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  1. Solid trailer. I hadn't seen or heard of that prior to thread. Thanks for sharing. I know Bungo wants to make D2 more story-driven, but I hope they don't skimp on a lot of the PVP aspect. A campaign akin to Halo is pretty low on the list of things I'd like to see for longevity's sake. I do think it's pretty genius that the game [supposedly] starts with the destruction of an environment that's been your safe haven for 3 years. Absolutely the best way to convey that this is a new slate and things are different. If anything, I'm most excited for the current gen's potential to handle this while no longer having to base a code around the needs of a PS3 or 360. There's talk that the game's social environments (for patrol missions) are larger than all of the original patrol areas combined. We'll have to see.
  2. Do you think they actually consider what they're pressing onto vinyl, or do they just grab a rip of some bullshit OST off Pirate Bay and hope for the best at the pressing plant?
  3. Not that anyone here cares about numbers or limited editions, but Bull Moose's listing for the silver states that it's /1,000.
  4. And in attempt to at least steer the thread back on course, all I'll say is that I think you made the right call, Gumbo. It's done, so there's no need for me to sit here and pick apart every segment of your posts that were red flags. But there was a lot of unhealthy shit going on that sort of go hand-in-hand with dating someone at that age. I believe that age gaps [typically] mean less and less as both parties age, but in your 20s it's a whole different ballgame. Just my 2¢. I think things could be weird for a bit but in time – sooner than later, actually – you'll be able to reflect on what you've shared in this thread and wonder why you made even half the effort that you did.
  5. The thing about Gotcha is that he's had at least 2 or more prior accounts on VC. They're easy to pick out because he dive-bombs random threads with a degree of animosity that leaves everyone scratching their heads. If a user with < 100 posts begins to ridicule members – seemingly out of nowhere – and lashes out at them with unprecedented angst... you can bet it's the same guy being a twerp. The part that's puzzling is that it's gone on for years. I wholeheartedly believe that he has a social disorder and should seek professional help. No snark; life is too short to harbor that amount of bitterness. You can say that you enjoy a good shitpost or that you pride yourself in being a troll, whatever. And you may even get off on people struggling with real-world shit who voice their hardships in otherwise stable communities. But when you take the time to publicly relish in everyone's misery and pick fights online, you can't sincerely tell me that you're anything less than someone aspiring to be a try-hard mouth-breathing keyboard brawler. Fuck off and get help.
  6. I've seen most all of the X-Men / Wolverine movies, give or take, and despite being well aware that I'm barking up the wrong tree here, I think they all start out fairly strong but get super cheesy and fall apart. There's some crazy mech in Japan or horrible Deadpool-interpretation showdown thrown in at the very end that sours the progression, for me. I know it sounds moronic, but it's the overly-comical superpowers (lasers, fire balls, etc.) – in comic based movies – that leave me like "eh". That's not to say the films aren't enjoyable; they're just a one-and-done experience at the theater for me, and I'm good. But like you said... Logan was commendable as a film and not just a Marvel movie. I liked that the settings and environments were all realistic. I liked that the most far-fetched aspect of the antagonist was a mechanical hand. I appreciated that the gang wasn't trying to save the world. I enjoyed that the biggest threat in the movie wasn't an over-the-top mutant with laser eyes in a mech suit. It felt grounded, and is probably the only Wolverine movie I've ever had the desire to watch again whenever it's out of theaters.
  7. You're correct, and I completely spaced that there was even a 2nd thread. The bump really threw me off. Seems kind of redundant but whatever.
  8. Why is this thread in the Everything Else board...?
  9. Considering the impact Stage Four had on you, I would tread lightly with this album and try to find a setting and time where you can really devote your attention for a listen. SF may have more of a sentimental impact with you, but there's a lot less instrumentation and energy to distract you on this record. I've been fortunate enough that I haven't had to deal with either of the losses that the albums depict, but of the two, I'd say Mount Eerie paints a more harrowing experience.
  10. So we're still running with that joke, huh? Nice. I do admire how you completely ignored cantdance's inquiry about your immaculate marriage. As much as I value your innovative and not-at-all uninspired """sick burns""", I really am curious to hear how content you are with your personal life. It must be a slice of heaven considering how much you enjoy lashing out at various members in threads, and just how bitter of a shitposting troglodyte you come off as, in general. How old are you? 40? And you're peddling Hot Topic records on eBay while preying on the hardships of complete strangers on the internet? I'm sorry that you genuinely fucked up in life and had to settle in every possibly regard, but there's no need to take that out on the boards. Please keep attacking me and cluttering up this thread. I would quite enjoy seeing you banned. Again.
  11. Anyone get their downloads and take this album for a spin yet? Received a download e-mail just the other day. The night before these went up for PO, I checked the web-store before calling it a night – probably around midnight – and noticed that they were up and live, a bit early. Unsure of how quickly that splatter would sell out, I opted to order one, and was surprised to see a download link with my receipt. I figured it was an accident since the release date was over 3 months out, but I tried it anyway... and lo' and behold, it worked. Roughly 20 minutes later, the band e-mailed me directly and explained that the link shouldn't have been sent, and very politely requested that I trash the download, or at the very least, keep it under wraps. 3 months is a long time to hold out, but I assured them that the download would be under lock and key since they spent the last 2 years or so writing, recording, and mixing the album. That being said, I've had a good bit of time to get comfortable with the record, and didn't want to say anything until others started receiving [intentional] download links and hearing the album for themselves.
  12. It's a good feeling to revisit albums, artists, or even genres way down the road and discover that you have a newfound appreciation for them. As I've gotten older and covered more genres while establishing my tastes, I don't encounter it all that much... but it still happens now and then. Another Language is dope, though, and has been out of the gates.
  13. I 100% prefer that over the idea of everyone beating off over the same exact records and bands, absolutely. I'm still trying to establish certain overlaps with members, but for the most part I think I've figured out who I mostly resonate with for respective branches of the genre – my ambient drone bros, vs. who has opinion of heavier post-metal that I trust, who yawns with me when faced with specific crescendo-core, etc. I admire the variety.
  14. GOTCHA logic – drive an hour and a half to spend time with an inanimate object outside your own home. Imagine being this dense and trying to get through life on a day-to-day basis.