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  1. Motherfucker, I was staring out my front window while on the phone at 10:47AM, you did not try to deliver this item.
  2. May have been addressed a few pages back, but I don't remember: where are the most recent shipments from the NIN webstore coming from?
  3. Here's what the e-mail said about that: If you ordered any other items alongside The Fragile: Deviations 1 2017 they will be shipped separately.Pre-orders for the 2017 Definitive Editions of Broken, Downward Spiral and The Fragile are still due to ship in early August.
  4. Same boat, mine's going to arrive next Wednesday. I'm sure it'll arrive with something really cool, like an autograph or Mark's receipt from the In-N-Out Burger.
  5. Bunch of new songs premiered today on this Facebook live stream; it's bogus that this LP isn't coming out until September.
  6. Interesting tweet:
  7. For anyone who missed this, looks like there are some copies available:
  8. They're back up on the German site that originally posted them with a September release date.
  9. NAIS has never had a vinyl release in the US, WWS has never had a vinyl release, and Save You has only had a bootleg vinyl reissue. So...yeah, 3 of the 4 are pretty hard to find.
  10. Let me get this disclaimer out of the way: still no confirmed news. However, there are some other interesting pre-orders around. (that's France, oo-la-la) has pre-orders up for Binaural, Riot Act, and Avocado, and they've also got a few singles listed. My guess is that these reissues are planned, but that there's no scheduled release date yet. Binaural - Riot Act - Avocado - ------ World Wide Suicide - Save You - Nothing As It Seems - I Am Mine -
  11. If you're a New Englander and are still looking for the limited edition version of this, check a Newbury Comics store this weekend. I've seen copies at the last 2-3 I've been to, and with this weekend's sale I picked it up for less than $30.
  12. Should've mentioned that it looks like the street date is 6/16, added to the header post. I can't believe it's only been 11 years since this came out; it feels like it's been much longer.
  13. So this one flew completely under my radar, despite being high on my want list for years. Seems like this is an EU pressing, which is maybe why there hasn't been much press about it in the US (where I am), but I just wanted to clue everyone in. Lots of online retailers have it, and the release date is apparently 6/16.'s+block+vinyl
  14. "Common as Light..." listing is up on Discogs, says they're numbered. Anyone here get one yet?