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  1. how does the black with gold splatter sound? been eyeing one for awhile, but don't want to splurge if it's gonna sound better on spotify.
  2. anyone know which pressing of sunbather sounds the best?
  3. Johnny Cash - American IV: The Man Comes Around
  4. PO Soon: TWIN PEAKS

    Siren Disc shows that they have it for sale: http://www.sirendisc.com/cgi/panel.cgi/?usr_str=soundtrack (just search for twin peaks) not sure if they have a dynamic inventory tho. ordered from them in the past for some RSD titles, but turned out they didn't actually have the titles in stock. got my money back tho.
  5. it's not real. trump didn't actually appear in wheel of fortune and make those faces and everything.
  6. do it! i'm gonna scoop up Cohen with my 1st priority waiver pick this week. seems like it's usually the first few weeks of waiver wire grabs that really make or break your season.
  7. yikes! this site (https://fantasyteamadvice.com/week-2-waiver-wire-pickups-2017/) has Cohen at 21, but i've seen other people bidding 25-30. 37 seems a little high, but would probably ensure you get him. that's a rough pair of RBs.
  8. Hurricane Irma vs. VC

    board up the windows and GTFO!
  9. i think i recently purchased a windex vinyl off of ebay. looks great and shiny. plays like shit.