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  1. Looking to sell these pretty quick, send over any offers, thank you! Twenty One Pilots ‎– The LC LP Vinyl, LP, 6", Shape, Red Translucent, Ohio-Shaped (best offer) Gerard Way Pinkish/Don't Try RSD 2016 ($5) A Day To Remember Homesick Yellow Hot Topic Vinyl ($10) Sufjan Stevens Exploding Whale Epic Fail Fourth Of July 7"gray/red splatter /500 ($20) *edited pricing
  2. bump. Relient k sold.
  3. Listed Relient K on ebay. I had a few ask about Sufjan but haven't heard anything back so I'll list that on ebay later today unless anyone on here wants it. Thanks!
  4. Bump, The Maine EP sold.
  5. bump. updated list.
  6. I didn't list any prices because I didn't have a price in mind for anything man. Just getting to the offers right now in my inbox, sorry for the late reply... I've been at work. Responded!
  7. FS: Relient K "Let it snow baby...Let it reindeer" 2xLP on clear blue sold Sufjan Stevens "Exploding Whale" 7" gray/red splatter /500 The Swell Season "Strict Joy" Sold The Maine "...and a happy new year" CD *sealed. Sold Just taking offers! Thank you.
  8. Just shoot me an offer and I'm sure it'll work.
  9. Bump....Still have one copy of this CD if anyone wants it. Just looking to hook someone up. I'll throw this one on ebay soon if nobody on here wants it. Thanks!