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  1. PO Now: Superchunk - What a Time to be Alive

    Been playing this at work all week, I have to say...
  2. Record Store Day 2018

    I wouldn't be mad if rhino decided to reissue Southern Nights, that album is a classic (as is all the reprise toussaint stuff)
  3. MLB Discussion

    The pirates had their window and they did not convert it into success in the postseason, I think it's to be expected they would dump their players of interest (who are mostly past their prime) for younger guys and try again. It's always disheartening but without even a pennant from consecutive playoff appearances it's hard to not try a new direction for the club from the management's perspective
  4. I heard the rhino reissue of the zodiac album last year sounded good maybe they are getting better with the GITD variants?
  5. Record Store Day 2018

    why are they doing that BOC? Everyone knows their best albums are the black & white period
  6. PO NOW: Kate Nash - Made of Bricks

    finally grabbed this, my town is lame no one bought it so I decided to take it home for tonights pre-day off spin. Whoa, seriously good pressing, the sound quality is really good. The printed inner sleeve looks great too, couldn't justify original pressings they were $150+ by the time I found out about this album. But for $20 this is a great pickup for anyone who likes this album
  7. how's this reissue sound?
  8. vacuum cleaners are way better than the spin clean if you can afford one. I have a spin clean and I'm happy enough, have a nitty gritty we use at work though and it's noticeably more effective. The ultrasonic cleaners are incredible but I'd need to be pretty well off to pay 4 figures for a record cleaner. I hate paying for record maintenance instead of more records, but preserving what you have is important and dirty records and mistracking are the 2 biggest culprits in damage to your records and stylus so a turntable with a good tonearm and some form of cleaning records are probably the 2 most important things for the health of your records, I recommend buying lots of replacement inner sleeves too if you can, especially if you buy older records if the sleeve is yellow the sound quality of your record is degrading sitting in there the acid in the sleeve reacts to the record and will cause permanent surface noise issues, some of it can clean off but the longer it sits in that sleeve the worse it's getting. A good cleaning solution can be made for pretty cheap at home, if you need a recipe you can pm me or you can research "library of congress" cleaning solution. Life update I got promoted to store manager about a month ago, it may not be owning a record shop, but it's the next best thing. Really enjoying myself, steep learning curve though it's making me a more responsible human. I'm very tired at the end of the day and a lot of responsibility falls solely on me even outside of the managerial duties (only one who can do used buys, price records, setup turntables, install cartridges) but everyday is just a new challenge and it forces me to stop worrying about the future or the past and live in the present and take each task one at a time. I just got to get my staff trained up and my life will get easier.
  9. SOUL, FUNK, and BLUES Record Thread

    agreed they got overshadowed by big brother & the holding company both being from san francisco, having a female lead vocalist and a similar style of music. The first 2 Cold Blood records are great, after that they kind of went downhill IMO. Also love Delaney & Bonnie, I feel they didn't get the recognition they deserve
  10. Best US cities for record stores?

    Gotta mention Dave's for Chicago, I think my favorite scores from my trip last summer came from there (reckless and dusty groove had good stuff, didnt find anything at shuga's cool store though). I think there are good record stores everywhere, but if you are looking for used records it depends on the demographics, if I drive to St. Louis I'm going to find a lot more soul but if I drive an equal distance the opposite way to kansas city i'll see more jazz, what's scarce in one city, could be plentiful in another. I can't keep sinatra in stock at my shop, if I drive a half hour to another local shop he has a row full. It's odd, how what's popular can vary by even a small distance
  11. the price point makes me balk at any of the titles, not a huge S&G fan so I'd pass on this anyways but I personally used to detest that majors were pushing out common titles at $25+ price points then I realized that many of these are sonic improvements over the originals and while younger collectors may not want to pay what they are asking and will settle for that $5 used copy instead, people who grew up listening to this stuff want to hear what can be improved upon with newer mastering technology and pressing them to quality vinyl instead of the recycled vinyl they were accustomed to at release.I think it's one of my favorite things of the resurgence whether you want to pay $50 for an obscure video game or movie soundtrack or an audiophile double 45 remaster of a classic album that sounds better than any version you have ever heard, someone has you covered. There is a market to suit just about any kind of collector. I mean I'd rather buy a stack of records than pay $250 for the AP reissue of Harry Belafonte at Carnegie Hall, but there is someone out there who grew up listening to that album and wants to hear an improvement on what is already considered one of the best sounding recordings of all time.
  12. you and me both, one day it will be mine
  13. I suppose but I kinda figured I'd miss it, I get a discount on the indie exclusive so I won't lose sleep over it, I'm just saying they could have done 2000 and it would probably have sold out by tomorrow anyways. For the record I think releasing 6 variants of the same album is as scummy as majors reissuing $25 herb alpert reissues, it's all in the pursuit of the almighty dollar, but they market it as DIY so people eat it up (myself included)
  14. PO now: Makthaverskan - III

    dat 500 is still available, poor makthaverskan they really are underrated, I decided to spin "II" and ordered it along with that title fight 7" reissue since I'm never going to pay more than $6 for that 7". It's been a minute since I've ordered from RFC
  15. Minus the Bear - Planet Of Ice 2xLP Reissue

    I saw both MTB and Coathangers with different tour announcement pics on their FB pages, doesn't bug me cause I'm a fan of both, I'm actually way more excited to see Coathangers since I feel they are on top of their game and MTB hasn't made an album I've liked since this album