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  1. Easy buy if they (or SA) have them at the merch table.
  2. I might be slow, but why do people show listings as "Prime" when anyone can get them at that same price? (I'm not Prime and I've never run into a situation where I couldn't get the same price.)
  3. I guess since I've seen that 'overexposed' style so often since grunge typography was all the rage in the late 90's that I don't really associate it with Deafheaven. (At least not to the extent of the prism w/ PF)
  4. Meh. That's not the same font. And there are plenty of typefaces of that style, Deafheaven doesn't own it. So I guess the real crime is stacking the letters like she did. Probably because she thought she could sway some blackgaze fans to her sweet, mellow, singer-songwriter vibes.
  5. They show the release date as 4/13, so not holding my breath.
  6. First acts announced for dunk!USA: Pelican Pray For Sound Coastlands Set and Setting (All US bands. Wonder if new visa restrictions are going to screw the Euro's.)
  7. Sold on it because of the quality of the Pelican release. (Bundled it with the new Astralia to get free s/h)
  8. What do you mean by "actual"? They're right there in the middle of the back of the unit. Don't buy that crap though.
  9. They are not literally the same, but they will have similar spec's because of a shared price point.
  10. Talking about ordering a $25 cd and ruminating again about a new TT in the same post. Peak Gumbo has been reached.
  11. Picked up the Eight Bells because they're good.