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  1. Based on the clues, and other speculation I've read, I'm thinking it's
  2. Jeez, well, I guess if everyone else is doing it..
  3. Looking for the following variants of the following albums, if anyone wants to let go for a fair price! Car Seat Headrest - Teens of Denial (Rough Trade Gold) Grimes - Visions (UO Lavender) Hop Along - Painted Shut (White w/ Pink Splatter) The Spirit of the Beehive - The Spirit of the Beehive (Ice Age Opaque Orange) Title Fight - Hyperview (180g Blue Marble) Turnover - Peripheral Vision (180g Black) Vince Staples - Summertime 06 2xLP (180g Buttercream) The War on Drugs - Lost in the Dream (Purple Haze)
  4. I saw BN WITH Circa. Ufffgh. Felt like the oldest person there too.. Haven't been to a Coheed show in over a decade. Used to be a cool crowd.
  5. I like this VMP version enough. Glad I was able to get a copy. Just bummed that it doesn't include the Real Love Baby 7". I dig that track!
  6. Me too (free with my reactivation credit!). Haven't listened to the album yet, but I dug the last one a fair bit.
  7. Jeff Rosenstock - We Cool? (White/Green Inner Swirl) // $15.79, free shipping
  8. Decided to reactivate and got the $25 too! And I forgot all about the swap feature.. Makes this experience already 100% better than it used to be.
  9. Listen: Translucent Purple Vinyl: Black Vinyl: Such an underrated release from last year. Glad it's being put out on vinyl.
  10. I was a member from Aug 2014-Jun 2015 and cancelled after like 80% of the records being stuff I wasn't into. But I'm super on the fence about reactivating now. This new Tennis LP is kind of unexpectedly good and fucking Demon Days.. That's worth the three month plan, even if the May album sucks. Plus, there's always exclusive stuff in the shop I want to buy.
  11. ANOTHER ONE Yeah, 42 shipped is super steep, but I grabbed it because I missed the gold and have been kicking myself. Was on the fence initially, but this release has really gelled with me. I have a feeling there won't be a regular standard version (maybe another variant through VMP or something though?) and if demand is anything like the colored Young Thug records, they will prob be a lot more pricey secondhand. Also, Urban Outfitters just put up a cassette version, if anyone is into that: 1000 copies kinda seems like a whole lot, but UO does weird shit with their tape stock, so these might not last long either.
  12. Pmd you yesterday..
  13. Standard: Deluxe (includes three 24”x12” prints & printed inner sleeve): (Maybe NSFW? There's a lot of skin..)