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  1. Right, but everyone buying one knows that. Or at least I hope so. (I've had good scores from Relapse and Mylene Sheath)
  2. Black Metal Discussion Thread

    Ok, where do I start in Enslaved's catalog if I want to best enjoy them live in a couple weeks?
  3. Spun the Parlour last night. Pretty interesting stuff, reminds me of a vocal-less Pinkish Black. It'll grow on me. Guess I was lucky to get Inventions, which I had never heard but was instantly hooked.
  4. Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

    Man that new Weedpecker really needs some US distro.
  5. Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

    Never made it to this fest but always wanted to. Maybe this year.
  6. Yeah I work in the retail design field. A big part of what we do these days is take defunct B&M retail spaces and turn them back into revenue-generators. Think all the big names in stores that are closing up all over the country. That said, what most people have already chimed in about is true. You don't want to start a record store. You want to create a gathering/community spot that also sells records. You're gonna have to figure out what the real revenue is going to come from (coffee/beverages/snack, local arts/crafts, performances, whatever) if you're going to get this thing rolling. It can work, but I wouldn't even approach it from the start as a "record store" in any traditional sense.
  7. Man, I love Under Summer. And I don't really get the Godspeed comparison. Because both have a violinist?
  8. I saw one on craigslist once and I'm pretty sure it was a Dual, and vintage of course. Tricky thing to search for.
  9. Also, another recommendation that I haven't seen here. Watter, with ex-Slint and ex-Grails (or maybe current, not sure) dudes. On TRL. https://watter.bandcamp.com
  10. Yeah saw that pop up on FB. Spinning now.
  11. Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

    New Yob alert!
  12. Sorry I'm slow on this stuff, but can you not just buy Bytecoin through Cryptonator directly without the extra transfer steps?
  13. Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

    I've seen HoF twice and that's still my favorite song to see live from any metal artist. Place always goes apeshit.
  14. Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

    Or released some new material.
  15. Just FYI: Esben and the Witch's Older Terrors is on sale for $10 (before s/h)