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  1. I've seen the lighter cover before but it's been several years since I last encountered one. Would love to pick one up, but they got pricey
  2. Just got mine in today, wow guess I'm the lucky winner opened it up to find the test pressing along with the blue and a nice note. Thanks, you guys are the best I will treasure it always. Really great album, just finishing up my first spin. I will have to place another order soon and pick up some more stuff, you have me as a life long fan
  3. Sorry don't have this, but do have "Sometimes Memory Fails Me Sometimes" and the Shyness Clinic split if you are interested pm me
  4. You have the photobooth pressing? You were holding out on me haha. Still loving that orange copy you traded me and the Jawbreaker both still get regular rotation. Free bump, solid seller
  5. I like Leviathan through crack the skye but the current pressings are lacking and I don't want to shell out for the 45 rpm versions, I'm curious to hear it but I wasn't really into the last 2
  6. $28 shipped (tax and $6 media mail) I think I'll just wait unless the band has a variant or something, I can just buy this with my discount when it comes out and probably save at least $10 I don't care about pins
  7. there is bundles and the first 500 preorders get an enamel pin pack if that's your thing.
  8. Oh man been waiting for this news, haven't wanted to drop $40 a piece for originals. I don't know if it will be in the budget but would like to get the bundle, since the comp has pirate prude ep included. I might just end up piecemealing the bundle at a later time and seeing if I can't save some money with employee discount at release
  9. tried to order last time I did an ebullition order and they ran out :/. Still meaning to grab a copy will have to see if it's in the cards next check
  10. new song is great, will buy the album for sure I'm looking forward to this. I wouldn't bitch about sound quality until I heard the lp, YT audio sucks
  11. really unimpressed with sound quality on GOD reissues, wish someone else was handling this. Unimpressed with NWA, Clipse and Gang Starr reissues
  12. I don't think he likes ska, but the rugaroo is always a good time. I actually kind of like Vic's solo stuff too
  13. In for Sundays and the Blondie 7" and if I can secure those Cocteau Twins internationally for not too bad a price, let me know EU members if you are looking for something stateside we can swap. Maybes include: Coheed, Electric Flag, Gram Parsons, Nuggets, Brother Ali and Germs 7"
  14. Charmer took like 6-8 spins to click but when it did, it really did. I also think the acoustic one made me appreciate certain songs more like "Teen Rocket". I'm really looking forward to this, love me some TJ
  15. I'm in for a vinyl buy in, would be fun to do some fantasy baseball this season, I've never participated in a league of this style but I'm sure ill pick up the rules pretty quick