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  1. FS:Records and prints

    Updated. New items have been added. Help me reach my goal of 250 by next Friday.
  2. Selling my copy of Avalon for $90 plus shipping, message me if you're seriously interested. The price negotiable. Thanks for looking
  3. FS:Records and prints

    **UPDATED** MORE RECORDS HAVE BEEN ADDED OKAY, so I reached my first goal and was able to get the test presses I was looking for. Thank you all for your help, without it I wouldn't have been able to snag all these gems. I was actually offered 2 more big pieces, so round 2 starts now. I gotta come up with some extra funds, I have one week. My goal is not as high this time so there should be no problem. Whoever helps me out this week I will throw you a free item of my choosing with your purchase. Shipping is media, unless you want priority then add $5 to the listed prices. I can ship Monday, and I'm open to offers/negotiations. DM if you're interested in helping me out. Thanks. Pulling Teeth "Paranoid Delusions/Paradise Illusions /333." $25 shipped Damnation A.D "Pornography" /800. $25 shipped Modern Life is War "Witness" Posi Press 66/250. $65 shipped Mewithoutyou "a-->b life" sugar into tea $25 shipped Mewithoutyou "I never said that I was brave" funfettti w/3d glasses and 3d poster. $40 shipped ($60 for both) Explosions in the sky "the wilderness" clear w/rainbow splatter /1000. $50shipped Explosions in the sky "the wilderness" blue/red /400. For hurricane relief 2017. $30 shipped. Mogwai "Atomic" orange black swirl /1000. $35 shipped. Full of HellxThe body split yellow mixed w/slit $25 shipped Full of hellxMerzbow split clear w/black splatter & purple blobs $30 shipped ($50 for both) Dead Swans "Sleepwalkers" purple /900. $15 shipped Miles Away "Endless Roads" coke bottle clear /511. $15 shipped Losin' It "No Apology" Pink 16/20. *Record Release* $25 shipped. Pity Sex "Dark World" pink /200. $20 shipped Pity Sex "Feast of love" Bone/red halves $25 shipped Pity Sex " White Hot Moon" Baby pink inside milky clear /500. $30 shipped ($65 for all 3) Turnover "Magnolia" pink marble $25 shipped Turnover "Peripheral Vision" Aqua/Double Mint signed /2000. $25 shipped (Both for $40) Whirr "distressor" purple & bone w/black splatter $30 shipped Whirr "Around" $20 shipped Whirr "Pipe Dreams" hand poured variant 191/333. $45 shipped. Whirr "Sway" Blue /120 $30 shipped Whirr "Sway" Peach /2100 $20 shipped Deafheaven "Roads to Judah" black w/white swirl /700. $25 shipped Deafheaven "New Bermuda" Blue $25 shipped (Both for $45) Axis "Shift" Blue w/white splatter 6/50. **Pre-order** Cloakroom "Further Out" yellow $25 shipped
  4. PO : Death Of Lovers - The Acrobat

    For those looking for the euro pressing... https://boomkat.com/products/the-acrobat-99dd6e78-8591-4ff4-ae30-f840fb94b566 Act quick this will SELL OUT. Been blaring this on repeat since it came out. Perfect record from start to finish. I officially have every copy minus the ridiculous friends press (splatter variant) /10 and the test press. My Nothing/death of lovers collection is coming along nice.
  5. LF cloakroom "further out" Rsd

    What's up?
  6. I was also a victim of this guy. Told me he'd be going to the Nothing show at the St. Vitus bar, I paid him 25 to grab me a shirt. He kindly took my money told me it was sent the next day, and this was on March 29th. Still haven't been able to get in contact with him. I filed a dispute through google but they're telling me it could take up to 45 days to get anything resolved.
  7. anyone buy anything from chipbirds? I think he robbed me

    Through this board. I filed a dispute through Google wallet. Hope I get my 25 bucks back.
  8. He supposedly shipped me a shirt on the 29th and i haven't gotten yet and he isn't responding to my messages.
  9. nothing....get bent shirt

    nothing made shirts for their sold out boston/philly/ and nyc shows. Anyone going? I would greatly appreciate someone grabbing me a medium. I'd pay a little extra for your troubles.
  10. LF: Whirr anything and everything

    which tape? I have sway, need pipe dreams, part time punks and any other tape.
  11. LF: Whirr anything and everything

    Yeah pretty sure Olivia told me everything is gone but the yellow/peach/bone.
  12. LF: Nothing Guilty of everything

    Looking for all variants. I have pink red/black stripe white black Need everything else.
  13. FS: Deafheaven/Pianos Become The Teeth/Basement