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  1. Yeah not enjoying the song that much. It’s very much radio rock, I just wish Chris would have at least stepped up and plugged some assaulting square waves in to make this something more than generic. wont be cancelling cause well I got lucky on that early Deluxe price, but hoping that there’s some heavy stuff on the album.
  2. Same here. Ordered both Posture LPs and OHYO 7” and got Spill and Skullkid LPs on Black Vinyl. I actually had never even seen the Skullkid LP in the store so will have to give it a spin.
  3. Good looking out, I grabbed one. I was curious if it was the same blue variant since it so explicitly said April 20, when I could have sworn the AK site said March, but looks like they changed it to say "early 2018" there.
  4. Story of the year - page avenue?

    Yeah I don't think I've listened to this a second time since owning it. Now that I think about it, I kinda want to compare the vinyl to my CD release from back in the day, I have a feeling the CD will sound better.
  5. .... man I feel really bad for UO collectors right now. Now they've got to pay $50 for a Flexi 7" in addition to all the other crazy bundles for the other variants. Eep.
  6. Record Store Day 2018

    You have to look at the list. If it says RSD Exclusive then no it won't be Amazon. If it says "RSD First" that means it gets released on the day and then it will be on sale elsewhere. However for less popular RSD Exclusives you can still find them on several online retailers later.
  7. Wasn't expecting this, but the first single shows a lot of Promise. New LP out on Triple Crown Records & Flower Girl Records. Pre-order here: http://www.flowergirlrecords.com/products/612828-animal-flag-void-ripper Vinyl: /1000 Purple in Clear /? Cassette First song "Why"
  8. Geez. I should have realized that the Tanya Harding 7” would go quick. I figured since it was a preorder that it’s be up. So I hope people cancel and what not so I can snag a copy.
  9. Had to sift all the way to pg. 42 of the forums to find this thing.... Looks like they somehow have another EP coming out.
  10. I'm going to agree with everyone. After the first listen, I'm not super impressed. The second half of the album was slow anyways, so this is just like "what if we took this acoustic song and wrote is slightly different". Then all the fast songs at the front end of the album also got slowed down. But I mean they're going on Hiatus and I have every release from them so it's the least I can do to support them.
  11. Yeah just saw that on IG. I was contemplating going, but now I just have to.
  12. Triple Crown just put up the full playlist.
  13. Hmmm... haven't bought anything from Victory in a long time. Depending on quality might grab one.