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  1. I bet they would refund you for the standard if you reached out
  2. Very tempted, don't know if i can throw down or not. This is my favorite Smiths album though
  3. bump, corrected LTJ listings neither are seam split on jacket I'm tripping
  4. here's to hoping for a widespread release (not plain recordings)
  5. Having some money issues, missed work due to illness and my paycheck is scary small. Need money to get through to next check (which will also be small) and would be nice to raise funds for a trip to see my friend out of state this summer. Either way my loss is your gain! Prices are firm unless buying multiples totaling over $50 then we can talk, if a price seems high it's because it's a sellers market and I'm hesitant to part with it for any less. All grades are extremely accurate, I work full time as a record pricer at a record store, have 100% feedback on here, SHTV forums, VC forums and Ebay. Can email photos if need be. All records are washed in a spinclean and placed in a disckeeper or audiophile inner sleeve and protective outer sleeve. Any purchase over $100 gets record at $10 or less added for free, any purchase of $200 or more gets a record at $20 or less added for free. Thanks for looking, paypal only, shipping it a flat $4 no matter how much you buy 7" ? & The Mysterians - 96 Tears/I Can't Get Enough Of You Baby VG+/generic Sleeve (mono, 1975) $5 1.6 Band - Pimpin' Aint Easy VG++/VG++ (with insert) $4 1.6 Band - Tongue Family Style VG++/VG++ $4 All The Saints/These Arms Are Snakes VG+/VG+ $4 Avengers - Paint It Black/Thin White Line VG+/VG+ (Green Vinyl) $20 Beau Brummels - Don't Talk To Strangers/In Good Time G/generic sleeve (White Label Promo, label wear) $5 Breeders - We're Gonna Rise VG/VG+ (a little crackly) $10 Byrds - You Movin' VG++/VG++ (Orange vinyl) $15 Cows - Plowed/In The Mouth (Blue Vinyl) $5 Crownhate Ruin - A Primer VG++/VG++ $15 Dag Nasty - Cold Heart/Wanting Nothing VG++/VG++ $4 Dillard & Clark - Train Leaves Here This Mornin' VG+/VG+ (Rare mono pressing with A&M Sleeve) $35 Donnas/Groovie Ghoulies Split VG+/VG+ $8 Donnie Elbert - Everything To Me/Just A Cotton Pickin Minute VG/Generic $10 Drive Like Jehu - Bullet Train To Vegas VG++/VG++ (reissue) $4 Electric Prunes - I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night VG+/Generic $4 Flaming Lips - Space Oddity VG++/VG++ (Green) $4 Fucked Up - Dangerous Fumes VG++/VG++ (repress) $4 Fucked Up/Haymaker Split VG++/VG++ (Green/black vinyl) $4 Fuel - Take Effect VG+/VG+ (clear green 1st pressing) $10 Golden Earring - Radar Love/Just Like Vince Taylor VG+/VG+ (collectibles records with sleeve) $5 Gram Parsons - Love Hurts/New Soft shoe VG+/Generic (White Label promo) $8 J Dilla - Donuts 45 (White Label, white vinyl, test pressing?) $70 Jesus Lizard - (Fly) On (The Wall) VG++/VG++ $4 Jesus Lizard - Chrome VG++/VG++ $4 Jesus Lizard - Wheelchair Epidemic VG++/VG++ $4 Lincoln - Sugarloaf/Waterboy VG+/VG+ $8 Lincoln - Union VG+/VG+ (green vinyl) $20 Mazzy Star - Flowers In December VG+/VG+ (blue vinyl uk) $20 Men's Recovery Project - Frank Talk About Humans VG+/VG+ $10 Mojo Nixon - Debbie Gibson Is Pregnant With My 2 Headed Love Child VG+/VG+ (enigma sleeve) $4 Music Machine - Time Out For A Daydream (White Label Promo VG+/Generic $25 Pram - The Last Astronaut VG+/VG+ $5 Shadows Of Night - Gloria VG+/Generic (67 reissue) $5 Single Mothers - S/T (Gold vinyl) $8 Somos/Sorority Noise VG+/VG+ (Trans blue with Green splatter, I think bought from Somos on tour) $12 Sorority Noise/TWIABP Split VG++/VG++ (blue vinyl /150) $20 Turnover - Humblest Pleasures VG++/VG++ (Clear) $10 The Who - Substitute VG/Generic (original catalog number, but censored lyric) $5 TWIABP - Formlessness VG+/VG+ (Blue, some light crackle) $12 TWIABP - The Distance VG++/VG++ $5 12" 1.6 Band - S/T VG++/VG++ $7 Allman Bros - Eat A Peach VG/VG (some splits, heavy surface noise on first track on most sides but plays through without skips) $10 Andres Segovia - Mexicana VG+/VG+ (Decca Gold Label, writing on back cover) $5 Ann Peebles - I Can't Stand The Rain VG+/VG+ (notch cut, 1982 motown pressing) $30 Ann Peebles - If This Is Geaven VG/VG (original, ringwear and some surface noise plays great without skips) $10 Ann Peebles - The Handwriting Is On The Wall NM/VG++ ( fat possum reissue) $12 Avengers - Died For Your Sins NM/VG++ $15 The Band - Greatest Hits VG+/VG+ (Rainbow Label?, never seen another one with this label) $15 Beach Boys - Smile Sessions VG+/VG+ $20 Beck - Odelay VG++/VG+ (2016 Bongload blue/white colored reissue with poster, 2011/2016) $35 Bjork - Volta VG++/VG (some wear to box, no sticker but all inserts included original US) $20 Black Sabbath - S/T VG/VG+ (2nd pressing Vertigo UK pressing, 3-4 loud pops during outro of evil woman really minimal problem for this amazing album, best pressing I've ever heard) $125 Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath VG+/VG+ (Original German Vertigo spaceship label, gatefold) $50 Blood On The Saddle - S/T VG+/VG+ $10 Blue Cheer - Outsideinside VG+/VG ($1.98 written on cover, lucky dog I paid more than that!) $15 Bosnian Rainbows - S/T VG+/VG (Green Vinyl, looks like a little water damage to back cover and one inner sleeve but plays great) $15 Box Tops - Best Of VG+/VG+ (Kory Records) $5 Cannibal Ox - Cold Vein VG+/VG+ (White vinyl, 4 LP with instrumentals) $100 Cherry People - S/t VG+/VG+ (hole in cover) $6 The Clash - S/t VG+/VG (original US pressing with VG copy of 7") $50 The Clash - London Calling VG+/VG+ (original with sticker on cover "this album contains lyrical content which may be offensive to some members of the public) $60 Cock Sparrer - Shock Troops VG+/VG+ (Camo vinyl reissue) $25 Cold Blood - S/t VG/VG (some cover wear and surface noise but no skips) $6 Creedence Clearwater Revival - 1970 VG+/VG++(Cosmo's Factory/Pendulum 2 for 1 set) $15 Cunninlynguists - A Piece Of Strange VG+/VG+ (Green with Black Splatter, autographed by all 3 members) $300 Dance Hall Crashers - Old Record VG+/G (Sleeve is water damaged but record is in great shape) $15 David Gilmour - S/T VG/VG+ (reissue PC 35388) $25 Donovan - Wear Your Love Like Heaven VG/VG $15 Earthless - Sonic Prayer VG++/VG++ (Green Vinyl) $12 Electric Flag - Live From California 67-68 VG/VG++ (slightly warped but plays ok) $15 Ella Fitzgerald - Rhythm Is My Business VG/VG (Verve) $5 Emily Remler - Firefly VG+/VG+ $10 Eric Clapton - Timepieces VG/VG (cover wear and some surface noise but plays fine) $5 Foghat - Live VG+/VG+ (German) $5 Free - Fire & Water VG/VG+ $8 Fucked Up - Year Of The Ox VG++/VG (crease on cover) $10 Funkadelic - S/t VG/VG (Westbound, plays without skips but has surface noise in areas a great 1st copy smokes the 4MWB) $50 Gabor Szabo - Best Of VG+/VG+ (Impulse) $8 Give - Singles Going Confetti VG++/VG++ (Clear vinyl 2nd pressing /100) $25 Groundhogs - Split VG+/VG+ (initials on cover) $25 Hollies - Evolution VG/VG+ (Stereo original) $8 Hoover - Lurid Traversal Of Route 7 VG++/VG++ (Clear reissue) $15 Isis - Oceanic VG+/VG+ (2014 reissue on black /1480 copies) $30 Isley Brothers - It's Our Thing VG/VG $10 Jimi Hendrix - Crash Landing VG/VG $6 Jimi Hendrix - Jimi Hendrix Concerts VG+/VG $10 Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland VG/VG (Track nude cover, white text, some wear to cover and surface noise but no skips, amazing player copy my favorite sounding version) $250 Jimi Hendrix - Smash Hits VG/VG (no poster) $5 Julie London - Julie Is Her Name VG+/NM (Mono, turquoise sleeve, time capsule copy) $35 Julie London - S/T VG+/VG+ (sunset comp) $5 Led Zeppelin - Houses Of The Holy VG/VG (1st pressing, some ringwear and surface noise, no skips) $17 Led Zeppelin - IV VG+/VG+ (george piros cut) $20 Less Than Jake - Hello Rockview VG++/VG+ (with comic, /300 Easter Yellow) $50 Less Than Jake - Losing Streak VG++/VG+ (minor seam split during shipping on picture sleeve, /300 Mustard Yellow $50 Love - Da Capo VG/VG+ (1st pressing stereo -1/-1 matricies, some surface noise but no skips) $30 Martin Denny - Exotica VG+/VG (Mono, split sleeve) $8 McCoy Tyner - Great Moments VG+/VG+ (2 lp impulse comp, German) $15 Minus The Bear - Highly Refined Pirates VG+/VG+ (translucent yellow /1000) $25 Minus The Bear - Planet Of Ice VG+/VG+ (purple /1000) $25 Music Machine - Best Of VG++/VG+ $18 Nomeansno - Wrong VG+/VG+ (2 lp Red with White Splatter/Clear With Red Splatter reissue with bonus tracks) $75 Orchid - Chaos Is Me VG++/VG++ (Lavendar) $10 Parliament - Mothership Connection VG/VG $20 Pink Floyd - Obscured By Clouds VG/VG+ (some surface noise but no skips, original US) $16 Prince - Purple Rain VG/VG (plays great with minimal surface noise some cover wear, club pressing) $15 Rachel's - Handwriting VG+/VG+ (original) $15 Robben Ford - Talk To Your Daughter VG+/VG+ $6 Savoy Brown - Hellbound Train VG/VG (some surface noise and cover wear but plays great) $5 Savoy Brown - Lion's Share VG+/VG+ $10 Shellac - Dude Incredible VG+/VG+ (no cd) $12 Skeptics - III VG++/NM (Captured tracks reissue, played once) $8 Sly & The Family Stone - Fresh VG/VG (promo copy, some crackle but plays great also some cover wear) $20 Sly & The Family Stone - There's A Riot Goin' On VG+/VG+ $20 Somos - Temples Of Plenty VG+/VG+ (Clear) $15 Sonic Youth - Kill Yr. Idols VG++/VG++ (German 1st pressing) $50 Syl Johnson - Back For A Taste Of Your Love VG+/VG+ (Hi Records) $45 Syl Johnson - Total Explosion VG+/VG+ (Hi Records) $20 T. Rex - Light Of Love VG+/VG+ $10 Tame Impala - Live Versions VG+/VG+ (Green Vinyl) $30 Tame Impala - S/T EP (UK reissue black vinyl 2013) $50 Telescopes - Precious Little VG+/VG+ (creation records EP) $15 These Arms Are Snakes - Oxeneers Or The Lion Sleeps When its Antelope Go Home VG+/VG+ (Opaque Royal Blue /549) $75 Thin Lizzy - Bad Reputation VG+/VG (some cover wear) $16 Thin Lizzy - Fighting VG+/VG (split sleeve, great playing copy) $20 Thin Lizzy - Shades Of A Blue Orphanage VG++/VG+ (Future Days reissue) $10 toe - For Long Tomorrow (Rust /207 1st pressing) $50 Various - America's Hardcore vol. 3 (Coke Bottle Clear /300) $10 Various - Essentials Of Americana VG++/VG++ (Yep Rock comp, played once) $5 War - Why Can't We Be Friends? VG/VG (some cover wear, and light surface noise, no skips) $5 TWIABP - Live At Audiotree VG+/VG+ (Random split color) $10
  6. Yes!!!!!!!! One of the best albums in the genre, the second one too. I will probably wait until release to buy as it doesn't seem limited but this has been on my wishlist for years
  7. My friend will be here in less than 12 hours i'm so excited! Also this downtime has been for processing and planning, need to set a long term goal so in 5 years time I'm going to open a record shop, even if it's a hole in the wall open on weekends to start and I have to sell off half or more of my collection. For now I'm going to keep honing my craft, I have potential investors in my family already but his business venture would need to take off first which could happen within the next year or two. Just feels good to be hopeful towards the future
  8. Sorry to hear about the lay off, hope good things come your way
  9. That Mogwai deal is bonkers someone grab that i'm too poor and have enough to catch up on but buy from this amazing seller
  10. This looks interesting, not usually one for boots but since an official version doesn't exist I might keep my eyes open in the wild. Can't believe how crazy secondhand prices are getting on certain things. If Currents wasn't a gift from a dear friend I'd let it go
  11. Update things have been getting a little better, got my taper dosage so I can stop cutting the pills which effects how you metabolise it. Even worked about 5 hours yesterday and got caught up the records have been piling up back there. Planning on trying to work more today and tomorrow, then my friend will be here for a few days and I can have a little mini-vacation. I think things will be ok, work has been really understanding and flexible
  12. does it say made in japan anywhere? The japanese pressing from the 70s had white text, that's audiophile quality vinyl too
  13. $10 minimum for purchase, shipping if a flat $4 no matter how much you buy. Everything will be cleaned in a spin clean and housed in a diskeeper 2.0 sleeve or better including 7". Currently in bad health, and taking a break from work, have a friend coming to visit me and look after me and would like some spending money while they are visiting. I will cut deals on bulk buys over $30, Thanks for looking and your support. Ships from US, paypal only Ann Peebles - If This Is Heaven (VG all around, some ringwear on cover) $8 Avengers - Died For Your Sings (VG+ all around) $15 Box Tops - Best Of (VG+ all around) $5 Byrds - You Movin' 7" (orange mono) $12 Cherry People - S/T (Strong VG+ all around, hole punch in cover) $7 Cold Blood - S/T (VG all around, some ringwear, some surface noise but no skips) $6 Crownhate Ruin - A Primer 7" (includes inserts) $20 Earthless - Sonic Prayer (Green, VG++) $12 Flaming Lips - Space Oddity 7" (Green) $4 Gabor Szabo - Best Of (Impulse, VG+) $10 Groundhogs - Split (VG+, initials on cover light cover wear) $30 Hoover - Lurid Traversal Of Route 7 (Clear repress) $15 Love - Da Capo (Stereo, first pressing -1/-1 matricies, VG has surface noise but no skips) $30 Martin Denny - Exotica (original mono VG+) $7 Men's Recovery Project - Frank Talk About Humans (double 7", VG+) $10 Paul Revere - Goin' to Memphis (VG+) $8 Pity Sex - Dark World (clear, VG+) $10 Pity Sex - Feast Of Love (Honey Gold With Cream Starburst) $15 Skeptics - III (played once, captured tracks reissue) $8 Yep Roc - Essentials Of Americana (various artists, played once) $6
  14. Violent Femmes - S/T (2nd pressing on slash) Bubble Puppy - Gathering Of Promises (scorpio reissue?) Bob Dylan - Down In The Groove Gene Clark - With The Gosdin Brothers (Sundazed) Moss Icon - Complete Discography (Black) Chills - Kaleidoscope World (Captured Tracks reissue) Chills - Brave Words (Homestead sealed, not anymore sounds great) Chills - Submarine Bells (Promo copy on Slash with press kit) Laura Nyro - Smile Cherry People - S/T Cigarettes After Sex - S/T (Grey) Joni Mitchell - Ladies Of The Canyon Ian Matthews - Stealin' Home (Blue) Il Sogno Del Marinaio - Whistling EP 7"(Black) Coathangers - Parasite EP (Green) Whiskeytown/Neko Case - Car Songs 7" been a good couple weeks