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  1. PO: INXS - Kick (30th Anniversary)

    was kind of surprised what originals go for, I mean it's not that crazy but wasn't it like a $5 record at most a couple years ago. Stuck $20 on a clean one at the store recently and it lasted a week at most
  2. I knee jerked and paid $45 shipped for m b v on pre-order. I think I learned my lesson and will wait for release to buy my copies
  3. I know that feeling it's a bad addiction, been trying to cut myself off completely and it's tough especially working in the record store. I keep trying to tell myself "you can buy one" next check and then immediately saying "you aren't going to move for months if you buy records, you should be selling them to speed up the process" so far I've been good though. Just got to enjoy what I have, I know I'll be miserable if I don't do anything nice for myself but I also feel it's counter productive because my record collection is pretty much my only thing of value I can liquidate to save money quicker, already curbing spending on little things like coffee and lunch out, and trying to cut my other bad habits down to further save money
  4. Got engaged and she has a child with split custody so it's my only option currently if I want to be with her, small sacrifice and it may not be forever
  5. I have not yet, I'm slacking. I've unloaded some of my records lately trying to save money to move back to colorado but I won't let the Stereolab go. Saw a sealed copy of Chemical Chords in chicago just couldn't drop $45 on not my favorite album of theirs. Did see BTS play your avatar front to back at Riot Fest it was awesome, I'm going to have to get a copy at some point. Like I said trying to slow down buying to a minimum at the moment
  6. Super bummed about Charles Bradley got to see him live luckily, was a class act I'm really lukewarm on this year for music, have only liked a handful of new releases been mostly listening to older music: soul, and british folk rock mostly, and a ton of Jawbreaker and Minutemen.
  7. water is bad for jackets but doesn't ruin records just give them a proper cleaning, and they may turn out ok. My general rule is if you can't feel the scratch with your finger it shouldn't skip
  8. Riot Fest 2017

    only got to go sunday, just not a big Rage fan anyways didn't really want to watch a cover set but I wasn't giving up a front and center spot for Jawbreaker
  9. Riot Fest 2017

    Jawbreaker was phenomenal, everything I wanted. Dinosaur Jr was a close second. I really enjoyed Built To Spill, Dessa, The Orwells and Beach Slang as well. Only clunker for me was prophets of rage and I wish pennywise's set was not a full hour, even if it's nostalgia you can only hear so many similar songs
  10. must be a typo think they meant 2081
  11. Recent purchases

    Finally got sandy denny and the strawbs on hallmark records, its a beauty too
  12. My favorite release of theirs, been falling behind on new releases I've been so broke
  13. SOLD: Lanegan/Campbell, Knapsack, ITTCT

    I really want the knapsack if you are open for trades or have it available still after sunday im super down, selling a ton at the record show and will have funds after
  14. ISO : Charles Bradley "Changes" RSD 7"

    The Screaming Eagle is certainly something else, ill have a couple tables at the record show this sunday i'm going to have hundreds of 2 for $1 45s, as well as a few boxes of more choice priced stuff as well as LPs might find something of interest