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  1. Fucking licensed throw blankets? Absolutely disgusti– Shit.
  2. I've never listened to Cooper before. Can you relate his work to some other artists? Out and about this weekend and unable to YouTube or Spotify him on the fly, but I'd like to hear a comparison if you can spare one.
  3. Now that's my kind of bump.
  4. I'm hearing that this is basically like Age of Adz but with some ambient interludes? I could definitely be down for that.
  5. If by spicy you mean that it's as savage as it is true, and wins today's award for "most nail-on-the-head" post, then yeah. Pretty fucking spicy.
  6. Yeah, I'm sure the entirety of the board just have their feathers ruffled simultaneously. Couldn't possibly be the one goober consistently seeking approval with pseudo dad humor.
  7. Variant doesn't actually look terrible based on that photo above. Speaking from aesthetics, the black contrasts the red on the vinyl just like it does on the album art. Don't really care, myself, but still find it highly amusing that the one guy joined VC just to say it's the ugliest colorway he's ever seen, in the dedicated thread for this repress.
  8. 1,500 posts and 80 Likes. Dream big or go home.
  9. This kind of sounds like a brash claim. Do people actually buy Hot Topic releases in bulk to deliberately sell them for profit?
  10. One of these days or threads, VinylMario is going to post something that's actually funny which will make someone sensibly chuckle or at least grin. But today is not that day, and this is not that thread.
  11. Not interested in spending $40 on the indie clear variant, but I'm (just now?) noticing that California is specifically excluded from the states Newbury will ship to?
  12. Oh wow. I DO REALLY think that these Nickelback presses are going to end up being very RARE and LIMITED. I would be extremely upset if someone ordered them in BULK and then sold them on the aftermarket. Please DO NOT EXPLOIT this thread for a selfish, lucrative opportunity by buying 60 copies of each. That would really discourage me since this release should go to TRUE FANS of music and not the SAVVY FLIPPERS of vinyl. I will get in on this HOT PRESS before others use it to make INSANE PROFITS.