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  1. Great news! Thanks to these deluxe vinyl selling out, I bet Twisted is much more confident in releasing vinyl. I know Simon H had previously expressed that he just wasn't sure what the demand would be like (pre-AYS remaster). I think he's got his answer now.
  2. Yes, I'll post all associated pressings. Also, I think he's referring to Crystal Skulls EP https://www.discogs.com/GMS-1300-Mics-Shpongle-The-Crystal-Skulls-EP/release/82556
  3. I'm now thinking that instead of waiting for all these remasters to be reissued to post a collection pic, I may just do one album at a time, starting with AYS, then post another once this Tales remaster shows up in a couple weeks. Y'all interested in seeing that?
  4. Still only had a 2-hour window for that many to sell out. I think we did the right thing staying on top of it like we did. Had it been another 500 run, we'd have to have been there the moment it dropped, since that many sold pretty much instantly!
  5. And that's all she wrote folks! Hope you were able to snag one! :::)
  6. I can get you a close up of the sticker. And you're right that few likely have all three Raja Rambles, but I have seen a few sellers offering all three, so maybe not as uncommon. Hard to say.
  7. Last 100 copies! Damn, I wish my label could sell 1400 units of anything in only 2 hours! This bodes well for more remasters and the eventual box set
  8. I had already prepped myself for ~ $70, so yeah, just the shipping caught me off guard. Also, your talking to someone who bought both AYS remasters, so there's that too. Kinda crazy over here...
  9. Not going to lie, that shipping sucked, but what am I going to do, Not buy it? XD
  10. Bandcamp buy page --> View Page Source (Ctrl+U on chrome), then Ctrl+F "Available"
  11. Less than 500 copies remain! Folks were ready this time
  12. You are correct that I have a new TOTI objective! I'll prepare to have sellers annoyed when I ask them to compare the matrix IDs! Lol As far as the other collections go, it's hard to know for sure. Over the years, there's a couple buyers/sellers/ etc. That have shown their cards (so to speak) and I've been able to infer how much they have. There's one Discogs user in particular who I firmly believe must be friends with the label, as they seem to have items before they go on sale sometimes (or seemingly faster than they could have shipped) and has frequent communications with Simon H. This particular user had blocked public view of his collection however, but they are responsible for MANY of the Discogs entries and add that to the rare stuff I set them selling from time to time.