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  1. It's just a warning, since customers can move items out of place, theft, receiving errors, shit happens.
  2. Thanks to this thread (my wallet is not thankful however) I grabbed a leftover Robert Johnson set online for cost plus shipping, I don't have any of his music physically and might as well grab it all at once, as I am a fan. Looking forward to getting this. Also ordered the Priests "Early Recordings" cause they are one of my favorite new bands will report back once I get them both
  3. There was not this year, and only a few other side-by-side releases. They seem to have scaled that series back
  4. The Flying Saucer Attack reissue is heavenly, great quality vinyl and packaging. Reasonably priced, seems like it's already going quick at many places so those interested may want to grab one off bullmoose before they are gone, it's already on back order at my shop and many other spots
  5. Honestly sounds like BS, those sleeves are fine. Never had issues with them scratching the records, just bought 300 more myself even cause I'm happy with them. Mofi inner or polylined sleeves are great, but they are more expensive and this is basically the same thing minus the paper part. The compound they use won't damage the records
  6. also grabbed Robert Johnson, don't have any yet and might as well grab it all at once, heard too many good reviews
  7. bullmoose will have leftovers for sale, tomorrow looks like plenty of SDRE
  8. I worked a 9 hour shift for RSD it was insane, really fun. People were in good spirits, no pushing or arguing or bitching beyond "oh damn you sold out, oh well I'll buy something else" Sold a ton of used and non-RSD new product too. Think we made a little over 7k, and have less than 15 copies of RSD releases left. Sorry didn't even get anything people were looking for in this thread save for the marcy playground that went quick. I think all we have left is: the spoon 12", the gerard way pic disc thing, the roky erickson tribute, the hawkwind, andromeda strain soundtrack, temples/kadja bonet split, whiteman in hammersmith palais ep 7", the air 12", the Profile records compilation and one or two other low interest titles I'm forgetting. I'm kind of stunned. I got The Sundays and The Electric Flag so I'm happy, also picked up the Flying Saucer Attack reissue, the Priests EP and a clearance copy of The Clean reissue from a few months back. Would have like the Blondie 7", Germs 7", Coheed, Cocteau Twins UK releases, and some of the blues releases but oh well I'll live. Hope everyone had a good time
  9. Got paypal balance just as this went up, was afraid I was going to miss this since they only did 500. I'm really excited to spin this
  10. My deal is it's spring, I'm not going to wear a long sleeve in the next 5 months. Don't really want to buy it and stockpile it
  11. definitely not, maybe on a tape compilation but even that I doubt. It's a band you have to buy 7" from
  12. I'd love to see Neurosis, I need to pick up some of their stuff on LP. just got Oceanic recently, and paypal held my payment cause of "Isis" pretty sure i'm on an NSA watchlist but its totally worth it cause it's a ripper. What did you order cause of VC?
  13. welcome back, how is life treating you?
  14. I've had hit or miss from every plant, mostly hits from QRP, RTI, MPO and Pallas