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  1. Notice it says "Further editions of Ghosts of the Great Highway", meaning it's also available on CD...
  2. Indeed.... it's just in you when you have loved an artist for a really long time and have dedicated so much time & money to collecting their output
  3. It's probably the only one of his "newer style" albums I actually enjoy, and it still took me a good minute for it to get it's hooks into me, but it's his last really solid album in my opinion honestly. The music in his new albums is still great, just that rambling, mumbling vocal style is just too much for me to handle.
  4. I'm right there with you brother. I've been buying his material as fast as it could come up for pre order for years. My girlfriend still likes to pick on me for having like two shelves full of five & six copies of the same Koz records, but after Universal being such a let down and Jesu/SKM not living up to what I expected, I couldn't justify buying any of his new output. Still patiently waiting for Desertshore & MK to get a pressing....one day I tell myself, one day.....
  5. So true. I'd stopped buying his output after the first SKM/Jesu collaboration. His rambling is just not him and I doubt I will ever accept it, but I will wear holes in this repress for sure!
  6. When I woke up to so many responses on this thread after such a long pause, my first thought was "Did he start singing again or something?".... Very happy someone finally realized they could get more cash from us by just putting out his better material again
  7. I gotta give him credit for making me laugh with his one man, two way conversation in Philadelphia Cop.... MC Marky Mark gettin' fuckin' old on yo ass!
  8. "Mark the Rapper" is slightly funny, I must admit. The spoken word breakdowns get a bit tedious, but then again, the same can be said for his last few years output. I found myself at the end of the album before I realized it. Something in my brain finally slammed down the wedge that split this new him away from who he used to be as an artist, so I can finally laugh & slightly enjoy this one. Much more enjoyable than Universal Themes to me though. He actually makes a few good points during his random rants, but it's generally a good listen just for laughs while I'm baked as hell....
  9. Well, woke up to snow. South Carolina will be down for months now..... Anyone got a milk sandwich? I'm hawngryyyyy
  10. Good day folks! Haven't been by to check in lately. Going back to work and getting a normal life back sure is distracting. Hope everyone is doing well. I keep downloading stuff you post on Instagram @GHOSTDRONES, and I am running that Piano Nights album on infinite repeat! Such a wonderful background for late evenings for sure... Hope everyone has a great week!
  11. Nice purchases sir! Your collection will be something to be in awe of for quite a while me thinks
  12. I am all for this! When is there ever a bad day for pizza? Never......
  13. Thanks guys! Feels really good for sure
  14. Morning all. Hope everyone has a quick workday & a great weekend! Started a new job this week myself, so that little accomplishment has done a lot for my sense of self for sure. Now, to get back in school by summer hopefully...
  15. Sold to the little guy in the desert!