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  1. Not a surprise given that Epitaph hasn't said a word about it..... I'm waiting for variant pics
  2. Can't believe no one has dropped this here yet. New song "Trumpeting Ecstasy" is super good. Wasn't expecting those vocals, even though I read the interview where they said they had a bunch of guest vocals. I guess I should say epilepsy and headphone user warning. But you all should know that by now.
  3. Yeah I don't know people don't buy more. It's not that hard to store and if you're manually cueing everything anyway, not that hard. I have several of the ones already listed, but also: Anti-Flag - Complete Control Recording Session The Format - EP Modern Baseball - The Nameless Ranger Butch Walker - End of the World I think that last release was the first 10" I got and well worth it. Those songs are both amazing and probably sound better on a 10" than a 7" Also: I kinda want to collect at least one of every record size if possible. That Adobe Homes - Piñata 9" and the Maybe those Hot Water Music Live Session 6"s, Maybe that Raein I Ampere split 8" on No Idea.... etc.
  4. Yeah would never order from CCM again. I ordered 2 7"s from them and it came out $21 or something like that.
  5. Yep.... I mean I might buy a cheaper variant at some point, but from the first listen, it's definitely not a $26 album.
  6. Just got a notification. Love when albums ship early on vinyl. It makes it feel exclusive. I would get a screen print, but kinda want to see how the variants turn out. Or maybe I'll just sell my regular copy.... don't know.
  7. Hmmm I'll have to give it a listen now. If I can't get into it, will definately return this (it was $26 shipped from UO) and get me some Gorillaz because that album is dope.
  8. Holy price batman..... not gonna pay that much for a 7". That's like my max for a 7" and it'd have to be rare, so I'll wait it out. It is nice that he has all 4 colors listed though...
  9. hmm..... trying to find somewhere that has the Germs 7" and The Dillinger Escape Plan. Can only find DEP right now.
  10. There's another thread for this here. Both src and Amazon put order up for it last month but Epitaph still hasn't said anything. I'm waiting to hear an official announcement just to know the colors and the actual release date.
  11. Actually I've been thinking my shelf has been packed too tightly. Gotta get a 2x4 shelf when I move into my new apartment.
  12. Yeah the Box Set is great and all the records sound good as well. But I have a question, the sides of my box started to bow out ever so slightly. How do I prevent that from happening/fix it? Light tape?
  13. They were awesome and refunded the difference already. Will definitely go and buy some TA or SDF releases from them again to thank them. Speaking of which, anyone got opinions on what SDF releases I should start listening to understand them? I keep hearing singles and enjoy them, but given how many releases they have, it gets confusing.
  14. ..... is Deathwish cool about updating orders like that? I thought everything looked moderately on sale so I just went with it.
  15. There was a code? I just thought that everything they added to the collection "Record Store Day 2017" had the sale applied. (If you look at the bottom of the release store page it has tags).