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  1. I just wrap mine up.
  2. I'll just assume you haven't heard about his table.
  3. "New" doesn't mean clean. Not only do the records have residual chemicals from manufacturing but they also collect fibers and dust from the paper sleeves and inserts. (Edges of freshly-cut paper products produce a lot.)
  4. I'd also like to know the best way to push dirt around a record.
  5. Where y'all getting your Spurv from?
  6. Good find. In my neck of the woods so I'll have to keep an eye out.
  7. Intriguing. Weren't you recently concerned about the ability of straight tone-arms to track round records?
  9. I'm assuming he's talking about the 1 up on Colfax. But yeah, that tap room across from Summit (also forget the name) is legit. Also, South Broadway is a good neighborhood to check out. Good dive bars/venues (3 Kings, Hi Dive), restaurants, coffee shops, etc. Personally I prefer that and Colfax over LoDo.
  10. Just get a Uturn and then buy a used amp and speakers.
  11. It's fun for the music, cameos, and a young Kyra Sedgwick.
  12. Looking forward to it but that is one annoying album title. Inquisition would be proud.
  13. That 2nd one I can't tell if it has RCA inputs
  14. Well, do some basic internet research and narrow it down to a couple of options to run by us.
  15. You were already using pronouns.
  16. Via Nuclear Blast. Out 2/3 in the US. Buncha variants at the US store. Promo website with Euro info. Title track:
  17. It's good. The digital release was a DR9 and the vinyl doesn't sound to me to be far behind (if at all).
  18. Anyone caught Mogwai on their current tour? Trying to decide if I want to drop $30 on a Sunday night.
  19. Yeah I'd love that Oh Hiroshima on vinyl but looks like only buying option is Napalm Europe.
  20. With the AT, you're paying for features and engineering that don't actually add to the quality of the sound (pitch control, electronic speed change, built-in pre-amp, etc.) Jump up to the entry-level Regas/Pro-Jects/etc and those features are stripped out in favor of build & design improvements that actually lead to better sound.
  21. Oh boy. But seriously, why not just go to a shop and listen to some tables? Your ears will tell you why you should spring a level higher than the AT120LP.
  22. Hope Junius gets some better mastering. Their sound deserves it.