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  1. Thanks! Got my copy through VMP earlier today.
  2. PO Now: King Krule - The OOZ

    Was able to pick up the orange/blue yesterday from Bleep, with reasonable shipping to the US. Great album.
  3. First Fever Ray was very, very good. Not sure about the new track and also the $50 price for the deluxe version... Hmm.
  4. PO Now - Elastica S/T Reissue

    Nice, will definitely look to pick this one up!
  5. Got my yellow through yesterday... Really nice! And, the hand-written note tells me I am a legend, not once, but twice. Nice to know that not only do Milk put out great music but they also make factually accurate statements.
  6. Big fan of her/their other albums... Will probably PO this one. Thanks for the heads-up
  7. Want really bad but for $91 total it's a dilemma
  8. Everything I've had from Milk in the past few years, had a small handwritten note with it... As you said, a really nice touch from them. Still waiting on my copy of this one to arrive - here's hoping it's today! Glad to hear it sounds great.
  9. Nice! In for this one as and when it goes up.
  10. Yes, the few purchases I've made from Milk have been signed (or have arrived with a signed picture / insert). Here's hoping for another!
  11. My two records also turned up earlier this week, even though I received a full refund. As I said in a previous post, I normally wouldn't want a freebie, that came via an error from a small label, but on this occasion, I will most definitely take it and have a good laugh at their (his) total incompetence (although, as the last post said, it's quite likely that they didn't get hit too hard on most of the refunds (mine was processed via my bank) - I definitely had zero trust in the 'label' and actually getting my money back directly from them). Now I have the vinyl, I wonder when my guitar will be shipping?