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  1. PO: Red City Radio - SkyTigers

    Awesome! Was really hoping for a full length but i'll take what I can get from these guys
  2. Yea I order a bit of coloured Fat from Artist First and they're the same - only 8 left last time I checked
  3. Really hoping RCR have a full length to announce, loved the last 2 tracks they teased us with, announcement coming Monday! Could just be more shows I cant go to though.....
  4. Single streaming on his facebook, have a listen, if you like it check out Luke's old band the "King Cannons" and side project "the 131s" support DIY! 2018 sees Yeoward launch his own Analog Recording Studio and Label; Half Way Records. Join us to celebrate the release of the labels first limited edition vinyl single; SOAP BOX. “After recording my debut album ‘Ghosts' with J Bonner, I became obsessed with Analog Music Production. After that, I began to work hard learning and building my studio in Melbourne. I wanted Half Way Records to be a label and studio that keeps it old school, humble and simple, so I am so proud to say that this first record was made 100% analog. As in, It has not touched a computer in the process. We tracked this fucking thing to tape in the back room of my house, it was mixed to tape there too and I was lucky enough to be able to cut the record from tape and personally press this run of 45’s. It’s been 'hands on' to say the least!" To celebrate, Half Way Records will be hosting an intimate launch party on Saturday 3rd Feb at The Shady Lady in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Admission is free but venue capacity is strictly limited to 60 people. Luke Yeoward - Music SOAP BOX / GHETTO PERSONA Limited edition white vinyl 7" available on the night. Hand numbered and stamped, strictly limited to 150 copies. www.lukeyeoward.com www.halfwayrecords.bandcamp.com www.facebook.com/halfwayrecordsaustralia www.instagram.com/halfwayrecords
  5. Conflicting info alright SRCs email says gray then lists it as clear?
  6. Stoked for this one, been on my wantlist for ages, thanks for the heads up Better price here too! http://www.importcds.com/roll-on/8719262005396
  7. Seen a few of these pop up on Instagram Anyone one got theirs yet? Hows it sound?
  8. The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    New colour, search fatwreck on instagram for a pic - its pretty cool
  9. The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    Sounds like some of you got some scores - Merry Xmas fatties!
  10. The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    Theres some left over coloured LPs up & Good Riddance - Ballads for Pre Order
  11. The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    Oh yea thats right, oh well if you change your mind, message me on here and I'll look after you.
  12. The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    Haha yep, those are them! Bargain bin! You want any? I'll put together a nice bundle for ya (thats $10-13USD)
  13. The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    Did anybody pick one of the LP bundles up? Be keen to hear what they got. Hope they're better than last years bundles, I still got 14 records nobody wants.....
  14. The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    Holiday bundles are up, no mention of random rarities this year 20 CDs for $40 10 LP’s for $35 10 7"s for $15
  15. Import CDs added the description, Gold with special jacket etc... Picture is still the original though, SRC had the same for a while https://www.importcds.com/ixnay-on-the-hombre/602557960839 Pretty convinced theres only the one version of this, anyone seen any others?
  16. UPC, catalog #, release date, original price all match up. Plus its /5000, this will be everywhere
  17. $25 at ImportCDs!? Guessing its the same version? https://www.importcds.com/ixnay-on-the-hombre/602557960839
  18. Love this album, its a must for me Weird how you can pre-order at quite a few places for the last few days but the Offspring store has a special date and time of release happening..? Makes me think there might be something else worth setting an alarm for?
  19. Can anyone tell me how Darrins Ass sounds (the vinyl version)? All the bad feedback on SRC and the S/T has put me off these, but my 90's self says buy em all Hoping the new S/T pressing sounds better than the reports of the last one