so I guess they just need to update that.