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  1. In my experience, that means "We don't have it and won't be getting anymore." Definitely try to get a replacement (and good on them if they honor that).
  2. I'm not a big merch guy; I get the posters for the shows I attend, and that's it for me. I was broke when they did the vinyl mystery stuff, unfortunately--I'll try to get in if they do it again.
  3. I saw that post too, and it's very promising. I still doubt the date with no official announcement yet--wouldn't be surprised if it was early August, a year since the last batch pf reissues.
  4. There's very little info out there right now; too early to say (although I imagine it's unlikely that they would be Euro-specific).
  5. Pre-order up at Bull Moose for a few bucks less than the Caldo Verde pre-order. I'd do a cancel/re-order but, meh, the money's already spent:
  6. I don't think I have even a digital copy of this; I know there were a few remixed Ten tracks on it, but did the version of "Who You Are" have the lyrical change that showed up on the 2016 vinyl release?
  7. You are correct! My mistake. The fact that they seem to be going straight to Binaural makes me worry about a LO2L re-issue.
  8. I've got about a half chub. I'm pretty sure there are bootlegs of all thesw guys floating around, so I won't be at full mast until there's an official announcement or a US pre-order.
  9. Last time I had an order in a holding pattern for two months they sent the refund back to PayPal. Be sure to ask for it specifically!
  10. Surprise! Thanks for the tip!
  11. I already got my tracking number for it--doubt it's out of the warehouse yet, but hopefully we all get one.
  12. I love you, too, and I hope your order goes through!
  13. SRC has a few (3 at the time of this posting) copies of the yellow version on sale for $10 (so $14.99 with shipping).
  14. Please get your facts straight, only 3% of the releases in this series will be abortions; the remaining 97% percent will be comprised of free screenings, regular check-ups, community health initiatives, and other essential services.
  15. Not many details yet, but a nice diverse set of artists listed on the announcement for this release series, and for a good cause. I'll try to keep the thread updated, pre-order details coming soon.