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  1. New song is decent. Never grew up listening to them, so maybe I'll buy it when the whole album streams.
  2. How are there shipping notifications when Epitaph hasn't said a thing? Kinda weird....
  3. Yeah gotta laugh at this... maybe if you don't already own a copy. The new demos aren't on vinyl, so the only addition is the pictures and artwork.
  4. I'm in.... this gonna set me back like $80+ for all 4?
  5. Yeah I had been looking around and saw that there was a kit earlier on, and I'm no stranger to that, so I was wondering if there was an incomplete one floating around and alas, there was. Found it on a reddit thread I had never been to.
  6. Hey there, this thread is exactly what it sounds like. I'm upgrading my phono preamp to a Bugle 2 I got for a good deal and want to sell my Pro-Ject Phono Box MM. They are listed at $80+ on Amazon right now so looking to sell for $50 shipped, or best offer. Still has box, manual, etc. Thanks.
  7. For those of you that don't want to dig for the song. Will probably order. How fast does the limited variant usually sell out for him? I only have the regular black copies of his other material.
  8. Listened to the whole album stream today. Nailed it. It really has a little bit of everything for everyone. Ska songs, fast punk songs, acoustic slower punk songs, etc. I'll have to pick this up on vinyl.
  9. They said cassettes are coming so I'm gonna wait for that probably.
  10. Just came here to say the same thing. Bandcamp only mentions CD and Cassette tape for this release. Their store is here: Looks like you can buy both of the BWM releases for $10 each.
  11. Yep. Ordered the U.S. version, comes with an insert that is a combo coloring book thing. A few pages can be colored, a few pages are the lyrics and what not. I have three photos on the thing below.
  12. I recently started re-listening to the early Funeral Sounds releases and absolutely love them. I would love the help tracking them down. I'm also looking for a bunch of other cassette releases. Where do you guys look for second-hand cassettes? Looking for copies of: Heccra - White Eagle Romp / Toy Cars Split Forever Came Calling - Songs from High School (Ronald Records) No Better - Think Your Sure (Ronald Records) Sundressed / Days of Light and Gravity (Rubber Brother) Fear Mint Vol. 2 (Near Mint) (of course) Florist - Holdly Florist - 6 Days of Songs
  13. A got a purple and think it's the worst flavor. Trade? It'll only be $4-5 media mail.
  14. Just got shipping on the regular black variant from Velvet Press. Stream soon hopefully.
  15. Kinda/probably true. Honestly there were few bands I was interested in on the label. Bought all TWIABP stuff, TIOMT, Posture and Grizzly, and Deer Leap. And when that last Deer Leap album took almost 8 months to get to me, I was definitely going to wait on other orders.