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  1. James Brown Cold Sweat

    Both red and blue were used at the same time 66-70, black was for mono. I'm not sure whether the blue or red ran first or simultaneously
  2. Isn't this a January release? It might take awhile for distributors like alliance to get the preorder up for indie stores. Sometimes it's only 3-4 weeks prior to release for preorders to go up, sometimes its 6 months just depends on the release
  3. Am very interested I really love 90s/2000s dischord stuff like smart went crazy, bluetip, q & not u, I feel like this is a kinda low run cause originals fetch decent coin, I just know i should not with holiday shopping still in front of me
  4. RSD Black Friday 2017 thread

    Dave's had a ton of leftovers from RSD when I was in there a couple months back, they still had the Coral Fang even I was surprised
  5. PO: Jeff the Brotherhood Live Halloween 2015

    It let me add one didn't try to check out, cause I don't $150 want this but it's very cool
  6. RSD Black Friday 2017 thread

    well looks like mike watt got axed from our list and richard hell he ordered the cd by mistake, so Sundays it is. May get the United States of America and/or Free Design reissue, I have the stereo reissue of USA already, but still may pull the trigger, great 60s album and a psych album with no guitars makes it very unique
  7. The Beatles - The Christmas Records

    they were really drunk so you are probably never going to see a good release of this, very heavily bootlegged so always do your research in the wild I've read stories of people dropping $100+ and them ending up being counterfeit
  8. RSD Black Friday 2017 thread

    was not aware I hate 4MWB and I have not heard about a quality release in their catalog, maybe ill give it a shot
  9. RSD Black Friday 2017 thread

    Wish they would just do a proper good sounding reissue of #1 record. The Classic records one is OOP and originals are a fortune
  10. RSD Black Friday 2017 thread

    There is some good stuff this year most interested in: Richard Hell, Mike Watt's 2nd album and The Sundays (a lot of people bitched about the blind reissue, but I've spun it so many times and have no issues with my copy)
  11. FS: A bunch of LPs

    how's the condition on swiz?
  12. Recent purchases

    Trying to save money, so I've been cutting back but I had to grab a NM original of Gene Clark "No Other" a few days ago. So damn good, he once claimed he only listened to his own albums the antithesis of what most artists do. Apparently his wife got so sick of hearing this album
  13. The Third Man Records Thread

    Strolled into In The Groove in jefferson city and the last (possibly only copy) was sitting on the shelf, I could not resist had a box of unwanted stuff to trade in, so it was a nice surprise, looking forward to spinning it tonight
  14. PO: Mewithoutyou [A->B] Life Repress

    my guess is you have to be part of the flower team to get the melted noise and it's most likely the free merch item mentioned. One commenter on the facebook post regarding the flower team is the person who posted the instagram pic.
  15. PO: INXS - Kick (30th Anniversary)

    was kind of surprised what originals go for, I mean it's not that crazy but wasn't it like a $5 record at most a couple years ago. Stuck $20 on a clean one at the store recently and it lasted a week at most